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Temptation & Sexual Sin Rev. Christopher J. Respass.

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1 Temptation & Sexual Sin Rev. Christopher J. Respass

2 Temptation & Sexual Sin (James 1:12-15) I.What is Temptation? Temptation is that which induces or entices. It is something that attracts or invites one to come and indulge or partake. For the Christian, “temptation” is that which entices them to sin. Best Biblical Example: The Fall (Gen. 3:1-6)

3 Temptation & Sexual Sin (James 1:12-15) II.Wrapping our Minds Around Temptation A. When you are tempted, you are not being tempted by God (v.13). 1. God cannot be tempted with evil. 2. God himself tempts no one. 3. Although God does not tempt, he may permit you to be tempted (see, Heb. 4:15)

4 Temptation & Sexual Sin (James 1:12-15) B. When we are tempted, we are lured away from the righteous path by (and because of) our own desires (v.14). 1. Temptation is personal (“each person”). --we are all tempted by something.

5 Temptation & Sexual Sin (James 1:12-15) 2. Our innate, hidden desires are the basis for the luring and enticement we experience with temptation. a) Inside of us, we have cravings, leanings and propensities that get the best of us. b) We are wired to find certain combinations of factors attractive and luring. c) The “Fish and Lure” example.

6 Temptation & Sexual Sin (James 1:12-15) C.Temptation is the first step in the “Cycle of Spiritual Death (v.15)” 1. Desire marries temptation and conceives a child—Sin. 2. Sin grows and matures (i.e., gets worse) and results in death—spiritually and sometimes physically.

7 Temptation & Sexual Sin (James 1:12-15) III.Temptation & Sexual Sin Why do Men/Women fall for sexual temptation?

8 Temptation & Sexual Sin (James 1:12-15) A. Prelude to Destruction : Proverbs 5 B. The “Cycle of Death” in real time: Proverbs 7

9 Temptation & Sexual Sin (James 1:12-15) Proverbs 5 What issue does Solomon seem to be addressing with his son? (see, v.15-20).

10 Temptation & Sexual Sin (James 1:12-15) Proverbs 7: Cycle of Death DesireSinDeath (v.6-9) (v.10-20)(v.21-23)

11 Temptation & Sexual Sin (James 1:12-15) A Few Ways to Fight Temptation 1.Acknowledge your areas of weakness and temptation— stop making excuses. 2.Check your desires by renewing your mind by the word of God (Rom 12:2) 3.Allow Jesus to be your strength rather than rely solely on your ability to resist. 4.Make better choices. 5.Don’t sabotage your spiritual goals by putting yourself in a position to be tempted and to sin.

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