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Sources: Image: Jennifer Robeson, Toledo: The Multicultural Challenges of Medieval Spain, Feb 2011, HWWorkingGroup2011Toledo.h.

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1 Sources: Image: Jennifer Robeson, Toledo: The Multicultural Challenges of Medieval Spain, Feb 2011, HWWorkingGroup2011Toledo.h tm (November 28, 2013). Justification: Image: Cordoba is located in the state of Al-Andalus in Islamic Spain Ivy Liu

2 Sources: Image: Holly, Warah. The Great Mosque of Cordoba~ a Glimpse into moorish Spain. August 1, 2013. content/uploads/2013/08/Cordoba- Craftsmen-1000x611.jpg content/uploads/2013/08/Cordoba- Craftsmen-1000x611.jpg Justification Tolerance- The islamic people were tolerant of other religions who allowed them to have as much freedom as they do themselves and even trusted other religions to help build their great mosque. Signatures of all the different crafters and artisans who built the mosque (contained jewish, muslim, and Christian people) David

3 Sabrina Papas Gender : Sources: Image The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Wall Painting with Female Figure, N.d., collections/449458?rpp=20&pg=6&rndkey=20131130 &ao=on&ft=*&deptids=14&when=A.D.+500- 1000&what=Painting&pos=103 (November 30, 2013). collections/449458?rpp=20&pg=6&rndkey=20131130 &ao=on&ft=*&deptids=14&when=A.D.+500- 1000&what=Painting&pos=103 Information Egger, A History of the Muslim World to 1405, pg. 121. Ibid, pg. 223. Justification: Connection to Theme: Prosperity and Tolerance – Education was seen as a form of worship, therefore it was available for both males and females. With education being open to both genders, it allowed for everyone to flourish by expanding their minds. It also shows that they were accepting of all people; women were given equal opportunities. Image: The painting is a fragment of a wall painting depicting an Islamic woman. It was painted on stucco and is from the 9 th -10 th century.

4 Sources: Image: De Montes Luna, Pilar. “An Approach to the Patios of Cordoba.” ARTEole Andalusian Culture. May 7, 2013. approach-to-the-patios-of-cordoba/ (Accessed November 29, 2013.) approach-to-the-patios-of-cordoba/ Information: Doak, Robin. “The Empire of the Islamic World.” New York: Shoreline, 2005. Justification: Connection to themes: Prosperity- The thriving economy and culture of Ummayad Spain allowed citizens to reside in beautiful houses with courtyards and splendid furnishings Tolerance- While a class system clearly existed, people were expected to treat the lower class with respect, regardless of their cultural origins Image: Exterior of a Cordoban house Social Hierarchy- Hanna Khaleeli

5 Sources Image: Villafruella, Daniel. “Madīnat al-Zahrāʾ”, N.d., Rahman-III Rahman-III (November 29,2013) Information: Doak. Empire of The Islamic World, p. 47,48 Nicolle. Historical Atlas of The Islamic World. p.184 Justification Connection to Theme(s): Tolerance: Tolerance was shown through laws made to protect the poor and weak Prosperity: The Caliph Abd Al-Rahman Spain was made a centre of Islamic culture, resulting in new literature and inventions Image: The restored gate to the palace at the ruins of the royal city of Madīnat al-Zahrāʾ, built by ʿAbd al-Raḥmān III. Name: Mishail Adeel Sub-topic: Government

6 Sources: Image: "Bottle Vase". Minneapolis Institute of Arts. MIA ARTS. N.d. (accessed November 28, 2013) =863 Information: Le Bon, Gustave. “World of Islamic Civilization.” Geneva: Editions Minerva, 1974. Justification: Connection to themes: Tolerance- Muslim Spain was open to the technology and art forms of other cultures, and would accept the introduction of these objects into their society Prosperity- The importing of goods from other countries allowed for luxuries to be widely available, and trade flourished Image: Chinese stoneware vase Social hierarchy- Hanna Khaleeli

7 Sources: Image Majd Arbil, 800-year-old Quran sells for record $2.3 million, Oct 2007, 10-3400 (November 30, 2013). Information C. Warren Hollister, Medieval Europe(New York:McGraw Hill), p.66. Melveena Mckendrick, Spain(New York: American Heritage, 1972), p. 28, 29. Justification Connection to Theme: Tolerance - Christians, Jews and Muslims coexist in Islamic Spain, and they were tolerant of each other. Christian and Jews obtained freedom under Muslim rule. Image: The Holy Quran written in 1203 BCE Ivy Liu Sub Topic: Organized System of Belief

8 Sources: Image: Prayer Hall, Great Mosque, Cordoba. December 5, 2010. 12/prayer-hall-great-mosque- cordoba.html. 12/prayer-hall-great-mosque- cordoba.html Info: Mirmobimby, Shadieh. the Great Mosque of Cordoba.http://smarthistory.khanaca cordoba-spain.htmlhttp://smarthistory.khanaca cordoba-spain.html Justification: innovative- the use of the double arch was not used in architecture at the time the great mosque was being built. the double arches could heighten the celling and make the mosque look more grand. Red and white arches at Cordoba David

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