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Columbia State Community College January 6, 2010 Spring Convocation.

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1 Columbia State Community College January 6, 2010 Spring Convocation

2  Assistant to President, Christa S. Martin ◦ Full-time  Clerk, Yolanda Ogilvie ◦ Part-time (27 hours per week)  Student workers (2) ◦ 24 hours per week Jones Student Center 158, 159

3  Endeavors to provide leadership in developing and implementing programs, activities and initiatives that will heighten the awareness, presence and success of ethnic minorities and other under-represented groups including faculty, staff and students at Columbia State Community College.

4  Day to Day operations  Internal events  Community outreach  Internal reporting  External reporting  Committees  Grants and grant proposals  Diversity plan  Strategic plan

5  Summer Math Academy (5)  Generational Mentoring Program Luncheon  Student Leadership Institute  End of the Year “Meet & Greet”  Diaper Drive  Veterans of the Freedom Movement  Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., Collaborative Celebration  Black History Month ◦ Sammie Nicely Art Display ◦ Motherland to Promised Land

6  Lyceum events - Roberts Edward & Band Playing the Blues, Mitsugi Japanese Dance Company  “Girls can do it” guest speaker – Maury County  Mule Town Family Network – System of Care  “We are the World” Heritage Celebration - Williamson County  Southern Fried Festival  Maury County Senior Citizens Black History Month – guest speaker  City of Columbia, Black History Program  Youth Leadership Marshall County - graduation speaker  Youth Leadership Maury – guest speaker

7  Richland High School Black History Program  Career and Tech Fair – Columbia State  Collinwood Middle School College Fair  Mother & Daughter Day – Wayne County  8 th Grade Career Fair – Bridgeforth Middle School – Giles County  Santa Fe High School Career Fair  Columbia State Student Talent Show  Columbia State Guest Lecturer / Classroom Facilitator in various classes  Back to School Fairs, Carnivals and Youth Events

8  Access Help individuals and communities succeed in a changing economic and social environment by increasing access to higher education. ◦ Increase minority enrollment (spring headcount), with an emphasis on the recruitment and retention of African-American students.

9  Year/Actual Spring% of Goal BenchmarkEnrollment 2005 296 296 100 2006 299294 98.3 2007 305 304 99.6 2008 311 311 100 2009 317 324 102.2 2010 326

10  Review fall enrollment for the 2005-2010 plan years  Develop retention benchmarks and trends by diversity categories

11  Development Team 2007 ◦ 40 members  Analysis & Action Team 2009 ◦ Christa Martin ◦ Nancy Ramsey ◦ Randy Elston ◦ Rion McDonald ◦ Joni Lenig ◦ Amy Spears-Boyd ◦ Cecelia Johnson

12  Diversity Definition ◦ Human diversity is variety in group presence and interactions. It includes, but is not limited to culture, age, gender identity, color, ethnicity, religion, disability, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, and national origin.

13  Statement on Diversity ◦ Columbia State understands the value that a diverse student body, faculty, staff and administration bring to its educational environment, the communities it serves and beyond. In promoting and celebrating diversity, the College pledges to value and respect the person uniqueness and differences of everyone; attract and retain diverse faculty, staff and student; challenge and reflect on stereotypes; and promote sensitivity and inclusion across our circle of influence.

14  Goal 1: Structure, Policies and Practices Ensure that Columbia State’s structure, policies and practices support its commitment to diversity.  Objective 1.1 - Review proposed changes to Columbia State policies, procedures and structure to assess impact on diversity.  Objective 1.2 - Assess curriculum to determine level of diversity infusion and need for a diversity-related curriculum initiative in 2010-15 strategic plan.

15  Review of data from college wide surveys  Establish data warehouse format for original materials that impact diversity  Process diversity infusion survey March 2010  Consider inclusion in annual departmental reviews

16  Goal 2: Campus Climate Strengthen and sustain a campus climate that prepares students for success in a globally connected and increasingly diverse world.  Objective 2.1 - Adopt survey-based indicators that can be used to track campus climate during the 2010-15 planning period.  Objective 2.2 - Develop a program of professional development and events that address needs identified in campus climate surveys.

17  Review climate survey results  Establish indicators to track college diversity climate  Identify list of underrepresented groups  Establish training opportunities for faculty, staff and students  Establish communication options

18  Goal 3: Student Recruitment, Enrollment and Retention Continually improve recruitment, enrollment and retention of underrepresented and disadvantaged students.  Objective 3.1 - Continue focus of planned actions to meet or exceed enrollment outcomes for minority students as specified in the institution’s 2005-10 Strategic Plan.  Objective 3.2 - Develop enrollment and retention objectives, outcomes and actions for underrepresented and disadvantaged students for inclusion in the 2010-15 planning process.  Objective 3.3 - Identify and develop needed tools to increase understanding of financial aid practices, availability and use by underrepresented and disadvantaged students.

19  Review strategic plan benchmarks  Decide on focus category from current list of underrepresented groups  Establish county student profiles and compare to county population profiles  Emphasis on financial aid information  Research TBR institutions for best practices

20  Expand 8 th grade initiatives  Review disability initiatives  Establish parent initiatives for traditional college freshman  Establish the technology state of our 9- county service area (computers in the home and level of access to internet)  Research new initiatives with financial aid for underrepresented students

21  Goal 4: Employee Recruitment, Hiring and Retention Continually improve recruitment, hiring and retention of underrepresented faculty and staff.  Objective 4.1 - Develop supervisor professional development that presents the value of faculty and staff diversity in achieving student learning and organizational strength.. Objective 4.2 - Identify key benchmarks, practices and improvements in recruitment, hiring and retention for inclusion in 2010-15 strategic planning process.

22  Supervisor training / professional development  Consider the current employment environment  Review HR processes  Review retention strategies from other TBR institutions  Update on-line application to include where they learned about the positions  Identify benchmarks for hiring, recruiting and retention directly related to Columbia State

23  The following program have been included in the college budgeted resources in the Access & Diversity Department ◦ Generational Mentoring Program ◦ Academic Mapping Coach ◦ Minority Student Advisory Team ◦ Student Leadership Institute

24  12 hours or less to Degree Completion RetentionPilot$50,000 Bridgett Hurte, Joni Lenig, Louis Conner  Disability and success – Awareness & Accessibility to Academic Resources Retention Pilot$10,000Kevin States  Marketing for underrepresented staff and programming Climate$10,000Randy Elston, Paul Hickey, Billy Walters, Stuart Lenig / Emily Gaskill (Lyceum)

25  International studies Program Enhancement$10,000 - $25,000 Ana Bosoa McMillan  Multi-year grant working with student preparation for college majors and careers Multi YearRecruitment$125,000 Access & Diversity, Enrollment management, Student Services and a national youth outreach and scholarship program (8 th and 9 th Grades)

26  Presidential Leadership Scholars Multi Year Retention $125,000 Dr. Janet Smith, Cecelia Johnson  Art across the college Pilot program $25,000 Lucy Kuykendall

27  Christa Martin Assistant to President for Access & Diversity  Ideas and Input requested   (931) 540-2644, (931) 540-2854 

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