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The Anti-bullying Project Transforming our Educational Culture One School at a Time! 1.

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2 The Anti-bullying Project Transforming our Educational Culture One School at a Time! 1

3 Prevention vs. Reaction 2

4 Proactive Process Identify/Assess Needs Design/Modify Standard Operating Procedures Educate the Teams Fully Implement the Plan Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Process 3

5 Pros Identifying Issues Prior to Takeoff No to low risk to passengers More resources available to correct the problem. Access to professionally trained maintenance and ground crews. More equipment available. Working conditions are more favorable. You have as much time as you need to correct the problem before increasing the risk of passengers. You can safeguard the passengers by rescheduling passengers on other flights or take a delay to fix the problem. Cons Inconvenience to the passengers and crew. 4

6 Pros Identifying Issues After Takeoff Landing quickly is sometimes risky, but the pilot can return to the gate and get the assistance needed to fix the problem. Cons It is no longer a minor inconvenience to the passengers and crew, it has become a risk. The higher the altitude, typically the greater risk those passengers are exposed to. Sometimes their landing equipment is hindered and they have to resort to emergency procedures. 5

7 Pros Identifying Issues At 30,000 Feet None Cons Limited resources; the crew are on their own with limited tools to fix the problem. Sometimes they can receive verbal assistance if they have communication links to the ground. The level of risk is great and can cost lives and anxiety. At times, they must land in emergency conditions because they don’t have all the tools necessary to fix the problem while in the air, or they can’t access the area of the problem nor do they have tools to fix it,. Time and fuel are against the flight crew and passengers. 6

8 Why were we successful? We: clearly defined what we wanted to accomplish. developed a plan and wrote it down. designed training for all levels of the organization that it affected. provided initial, annual recurrent, and timely, on-going training in daily briefings. clearly set expectations for all involved. we followed up to make sure we were getting the desired results. we altered our plan and followed the cycle through until we reached our goal, if we didn’t get the results we needed. we never gave up because we knew the cost could be a life! 7

9 What do flights and bullying have in common? 8

10 Pros Identifying and Providing Support Prior to Bullying Incident No to low risk to students. More resources available to correct the problem. Access to programs, support and training occurs before the turbulence begins. Identify needs of the students prior to program kickoff for specialized focus and training. Learning conditions are more favorable. You have as much time as you need to correct the existing problems and aim for a better tomorrow before students are at a greater risk. Heighten awareness, build safety support team, learn life skills to be stronger if confronted with acts of or tendencies to bully. Training occurs while students are in a more receptive state. You can safeguard the students through education. Cons Inconvenience to the faculty. Cost (time and resources). 9

11 Pros Identifying Issues After Bullying Has Begun None. Cons The learning environment is now emotionally charged. Once bullying begins it is more difficult to stop the trend; it is like trying to push a car uphill. It is no longer a proactive measure, in a teaching environment to strengthen character of a student, it is now a reactive measure such as discipline, to punish a student. The environment is no longer a constructive learning environment, it is a threatening and uncomfortable environment for the bullied student. Many schools offer evidences of an anti-bullying campaign, but it is often times based on the “don’ts” instead of building character. 10

12 Resolving Bullying at 30,000 Feet There are no “pros”…60% of all students report they have been victims of bullying. **Most bullying occurs when no one else is around.** Common Actions of Bullies Teasing, harassment, criticism Physical violence, threats, death Common Behaviors of Victims Embarrassment, isolation, lower self-esteem Fear, anxiety, desperation, insecurity Lower grades, distractions, increased absences 11

13 Ending the Bullying – A desperate cry for help. Are we willing to risk another emotional or physical fatality due to bullying? Some students land with minimal damage to themselves or others and they are able to get the help they need to overcome lifetime emotional and physical scars. Other students aren’t as fortunate, they spend their lives trying to overcome low self-esteem, fear, and often times serve prison time as a consequence for taking matters in their own hands. 12

14 Which is more effective? Reactive Measures? Impulsive reactions to situations Stress, anxiety, frustration, desperation, fear Often too late to prevent long-term consequences without professional/legal help Preventative Measures? Receive proper education Access to effective tools Role models, mentors, support teams Develop a strong process Correct/modify the process as needed for greater success Confidence, high grades, security, successful future 13

15 We Need Your Help Legislation – Drive change Education – Strengthen All Team Members Students Parents Educators Administrators Support (online materials – Free of Charge) Brochures Videos Assemblies 14

16 Parental Tools for Success Electronic Device Oversight Communication Skills Conflict Management Anger Management Healthy Relationships Building Character for Success Creative Thinking Problem Solving Organization Skills Conflict Resolution Communication Skills Anger Management Leadership Skills Program Implementation - Integrate Student Curriculum In Classroom Support the Disciplinary Action Process Legal Reporting Process Program Development - How this will work in your district. Prevention Disciplinary Action Legal Reporting Process Staff Training Administrators Educators Parents Students 15

17 Topic (one of nine) Grade Level (K-12) Objective: Topic of the Month 15-20 minute high impact introductory lesson each month introducing the Topic of the Month. 3-5, 10 minute follow up activities to be used throughout the month to reinforce the topic. 16

18 Our Goals are to:  Reduce number of bullying occurrences through interactive, non-threatening and enjoyable educational experiences.  Strengthen the “team” at all levels (i.e. students, parents, teachers and administrators).  Build a stronger and more productive generation by delivering successful life skills at school with support through the home and community environment.  Offer resources at little or no cost to the schools. 17

19 18

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