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What is iDeaWORKS? The meaning of our sub-brand iDeaWORKS is a strongly connected sub-brand of Mohawk College.

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2 What is iDeaWORKS? The meaning of our sub-brand

3 iDeaWORKS is a strongly connected sub-brand of Mohawk College

4 iDeaWORKS is a concept, a culture, and a place where we prepare our graduates Future Ready Community Future Ready Graduates Future Ready Mohawk

5 It began with the Mohawk Applied Research Centre Engineering Technology, Dr. Ishwar Singh, student-industry engagement, OCE 2007 and eHealth 2009 and NSERC funding 2010 OCE, CONII, NSERC, FedDev, CFI...

6 It has grown to include innovation, entrepreneurship and many partnerships ecGroup Inc.

7 Our vision is to be renowned for our innovative culture and future ready grads Build innovation and entrepreneurship into college curriculum Teach hands-on skills to students through real-life projects Co-develop new technologies with community partners Create an environment for student start-ups Become a centre of excellence for Service Innovation Build our reputation as the most important eHealth and technology facility in Canada

8 Entrepreneurship Supporting our Future Entrepreneurs

9 Taken from report “The State of Entrepreneurship in Canada” February 2010, E. fisher, C. Parsley, S. Djukic, Industry Canada Entrepreneurship is a powerful force driving innovation, productivity, job creation and economic growth Countries with a high level of entrepreneurial activity tend to be better off economically.

10 iDeaWORKS will support student start- ups through the Hatchery

11 A continuum of learning is planned for entrepreneurs

12 Innovation What’s so important about Innovation?

13 Innovation is a key lever of productivity Kevin Lynch is vice-chair of BMO Financial Group and former clerk of the Privy Council and secretary to the cabinet “Innovation lies at the heart of modern competitiveness. It drives growth. It improves productivity and living standards. It gives consumers new choices.” “Canada’s current and future prosperity and quality of life depend on how well the country innovates” “80 percent of all new jobs within Canada between 1992 and 2005 were in the services industry.” Statistics Canada

14 By teaching innovation skills, we create an advantage for our graduates We will use a multi-disciplined process that approaches problems from a human-centric perspective for a solution that is truly transformative Creativity Critical thinking Team work Brainstorming Problem resolution

15 In the sector where the greatest gains can be found, no one focuses on innovation Financial services Retail and distribution Health and wellness Hospitality Transportation and logistics Professional and technical services Information technology Entertainment and media Public administration Education Tourism, arts, and culture Industries Functions Marketing Sales HR IT Legal Finance Accounting The Service Sector 75% of the Employment Base 70% of GDP

16 The establishment of a non-profit will assist in achieving our goals INTENT Mohawk College (MC) and an industry partner intend to work jointly to create the Institute for Productivity and Innovation at Mohawk. THE MISSION The Institute will create practical solutions to the current productivity challenges which exist in Canada. It is our objective to fill the market void for expertise and knowledge in the area of Service Innovation which is defined as economic activities that create value but are not tangible and cannot be stored. The Institute for Productivity & Innovation at Mohawk MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING

17 Through the non-profit, Mohawk will strengthen its innovation competency Innovative individuals Innovative teams Innovative organizations Enable experiential learning via collaborative SME projects Offer a train-the-trainer program to develop individual and teams Heighten awareness of innovation at Mohawk Transition to an innovation culture

18 Applied Research Scaling up to meet demand

19 Applied Research continues to expand Projects focused on solving real world problems using pragmatic solutions Leveraging a depth of Faculty knowledge Work performed by in class, course release, and co-op students Showcase Mohawk Graduates to industry partners Large project portfolio (past, present and future)

20 Applied Research Projects (2010/2011)

21 AR Team Involvement

22 To manage projects, a structured process has been developed Project Proposal Review Implementation Planning Gate 0 Gate 3 Gate 2 Gate 1 DocumentChecklist Project Request Form Final Report Project Tracking Report Project Planning Form Funding Source Signed Request Form Signed Contribution Agreement Project and Promotions Schedule Signed Planning Form External Requirements Regular project status meetings Defined fiscal reporting Promotional Communication Post-mortem and lessons learned Partner Presentation Celebration of achievements

23 Example: Project Proposal Form

24 Under iDeaWORKS, these important pillars are linked

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