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EAP & WorkLife - Trends in Economic Relief Programming for Today's Workforce Barbara J. McMahon Practice Leader.

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1 EAP & WorkLife - Trends in Economic Relief Programming for Today's Workforce Barbara J. McMahon Practice Leader

2 Welcome and Introductions Session Learning Objectives Demonstrate how the economic crisis has impacted the types of EAP and Work Life case experiences Review three different models of collaboration and integration around the delivery of EAP and Work Life programming Build the case for breaking down organization silos Recognize where leveraging internal and supplier partnerships can have a significant impact on human capital management Create a case for continued development of programs that emphasize resiliency

3 About LifeCare 25 year history of supporting ‘Best Companies” with Work/Life balance programs A focus on counseling and support for –Employees and their household members to manage life events –Corporate wellness initiatives –Older adults to maintain optimal health and wellbeing Award winning quality, customer service and communications 1,500 plan sponsors and 4.5 million members (10 million including family members) in the U.S. Global Work Life services to U.S. companies with international locations through a partnership with PPC Partners with Aetna EAP to support an integrated EAP/WL product

4 Best Practice To eliminate the silos that have stymied collaboration and integration of workforce programs including –EAP –Work Life –Disability –Safety/Security Risk Management –Occupational Health –On-site Clinics –Wellness and Preventive Health Result An overall improvement in workforce health and productivity and a positive impact on the bottom line

5 EAP – What’s changed in the past 2 years Mental health conditions are more prevalent than any other medical condition. Based on a 2005 study: –Over 26% of the general population has symptoms of a diagnosable mental health disorder –55% of Americans will suffer from a mental disorder in their lifetime –Almost 20% of U.S. adults are using antidepressants –Overall employees with depression are 20% less productive –82% of that loss is due to presenteeism The NIH estimates that depression is the leading cause of short and long-term disability

6 Work Life – What’s changed in the past 2 years Increase in financial hardship cases –Utility assistance –Child care subsidies –Food stamps/food banks –Funds to pay day-to-day expenses –Homelessness More recent changes in types of requests –Increase in divorce-related cases –More domestic abuse related cases –Less adoption support activity

7 Work Life – What’s changed in the past 2 years, cont. January - August20092008’08 – ‘09’07 – ‘08’07 – ‘09 Divorce12,738 5,079 151%-12% 121% Finance54,41856,135 -3%139% 132% Depression/Stress8,273 6,551 26%-66% -57% Sleep Disorder10,690 3,441211%45% 352% LifeCare day-by-day top 200 content views on web site

8 The challenges Impact of layoffs on those left behind has increased workplace and family stress levels Quickly developing new resources that effectively respond to workforce financial and stress related needs Creating a sense of community to rebuild confidence in the organization Engaging and retaining valued employees Keeping productivity high despite mounting work life pressures Taking a new view of workforce flexibility and alternative work arrangements Dealing with delayed retirements Anticipating and planning for the cost impact of mental health parity Communicating in a pro-active and positive framework

9 #1: Client Integrated Model EY ASSIST Sandra Turner

10 Ernst & Young ( is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services Worldwide, its 135,000 people are united by shared values and an unwavering commitment to quality Ernst & Young makes a difference by helping their people, their clients and their wider communities achieve their potential

11 History of EAP and Work/Life EAP started in 1975 as part of Benefits Work/life contract initiated in 1994 under Human Resources Functions combined in 1998 –Ease of employee access to services –Reduce duplication Services Cost Administration

12 EY Assist 800 333 4119 Unsure who to call? Repeat these options College coaching Academic and scholarship Adoption Child and adult care resources Special needs Personal research Travel tips and destination information Entertainment options Nutrition and wellness Discounts: Products and services Dining Tickets Personal travel Entertainment Gifts Temporary back-up child and adult care Personal and family counseling Legal services Immediate counseling assistance Management consultation Prompt 8 Prompt 7Prompt 6 Prompt 5 Prompt 4 Prompt 3 Prompt 2Prompt 1

13 Retaining People First During an Economic Downturn “Our commitment to putting people first should not diminish as the economic climate and work environment pose challenges. It is important our people see themselves as a tool of positive change.” Nancy Altobello Americas Vice Chair, People

14 Communicate, Communicate, Communicate Firms new vision and strategy for these volatile times Expectations of our people Accountability How firm will maintain culture of inclusiveness and flexibility, recognition and reward, and career development Ensure broadest reach using all distribution channels Voice mail messages from leadership Daily Connection articles Business unit and team discussions ‘All hands’ webcasts, e-mail messages, etc.

15 Recognition and rewards EY Personal Financial Planning Automatic 401K enrollment EY Assist Backup child and adult care ‘Extra babysitting’ Violence awareness and prevention Add new resources for our people Discussion groups for People Consultants who are the ‘first responders’ in the workplace Group Legal plan Pre-tax commuter benefits EY Discounts College Coach Stress Management Toolkit Training, mentoring, and career management Refresh existing services for our people via collaboration among departments

16 Add new resources for our people, cont. “Economic” Stress Buster Blog launched March, 2009

17 Resiliency Toolkit Launched July, 2009 Add new resources for our people, cont.

18 Daily Connection September 3, 2008 “Energy Savings, Shopping Tips, etc.” Daily Connection May 14, 2009 “Financial Counseling”

19 EY Assist Intervention for Depression EY Assist is the dynamic collaboration between vendored EAP and work life services Chronic stress regarding the economy inspired a campaign to heighten awareness and education regarding depression and suicide –Website screening tool –Website articles for individuals and families –Face-to-face counseling –Management consultation –Disability/Leave management support

20 Video clip from depression awareness campaign

21 Continue to challenge the status quo With each iteration of the changing economy and marketplace, the firm is motivated to find new ways to support its people. This is a great opportunity for grand ideas!

22 #2 EAP & Work-Life Integrated Model Christine Fossaceca Global Work-Life Manager

23 JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) is a leading global financial services firm with assets of $2.1 trillion Operation –In more than 60 countries Employees –More than 220,000 (170,000+ in the U.S.) Six lines of business –Asset Management –Investment Bank –Treasury & Securities Services –Commercial Bank –Card Services –Retail Financial Services Company Brands –J.P. Morgan, Chase, WaMu

24 History of EAP & Work-Life at JPMC EAP –Around since 1960/70’s –Stigma attached to the program due to perception that it was for drug and alcohol addictions 9/11: This changed. Focus on trauma & stress – group debriefings; coping strategies Work-Life –Part of the Organizational Development / culture change effort (early 1990’s); Diversity/inclusion –Began with one back up child care center; one fitness center open by lottery to employees; intramural sports (1992) –Resource & Referral Program (1994); child care, elder care, parenting –Initiatives centered around employee engagement Both critical functions however operated independently of one another

25 The Decade of Challenge Environment –Mergers, budget cuts, redundancy, lay offs, analysis of costs, economic downturn, “deep recession”, erratic markets, great financial loss Employees reaction –Fear, stress, financial hardship, feeling of despair, living paycheck to paycheck, living standard has decreased, putting off critical life events (e.g. retirement, college, etc.) Goals –Streamlining, efficiencies, systems improvements, partnership, leverage, cost savings, new corporate initiatives RESULTS –Integrated systems (e.g. banking), managing costs at the lowest level (e.g. supplies), greater partnerships and leverage across the LOBs, many new initiatives (e.g. Mortgage Re-modification) - Many results still TBD Integrated EAP&WL Service – July 2008

26 Our Integrated EAP & Work-Life Program Offered through Aetna/LifeCare strategic partnership (PPC for Int’l) Goals of integrated service –One Point of Contact to streamline process and ensure a holistic and comprehensive experience –Quick response in dealing with all employees emotional and work life needs –Cost & resource effectiveness; can be offered globally –Be viewed as a value added service

27 Integrated EAP & Work-Life Key Features Dedicated JPMC Team including Clinicians and Work-Life Consultants in one location Dedicated JPMC phone line with Intake specialist trained on Clinical aspects and Work-Life programs so they can effective refer employees Comprehensive program offering: all life stages, all emotional issues, business focus Comprehensive partnerships with Critical Care Network (CCN); PPC (Int’l EAP) Education available to supplement core program and drive employees to service Deeper consultation for financial assistance EAP & Work-Life Service available in US, Canada, UK, Asia Pacific (15 countries)


29 Year 1 Reflections: Financial Support for JPMC Employees The Need: Financial Support for JPMC employees – Debrief with JPMC Dedicated team on types of call they have been receiving – Review of Emergency Financial Assistance cases/calls coming in – Found high volume need for more in depth support Outcomes: – Redefined the level of support provided by dedicated JPMC team more in-depth research specific targeted local resources identify linkage for more comprehensive assistance – Focus on EAP/WL website - Financial information front & center – Define services more explicitly for employees (e.g. Legal & Financial Consulting) – Enhancement of JPMC Financial Series



32 #3 Work/Life & EAP Integrated Model Christine Pfeiffer WorkLife Manager

33 34,000 Globally 60 Countries 17,000 US Employees Pearson is an international media company with world leading business in education, business information and consumer publishing

34 Background of Benefits WorkLife: strong history including R & R, On-site Eldercare, Back Up Care, Adoption assistance. etc EAP: strong utilization, multiple on-site events, including management consulting and coaching Integrated EAP and WorkLife in 2005 Health Promotion: Dedicated wellness manager hired in 2007

35 Recession Impact Increased anxiety Salary freeze & hiring freeze Commitment not to cut jobs Increased depression rates noted in population health study Decrease in adoptions Dealing with deaths in the workforce Resiliency

36 WorkLife/EAP Response On-site EAP Pilot National Employee Health & Fitness Day Event Rebranding flexibility

37 On-site EAP Special oversized postcard distributed across the country Counselors brought on-site in 3 locations to provide easy access and increased awareness Utilization Impact 18.6% increase in unique individuals that accessed the program Over 11% increase in services requested

38 National Employee Health & Fitness Day A chance to get out and get personal with employees Focus on their health and wellbeing 37 locations had on-site screenings, demonstrations, incentives, information etc. Results: 2,500+ (20% of eligible) screened in 2 days Feedback: “Thanks for caring”

39 Rebranding Flexibility Flexibility + Accountability = Results Appealing to managers and employees for reciprocal flexibility A strategy to address hiring freeze and stress as well as business continuity and sustainability Results: pending

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