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Vocabulary Unit 4 Mrs. Frazee. Elude The prisoner tried to elude the guards, by hiding in the laundry truck.

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1 Vocabulary Unit 4 Mrs. Frazee

2 Elude

3 The prisoner tried to elude the guards, by hiding in the laundry truck.

4 Elude  Verb  To escape being noticed; to get away from Synonyms: evade, avoid Antonyms: attract

5 Denizen

6 Prairie dogs are denizens of the Great Plains, so it is unlikely that you would see one in Maine.

7 Denizen  Noun  An occupant; inhabitant Synonyms: resident Antonyms: emigrant; alien

8 Enticed

9 The styling and color of the gown enticed me, but I could not afford such an extravagant purchase.

10 Entice  Verb  To attract by offering reward Synonyms: lure, tempt Antonyms: discourage

11 Gratify

12 To gratify the pouting child, his mother handed him a lollipop.

13 Gratify  Verb  To please Synonyms: satisfy; indulge Antonyms: displease; disappoint

14 Laggard

15 Wear good shoes on the hike, or you’ll be a laggard and delay the entire group.

16 Laggard  Noun  A person who is going slow or falling behind Synonyms: straggler Antonyms: leader

17 Compensate

18 The manufacturer was ordered to compensate customers injured by the defective product.

19 Compensate  Verb  To make up for; to repay for services Synonyms: payback, reimburse, recompense Antonyms: stiff, fail to reward

20 Erratic

21 Students who have an erratic attendance record may find themselves disciplined by the principal.

22 Erratic  Adjective  Not regular or consistent; different from what is ordinarily expected; undependable Synonyms: irregular, inconsistent, unpredictable Antonyms: steady, consistent, dependable

23 Illegible

24 The effects of air pollution have rendered the inscriptions on many old gravestones illegible.

25 Illegible  Adjective  Difficult or impossible to read Synonyms: unreadable, indecipherable, scribbled Antonym: readable, decipherable, distinct, clear

26 Mediocre

27 The team’s number-one draft pick turned out to be rather mediocre player, not a star who could lead them to the championship.

28 Mediocre  Adjective  Average, ordinary, undistinguished Synonym: run-of-the-mill Antonym: exceptional, outstanding, distinguished

29 Unflinching

30 Everyone admires the unflinching courage with which fire fighters and other rescue workers carry out their dangerous jobs.

31 Unflinching  Adjective  Firm, showing no signs of fear, not drawing back Synonyms: resolute, steadfast, unwavering Antonym: irresolute, wavering

32 Enriched English

33 Fallow

34 The fallow mind needs to be stimulated with challenging ideas and projects.

35 Fallow  Adjective  In active, unproductive  (of land) plowed and left unseeded for a season or more; uncultivated.  not in use; inactive:  My creative energies have lain fallow this year. Synonyms: idle, barren Antonyms: productive, fertile

36 Blight

37 The junkyard was a blight on the otherwise appealing neighborhood.

38 Blight  Noun  Anything that destroys, prevents growth, or causes devaluation Synonyms: affliction; disease Antonyms: enhancement

39 Obsequy

40 The explorers held brief obsequies for their fallen leader before burying him on the side of the mountain.

41 Obsequy  Noun  A funeral rite or ceremony

42 Fealty

43 Peasants who did not show any fealty to the duke often disappeared.

44 Fealty  Noun  Obligated loyalty or faithfulness Synonyms: devotion; fidelity; allegiance Antonyms: disloyalty; treachery

45 Gambit

46 The general’s gambit sacrificed many soldiers, but ultimately won the battle.

47 Gambit  Noun  Maneuver or action used to gain an advantage Synonyms: strategy; ploy; maneuver Antonyms: blunder

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