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How the pitch of Nutella can be reinvented

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1 How the pitch of Nutella can be reinvented
Nutella: Brown Gold How the pitch of Nutella can be reinvented

2 Agenda Context , objective and strategy Current pitch evaluation
Evaluation of current pitch The conflict Derivation of the new pitch The new pitch and why it works

3 Context Hazelnut chocolate spread manufactured by Italian company Ferrero. Ingredients: Hazelnut, skimmed milk, cocoa, sugar. Used as a :spread on crepes, bread, waffles. : dip for fruits and marshmallows : snack (can be consumed straight out of a bottle with a spoon /finger)

4 Objective Obje ctive : Rein vent ing curr ent pitc h of Nute lla
Current pitch of Nutella: Healthy breakfast option which is quick to make and delicious at the same time A Nutella TV commercial Strategy Reconcile the product benefits and its positioning Reinventing current pitch of Nutella Current pitch of Nutella: Healthy breakfast option which is quick to make and delicious at the same time

5 Evaluation of current pitch
Customer need: Change from monotonous breakfast routine. Existing frame of reference: healthy breakfast option, Substitute for jams, butter, peanut butter, mayonnaise and other spreads. Differentiating factor/ reason to choose the product over others: Delicious and nutritious breakfast option.

6 Conflict between product and its attributes
Touted as a healthy breakfast option High sugar content puts a question mark on the health quotient of the product. A spoon of Nutella is considered to have sugar equal to the sugar present in 6 Oreo cookies. Parents would not normally serve 6 cookies to children for a healthy breakfast. Ferrero lost $3 million in a lawsuit filed by parents for misleading about the healthiness of the product.

7 Derivation of new pitch
Customer need: Guilt free indulgence New frame of reference: Breakfast, snack and dip Substitutes: Spreads ,dips and confectionary. Can also be used as an ingredient for other desserts and savouries. Differentiating factor: Versatile product which can be used for breakfast, snack and dips.

8 Various ways of consumption

9 New pitch Creamy liquidy chocolate which you can indulge in any hour of the day. Why it works for Nutella Honest: Reconciles product attributes with brand positioning Builds on the emotional relationship between product and customer Introduces and educates the customer about other ways of consumption .

10 Why the pitch works for the consumer.
Nutella is irresistable The product has been a favourite among moms and kids for making breakfasts yummier. Jazzing up existing routine breakfast options such as bread/ waffles/chapati The product has such a strong fan following that it has been dubbed as « chocolate heroin » and« brown gold » by consumers across the world. There is actually a World Nutella Day celebrated on 5th February.

11 Indulgence and alternate snack option
Why Nutella serves the following purposes for the consumer Mood booster Response to emotions Tendency of people to snack throughout the day

12 Conclusion Everything tastes better with Nutella!

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