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2 SAMPLE PROMPT—SIMILAR TO YOUR CHOICES In Spielberg’s “Schindler’s List,” what makes the film unique from other feature presentations on historical events? What is the director’s purpose in creating the film this way?

3 TOPIC SENTENCE(S) Hook—TRY! Make it CONNECT to topic Author / Title Information Topic Sentence *Reference to 3 claims (implied??) *Key words from prompt (to be used throughout paragraph—synonyms preferred)

4 SAMPLE TOPIC SENTENCE In Spielberg’s ground-breaking film “Schindler’s List,” (1996) unique stylistic features are part of the momentous success of the film. Spielberg hoped to transport his viewers to another place ( purpose ) and time with his use of black and white film, color symbolism, and graphic Holocaust realism. (How might these 3 claims be implied?)

5 CLAIMS The point a writer is about to make with evidence/data  Based upon the topic sentence  Specific to claims made in TS  Introduces data / evidence  Short—typically a single sentence! “Schindler’s List” impacts the viewer with rare but powerful color symbolism.”

6 DATA / EVIDENCE *Proof of what the writer just “claimed” is true *When writing about text (novel, poem, essay, newspaper article, blog, etc.) USE QUOTED TEXT!! *When using a film, use a brief but detailed description of the scene OR a quote IF you have the VERBATIM quote. *Must be INTRODUCED… **For example,—Mr. Joadson says,— Wiesel shows readers,

7 SAMPLE DATA / EVIDENCE FROM SL PROMPT For example, Oskar and his mistress watch the liquidation of a ghetto from a hilltop. During this scene, a pink burst of color shocks viewers because of the otherwise black and white film. This fleeting pink burst happens to be the coat of a small child, once alive but now a Nazi victim. Schindler himself is shocked at her death and his shock becomes the viewers’ as well. (example of color symbolism from the 1 st claim) *Data will be TEXTUAL quotation in all prompts but “Amistad” prompt.

8 WARRANT/COMMENTARY Most DIFFICULT part of essay!!! This part EXPLAINS HOW the data is an example of the claim.  Answers the question So What? after reading the data / evidence.  Can be multiple sentences but NOT more than 3-4  IF QUOTE OR SCENE NEEDS INTERPRETATION, THAT COMES FIRST IN A WARRANT (poetry, complex quoted material)  *A warrant ties the data back to the claim and topic sentence (talks about purpose too…)

9 SAMPLE WARRANT—”SO WHAT?” The use of color in this scene is extremely symbolic. Schindler’s recognition of the coat as belonging to the young girl is traumatic for him (and the viewers). He begins to change and the viewers never forget the death of a beautiful little girl. Spielberg’s choice of color boldness and symbolism are rare and unique, impacting the audience and planting an image in the minds of all viewers—an image of the death of innocence.

10 CONCLUSIVE SENTENCE * Do NOT simply repeat your topic sentence *You may restate your main point—but paraphrase and change! *TRY to offer new, relevant insight onto the topic, but do not ask questions that need answers… *This is a PUUURRRRFECT time to talk about author purpose in a little more depth, too!

11 SAMPLE CONCLUSIVE STATEMENT “Schindler’s List” is an impactful and relevant film due to it’s subject matter. Additionally, the unique effects that director Steven Spielberg uses only serve to heighten the impact of the film on its viewers. Spielberg carefully manipulates the visual landscape of the film with color and graphic realism in order to leave his audience tragically affected and forever remembering the Holocaust.

12 KEYS TO WRITING A GOOD CDW PARAGRAPH Key words and ideas (synonyms) repeated throughout TS, CDW’s and CS  What are keys to Schindler’s List prompt? Warrants EXPLAIN the data and how it proves the claim. Conclusive Sentence does NOT repeat topic sentence— offer something new! Author Purpose is discussed throughout in warrants and in conclusive sentence

13 GO OVER ESSAY REQ’S 1 paragraph essay (3 CDW Units) Topic Sentence(s) 3 CDW Units Conclusive Sentence(s) Typed, DS, MLA 1.5 page minimum—3 page utter maximum! Draft due Monday, 11/9 Formal Diction / 3 rd Person / Academic Audience / present tense

14 THE BASICS--EDITING How to emphasize?  Italics—full length pieces  Night  Amistad  Quotation marks for shorter pieces (Wollstonecraft was essay)  “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman” What concepts to pay attention to with capitalization / emphasis?  Book titles  Proper nouns  Character names  Ideas / concepts YOU want to emphasize Creative Title “Fresh Eyes” signature required at end of essay MLA Heading—all parts*Little tolerance for these errors No opinion…this is Analysis One well-developed paragraph!!!!

15 THIS SHOULD BE… Your BEST writing Your BEST effort Your Best editing 50 point paragraph

16 RUBRIC KEYS All elements of CDW organization  TS, 3xCDW, CS  Used properly Formal and Academic writing style Ideas on target with piece of literature / film you are discussing (content knowledge) Introducing quotations and parenthetical citations Format / Editing (“Fresh Eyes” signature)

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