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One-Two-Three Treasures from the Tsinoys Deanie Lyn Ocampo Executive Vice President.

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1 One-Two-Three Treasures from the Tsinoys Deanie Lyn Ocampo Executive Vice President

2 One goal Integration Two targets Ethnic Chinese, mainstream Philippine society Three ways Three ways Culture and Education Social development Advocacy

3 Culture and Education





8 Social Development


10 Advocacy/ Political Participation


12 MISSION 2020 To serve as a bridge in harnessing meaningful participation of Tsinoys in nation building through networking with key stakeholders

13 VISION 2020 Kaisa is a leading resource organization that advocates for the proactive and sustainable participation of the Tsinoy community in local and national development.

14 CONSOLIDATED SLOT AND STRATEGIC THRUSTS STRENGTHS  Credibility to speak out on issues  Amicable; can work together  Rich research/cultural materials on Tsinoy  Grassroots/mainstreams LIMITATIONS  Lack of better recruitment program, training and development of members to ensure better retention and stronger sense of membership  Lack of succession and too much dependence on a few  Lack of institutionalized structure and effective system of management, monitoring, accounting and budgetary planning  Lack of sufficient resource and income generation to support operations

15 OPPORTUNITIES  Increasing demand for anything Chinese  Credible/competent image of Kaisa  Tolerance/acceptance of ethnic group THREATS  New immigrants – undesirable conduct can adversely affect  Unconcerned /individualistic generation  Factionalism among Tsinoy organizations  Donors fatigue

16 1.ENHANCE GOVERNANCE Enhance governance and leadership capability and commitment Increase capacity to respond Maximize credible standing 2. EXPAND MEMBERSHIP POOL 3. INSTITUTIONALIZE ORGANIZATIONAL SUSTAINABILITY Professionalize system & operations 4. STRENGTHEN LINKAGES Sustain harmonious relations with Tsinoy organizations 5. MAXIMIZE INFORMATION, EDUCATION, COMMUNICATION Optimize use of resources for education and development programs Promote awareness, understanding of Kaisa’s VM Heighten awareness and understanding on immigrant and other issues 6. ESTABLISH FINANCIAL STABILITY Widen resource base

17 THREE LESSONS 1.Value inter-generations in your organization. 2.Invest in the successor generation early. 3.Move courageously and creatively to a different beat.

18 THREE ART The Art of Leadership Take charge of the qualities within you.

19 The Art of Organizing Feel the pulses of people and blend their qualities colorfully.

20 The Art of Teaching and Learning Slow down and look carefully for the treasures in thoughts, words and actions.

21 The Philippines is our country, it is the land of our birth, the home of our people. Our blood may be Chinese but our roots grow deep in Philippine soil, our bonds are with the Filipino people. It is our desire, our hope and aspiration--that with the rest of our people, we shall find our rightful place in the Philippine sun.

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