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Dog Art Dog World Emma Batson, Jennifer Becker, Tamar Harris, and Aimee Hudock.

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1 Dog Art Dog World Emma Batson, Jennifer Becker, Tamar Harris, and Aimee Hudock

2 -Art museum in a metropolitan area -400,000 works of art -750,000 visitors per year -Small temporary exhibit, approximately 500 square feet -Sponsored by a grant through the National Endowment of the Arts (NEA) Mission: The mission of your museum is to house and preserve preeminent collections and aspire to serve a wide variety of people through direct encounters with works of art. The Museum's ultimate aim is to encourage inquiry and to heighten public understanding and appreciation of the visual world. Audience: families with children

3 This exhibition celebrates society's relationship with dogs as interpreted through contemporary art while fostering communication within families.

4 Entrance Exit Dogs and you Dogs in society Dogs and art How does this dog appear? History of Dogs Interactive Dog Kiosk Introduction Conclusion and reactions Reading art Hands-on Texture and materials Personal Relationships and memories of dogs The artist’s relationship with dogs Memories and art Dogs in relationship to our society Video installation Collaboration Board Artists and artwork in relationship to our society Art and everyday objects Color Key Purple: Primary connections Green: Interpretative concepts Red: Visitor activities Blue: Interpretive support

5 This exhibition explores and celebrates society’s relationship with dogs as interpreted through contemporary art. Though our dogs may look a little different than the pooches in your life, they also jump for Frisbee’s, tug at leashes, and greet us at the front door. We welcome you to celebrate the dogs in your life with us. Introduction Panel Come, Sit, and Stay awhile in Dog Art Dog World!

6 Location: entrance at the gallery -Bulletin board, similar to a “community board” -Visitors are encouraged to post photographs of their dogs accompanied by the name of the dog, the first name of the submitter, and hometown -Dog related posts, like SPCA leaflets and advertisements for local dog parks, are included -Visitors will also be able to submit their photographs online for the museum staff to post to the board. Dog Art Dog World

7 Artworks will be used to interpret: -Dogs and memories -The artists choice of materials and artistic innovation -How artists have chosen to represent dog personalities Wall text will be written to intrigue both children and adults.

8 Do you think this man is walking the dog, or is the dog walking the man? If you could touch this dog, what would he feel like?

9 Casey Porn Scooter 2005 Acrylic and India ink on panel 6” x 6” Based in Raleigh, NC, Porn is a self proclaimed “Small Dog Enthusiast.” Painting portable canines is her forte. Scooter attempts a rather enormous feat and quickly maneuvers where gravity appears nonexistent. Meet Scooter Scooter is an astronaut. She floats around the universe searching for the most beautiful blues to design an alternate universe made of her favorite color: blue. She spends her time floating and barking with her doggie friends. Now imagine yourself drifting through Scooters universe. Don’t forget to imagine barking dogs!

10 Artwork will be used to interpret: -The relationships that dogs have with individuals -Artistic strategies -The memories that a visitor has of dogs

11 -What are your memories of dogs? -What memories does this artwork remind you of dogs? -How could you create an image of your memories of dogs?

12 Yoshitomo Nara Your Dog 2002 Fiberglass 74” x 48” x 97” Influenced by Japanese anime and pop art, Nara uses simple imagery in his artistic creations. This large pup is very playful in his jumping stance. This piece lets us reminisce about childhood days with our own beloved family pet. Meet Fido Fido is a big dog! Big things can be scary, but Fido is a gentle pup with a warm heart. Look how he smiles at you! One of his favorite things to do is lie at your feet and lick your face. Can you think of other big dogs? How do they make you feel?

13 Artwork will interpret: -The roles that dogs play in our society -The friendship between dogs and humans

14 Dogs impact on our society and art. -Pop art and politics Dogs and friendship. -Mans best friend

15 Some questions to get you thinking… 1. What do you think of the dogs in this exhibit? 2. How do the dogs in the exhibit remind you of the dogs you know? 3. If you were to make a piece of art about a dog, how would you make it? Just press the START button. After the light starts blinking, you have one minute and 30 seconds to record.. When you hear a bark, you’re done! Make sure to check out the TV screen in the exhibit to see if your video gets added! Tell us your Dog Tales!

16 Comment Boxes Natural Life Exhibition Stickers Restroom signs Ceiling Panels Lighting Carpeting Bamboo Flooring Benches Maple Veneer Pedestals


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