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Islamic Tourism from an Academic Perspective

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1 Islamic Tourism from an Academic Perspective
Hussain Sunny Umar

2 Presentation Outline Definitions Significance Evolution Developments
Challenges Tourism Sharia requirements Maldives Eriyadu Island Resort

3 Sharia-compliance tourism
Definitions Purposeful tourism Religious tourism Sharia-compliance tourism Halal Tourism

4 Preferred Definition A form of tourism targeted to Muslim community who wishes to indulge the services, facilities and activities compliant with Islamic principles – Henderson (2010)

5 Sharia Requirements Prohibition of alcohol, pork, gambling and prostitution Prayer facilities (place, Quran and Qibla) Halal food and drinks and toiletries Bed and bathroom should not be position in the direction of Makkah and availability of bidets Appropriate entertainment (TV, music, etc.) Art depicting human and animal form is prohibited Predominantly Muslim staff Appropriate staff dress code and flexible work hours in Ramadan Segregated facilities for men and women (pool, spa, gym, buffet, etc.) Islamic funding (Islamic finance) and philanthropic donations (Zakat and Sadaqa) Ethical marketing and promotion and Corporate social responsible strategies

6 Significance of the Muslim Travel Market

7 Muslim population 1.62 billion (25%)
Halal industry US$ 2.3 trillion 49 Muslim Majority countries Indonesia million people Muslim travel market – US$ 137 billion (exc. Hajj & Umrah) 57 OIC countries – 82% expenditure GCC represents 3% - Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman & Qatar GCC - 31% travel expenditure


9 Top Muslim Travel Expenditure Source Countries

10 Muslim Travel Preferences
Halal Food 67% Overall price 53% Muslim-friendly experience 49%

11 Evolution of Islamic Tourism
Post 9/11 incident Clamped Muslim entering Europe and US Rise of Intra-tourism (within Middle East) Jawhara Hotels, Shaza Hotel, Almulla Rise of Sharia-compliance hotels in Asia De Palma hotel & Sofyan Hotel

12 Islamic Tourism Developments
Islamic Conferences, Programmes, Seminars and Magazines Islamic Floors, Hotels, Resorts, Apartments, Cruise Ships and Medical Tourism Islamic Airlines, Airports and Highways Islamic Tours, Websites and Apps

13 Conferences – JoSIT, OIC & HTC
Hotels – Sultan Beach Hotel (Turkey), Rayhaan Hotels (Saudi), Grand Nile Tower (Egypt) & Caprice Gold (Maldives) over 637 rooms

14 Caprice Gold Maldives A project worth US$ 170 million

15 Islamic tours – Shouq travel (Egypt), Crescent Tours (UK) & Luxury Travel (Vietnam)
Website – Crescent rating (Singapore) & ITC (Malaysia) Halal Trip vs Trip Advisor

16 Challenges Varying School of thought Difference in Sharia standards
Sharia hotels vs dry hotels (alcohol free) Operation & Management costs

17 The Maldives

18 Eriyadu Island Resort

19 Halal Facilities Halal food Direction of Qibla Prayer facility Mosque
Separate spa hour for female Bidets No gambling, adult channels or prostitution


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