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1. abstain(v.) to stay away from doing something by one’s own choice I find it hard to ____________ from these tempting and delicious desserts! SYNONYMS:

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2 1. abstain(v.) to stay away from doing something by one’s own choice I find it hard to ____________ from these tempting and delicious desserts! SYNONYMS: _________________________________ ANTONYMS: __________________________________ abstain avoid, decline, resist, refrain from yield to, give in to, indulge in

3 2. accommodate(v.) to do a favor or service for, help out; to provide for, supply with; to have space for; to make fit or suitable That van is the ideal vehicle for carpooling because it can ______________ nine passengers. SYNONYMS: _________________________________ ANTONYMS: __________________________________ accommodate oblige, lodge, house, adapt disoblige, inconvenience, trouble

4 3. allegiance(n.) the loyalty or obligation owed to a government, nation, cause, etc. At a festive yet solemn ceremony, fifty new citizens swore ______________ to their adopted nation. SYNONYMS: _________________________________ allegiance obedience, devotion, fidelity

5 4. amalgamate(v.) to unite; to combine elements into a unified whole Two small companies will ________________ into one large corporation on June 1. SYNONYMS: _________________________________ ANTONYMS: __________________________________ amalgamate merge, consolidate divide, separate, carve up, break up

6 5. append(v.) to attach or add as a supplement or extra item We were dismayed when our teacher decided to _______________ an additional assignment to our already huge load of homework. ANTONYMS: __________________________________ append detach from, disconnect

7 6. commemorate (v.) to preserve, honor, or celebrate the memory of Each May we ______________ Grandpa’s life by lighting a special candle for him that burns for 24 hours. SYNONYMS: _________________________________ ANTONYMS: __________________________________ commemorate memorialize dishonor, forget, overlook

8 7. enumerate(v.) to count; to name one by one, list These booklets _____________ and compare all the high-tech features that new televisions can offer. SYNONYMS: _________________________________ enumerate check off, spell out, specify

9 8. exalt(v.) to make high in rank, power, character, or quality; to fill with pride, joy, or noble feeling; to praise, honor Let us now __________ the heroes for their courage and character in the face of all this adversity. SYNONYMS: _________________________________ ANTONYMS: __________________________________ __________________________ exalt elevate, raise, uplift lower, cast down, humble, degrade, demote, depose

10 9. extort(v.) to obtain by violence, misuse of authority, or threats The kidnappers tried to ____________ a huge sum of money in return for releasing their prisoners safely. SYNONYMS: _________________________________ extort blackmail, coerce, bilk, “shake down”

11 10. far-fetched(adj.) strained or improbably (in the sense of not being logical or believable), going far a-field from a topic No one will believe the _______________ excuse you just gave! SYNONYMS: _________________________________ ANTONYMS: _________________________________ far-fetched unlikely, hard to swallow likely, probable, plausible, credible

12 11. glum(adj.) depressed, gloomy The losing team wore ________ expressions on their faces as the final buzzer sounded. SYNONYMS: _________________________________ ANTONYMS: _________________________________ glum dejected, morose, melancholy cheerful, merry, rosy, sunny

13 12. replica(n.) a copy, close reproduction We visited a life-size ___________ of the Mayflower, the Pilgrim ship docked near Plymouth, Massachusetts. SYNONYMS: _________________________________ ANTONYMS: _________________________________ replica duplicate, imitation original, prototype

14 13. responsive(adj.) answering or replying; reacting readily to requests, suggestions, etc.; showing interest and understanding The host of the charming inn was _____________ to our every wish. SYNONYMS: _________________________________ ANTONYMS: _________________________________ responsive sympathetic, open, receptive insensitive, unsympathetic

15 14. sanctuary(n.) a sacred or holy place; refuge or protection from capture or punishment; a place of refuge or protection The exhausted refugees found ______________ in a local church. SYNONYMS: _________________________________ sanctuary shrine, haven

16 15. self-seeking(adj.) selfishly ambitious That ________________ politician will promise just about anything to win a few more votes. SYNONYMS: _________________________________ ANTONYMS: _________________________________ self-seeking selfish, opportunistic, gold-digging unselfish, selfless, altruistic

17 16. submissive(adj.) humbly obedient; tending to give in to authority, obeying without protest The little dog rolled over on its back to show that it was _______________ to its owner. SYNONYMS: _________________________________ ANTONYMS: _________________________________ submissive meek, compliant, servile, subservient rebellious, defiant, insubordinate

18 17. tally(v.) to count up; to keep score; to make entries for reckoning; to correspond or agree (n.) a total or score They will ________ the votes after 9 P.M. Our teacher keeps an accurate _________ of all of our absences. SYNONYMS: _________________________________ tally (v., n.) total, record tally

19 18. taskmaster(n.) one whose job it is to assign work to others; one who uses his or her power to make people work very hard The crusty old boss was a harsh ____________ but also an efficient manager. SYNONYMS: _________________________________ taskmaster supervisor, overseer, slave driver

20 19. transform(v.) to change completely in appearance or form; to make into something else A heavy rain could ____________ the parched yellow fields into a lush green landscape again. SYNONYMS: _________________________________ ANTONYMS: _________________________________ transform alter, convert maintain, preserve

21 20. upheaval(n.) a sudden, violent upward movement; great disorder or radical change The sudden change in leadership caused dramatic social and economic ________________. SYNONYMS: _________________________________ ANTONYMS: _________________________________ upheaval confusion, disruption, chaos tranquility, peace and quiet

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