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Sanctioning. Making a recommendation  Preliminary meeting, student accepts responsibility  Formal hearing, student is found responsible  What will…

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1 Sanctioning

2 Making a recommendation  Preliminary meeting, student accepts responsibility  Formal hearing, student is found responsible  What will…  best serve the community?  best serve the impacted individuals?  best serve the student?

3 Formula  I recommend {sanction} for {student} because {reason}.  I recommend eCHUG for Jason because this is his first-time offense and he meets the criteria for low-risk alcohol use.  I recommend community service for Janet because she agreed she wants to give back to the community and become more involved.  I recommend the re-inspection fee for Fred because he covered his smoke detector with a plastic bag.

4 How it works  You recommend a sanction  Based on your interaction with the student and training  Eric decides  Based on educational judgment and precedent  Student is notified  Via secure electronic message  Student can appeal  To determine whether the sanction(s) imposed were appropriate for the violation of the Code which the student was found to have committed.

5 Disciplinary record  Record includes all sanctions issued, their completion status  Incomplete, overdue sanctions result in a registration & transcript stop  Externally, sanctions are not reported out

6 The unsanction Warning

7  You are warned your conduct was not acceptable. Future violations will result in additional disciplinary action.  Use when the conversation with the student was sufficient, no additional outcomes are needed.

8 Substance use-related sanctions eCHUG, risk reduction, mandated substance abuse counseling, parental notification

9 Substance use- related sanctions eCHUG Risk reduction Mandated substance abuse counseling Parental notification  Goals  Challenge misperceptions regarding college alcohol use  When motivation is low, employ strategies that increase motivation to change substance use behavior  When motivation is high, provide tools to change substance use behavior  Promote low-risk substance use

10 eCHUG  Use for first-time low-risk alcohol-related violations  Web-based feedback tool + meeting w/ health educator (Willie Bannister or Virginia Plummer) KEYWORDS: alcohol, first offense, low-risk

11 Risk reduction  Use for high-risk first-time alcohol-related violation, or when eCHUG has already been used, first drug-related violation  Two meetings, 2 weeks apart, with an on-campus counselor (Willie Bannister or Virginia Plummer)  1 st : intake, substance use history, encourage change, develop harm reduction plan  2 nd meeting: debrief, additional resources KEYWORDS: alcohol, drugs, high-risk, repeat offense

12 Mandated substance abuse counseling  Last resort sanction after risk reduction for alcohol- and drug-related violations  Long-term relationship with an off campus counselor for individual and group therapy KEYWORDS: alcohol, drugs, high-risk, intensive, repeat offense

13 Parental notification  Automatic on second alcohol-related violations+, all drug-related violations  Eric sends a letter addressed to student’s parents  Student is given the opportunity to object before letter is sent.  Must be a compelling argument as to why sending the letter would be detrimental KEYWORDS: automatic, alcohol, repeat offense

14 Assessing Risk Low to moderate risk High risk  Non drinker  Drinks less than 4 drinks (female) or 5 drinks (male) per occasion  Experiences no or few consequences  Practices protective behaviors  Drinks more than 4 drinks (female) or more than 5 drinks (male) per occasion  Mixing alcohol with other drugs- prescription or illegal  Experiences negative consequences

15 Ashley Firstime 18 year old female First semester in school Accepts responsibility for “use or possession of alcoholic beverages under the age of 21” Reports this was her first time drinking alcohol I am a first year, female student. I never drank alcohol before coming to college. My roommate and I went to a guy’s room to meet some people. The guy offered me a mixed drink, I took it. We played a drinking game. Over 2 hours I had three mixed drinks. Everyone in the room was drinking, I did not want to be the only one without a drink. I never saw the drinks being made. The RA knocked on the door because we were being too loud and I got written up. My roommate took me home. I did not have any trouble walking and I didn’t get sick. The next morning I had a headache, I guess it was a hang over.

16 Bobby Bigdrinker 20 year old male Third year, on the baseball team, in a fraternity Accepts responsibility for “use or possession of alcoholic beverages under the age of 21” Typically drinks each weekend night, 4-5 beers, sometimes also does shots, plays beer pong Had a violation for “residence life policies (in the presence of underage alcohol consumption)” his first year I am a third year, male student. I drink alcohol socially and while watching sports. I invited some people to my apartment as a start of the year thing. I drank 5 beers over 3 hours. We were playing beer pong when the RA knocked on the door, I guess because we were too loud. If the RA hadn’t broken things up I probably would have had another beer, plus whatever I drank during beer pong, then some friends and I would have gone out to a club.

17 Values development sanctions values clarification, mandated community service, moral reasoning exercise

18 Values development Values clarification Mandated community service Moral reasoning exercise  Goals  Connect values with actions  Reflect on behavior  Make commitment to change

19 Values clarification  2 disciplinary counseling sessions  Reflect on incident, conduct meeting, desired goals, values  Homework assignment related to values and living a values- driven life KEYWORDS: reflection, values

20 Mandated community service  2 Volunteer Emory service trips  Values clarification book ends service  Modified homework  Reading on privilege  Service reflection KEYWORDS: giving back, privilege, values

21 Moral reasoning exercise  Self-guided, written reflection activity  Intentionally evaluate behavior through a moral lens  Construct a hypothetical violation, then discuss how it should be addressed KEYWORDS: reflection, self-directed, values

22 Restorative sanctions letter of apology, mediation, restitution

23 Restorative sanctions Letter of apology Mediation Restitution  Goals  Improve  Empathy  Understanding of impact of actions on others  Repair damage  To community, to victim  Restore relationships

24 Letter of apology  Authentic expression of remorse, willingness to take responsibility  Repair relationship and restore trust KEYWORDS: authenticity, remorse, relationship, trust

25 Mediation  Facilitated meeting between two or more parties  Allow parties to express their perspective and feelings, improve understanding between parties, rebuild relationships and trust  Can result in an agreement to take some follow-up action KEYWORDS: agreement, facilitated, feelings, perspective, relationships, trust, understanding

26 Restitution  You break it, you buy it  Pay for cost of clean-up, repair, replacement of property.  Residence halls: billed to student account  Other: collected by bank/cashier’s check  Residence halls: charges that represent immediate action taken are collected as restitution (e.g., cleaning up bodily fluids, replacing a broken window, repairing a hole in the wall).  All other charges go through end of the year damage billing. KEYWORDS: clean-up, damage, repair, replacement

27 Status sanctions housing probation, university probation, loss of privilege

28 Status sanctions Housing probation Disciplinary probation Loss of privilege  Goals  Heighten awareness of conduct  Restrict access to opportunities based on nature violation  Provide logical progression to removal from on-campus housing and/or suspension, if behavior continues

29 Other sanctions

30  Anger management  Off-campus counseling for aggressive behavior  Campus Engagement  Try out a number of organizations, report back on the experience. For un- or under- involved students  Educational projects  Design a bulletin board, plan a program, write a reflection paper  RA shadowing  Better understand the role of the RA in the community  Re-inspection fee  $200 charge for tampering with any fire safety equipment: covering smoke detector with plastic bag, pulling fire alarm, discharging fire extinguisher (when there is no fire)

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