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Vocabulary PowerPoint 3.0 (set 10) By Michael Huynh Block 8.

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1 Vocabulary PowerPoint 3.0 (set 10) By Michael Huynh Block 8

2 Egregious- adjective Definition- extraordinary in a bad way In an egregious fashion, Brian made a half-court shot, just to hit the backboard and the ball hit him in the face. Even God was laughing at him that day. Synonyms- failure or outrageous Antonyms- accomplishment or success.

3 Exhilarate-verb Definition- To make very happy I exhilarated my friends by telling them that the Hershey Park trips is only a few weeks from now. Synonyms- excite or amuse Antonyms- depress or weaken

4 Falter-verb Definition- to stumble or hesitate Brian faltered, knocking every book in his way, until he spilled water on Ms. Pastro. Synonyms- stumble or fumble Antonyms- walk or march

5 Foresight-noun Definition- the ability to imagine what will happen in the future I have a foresight; when you are done reading this sentence, 54 people will die somewhere in the world. Synonyms- predict or estimate Antonyms- know or foresaw

6 Misgivings-noun Definition- feelings of doubt While I was walking, a man tried to give me water, but I walked away because I had misgivings towards him. I did not trust him. Synonyms- concern or anxiety Antonyms- careless or carefree

7 Ominous-adjective Definition- being a sign of trouble The clouds look ominous as it draped over the sky, blocking the sunlight from warming us. Synonyms- depressing or gloomy Antonyms- delightful or pleasant

8 Outlandish-adjective Definition-unconventional Bill Gates’ outlandish behavior during the South Korean conference is still being debated after his “rude” handshake. Synonyms- bizarre or strange Antonyms- normal or regular

9 Persistent- adjective Definition- to not give up During WWII, America was very persistent about beating the Nazis. Synonyms- fanatic or resistant Antonyms- gullible or naive

10 Pertinent- adjective Definition- pertaining to the matter at hand Some pertinent issues that we should confront now is the issues in North Korea and Boston. They are at the forefront of current affairs. Synonyms- cautious or alert Antonyms- outdated or careless

11 Uncanny- adjective Definition- Mysterious or impossible to explain I saw uncanny lights in the sky as I drove home. They zigzagged across the sky at breakneck speed. I had never seen any like them before. Synonyms- unexplained or strange Antonyms- normal or mediocre

12 Versatile- adjective Definition- having varied uses or functions My versatile dog can fetch my kite in a tree and can pick up my newspapers if my hands are full. Synonyms- flexible or adjustable Antonyms- one-use or unreliable

13 Vigilant-adjective Definition- watching out for danger I was very vigilant when I was crossing the street; I looked left and right just to be sure. Synonyms- careful or wary Antonyms- careless or reckless

14 All right! We barely made it through this one Now for like uhhh… seven honors words Coming right at you! But before that…

15 KITTY BREAK! I’m just too predictable sometimes…

16 Fastidious- adjective is that a word? Definition-very attentive to detail I was very fastidious about taking the test; I checked it over countless times before I turn it in. I will of course do the same with all my SOL tests. Synonyms- meticulous or fussy Antonyms- careless or clumsy

17 Gratify-verb Definition- to please or indulge Time to gratify myself for getting an A+ on my WWII scrapbook with a nice bowl of ice cream as I watch this movie! Synonyms- delight or thrill Antonyms- bore or yawn

18 Hinder-verb Definition- to prevent something from happening To hinder another infamous shooting spree in the US, Obama issued bans to certain firearms. Synonyms- resist or detour Antonyms- allow or approve

19 Opportunist-noun Definition- a person who wants self-gain The opportunist stole the man’s money without anyone noticing; after that, he walked away casually. He knew easy prey when he saw it as he was an experienced thief. Synonyms- freebooter or carpetbagger Antonym- selfless

20 Querulous-adjective Definition- whining; complaining The querulous child whined about why he wasn’t in first place in the tournament. I, as usual, laughed at him. Synonyms- whining or crying Antonyms- laughing or grinning


22 I did my work Now you go and get an A+ on that vocab test!!

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