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Policy Issues Ivar Lødemel Oslo University College.

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1 Policy Issues Ivar Lødemel Oslo University College

2 Introduction So far we have presented first results from completed work Policy analysis is last work package, to be carried out between March and June 2012 We therefore invite you to comment not on our findings/ analysis, but on our plans for how to carry out this work

3 The framing of policies Public discourses concerning nature, manifestations and causes of poverty Salience of poverty in national debates The role of the state and NGO/private actors in framing policy Location of public accountability for poverty Political goals of public policy

4 Shaping and structuring policy How relevant policies came into existence and what they look like – Policy objectives – Balance between social control and promotion of social wellbeing – The range of policy instruments – Mechanisms for funding – Resource allocation – Balance between universalism and targeting – Nature and adequacy of benefits

5 The delivery of anti-poverty policy How have policies been implemented, with focus on the extent to which they: – Promote dignity – Heighten shame The analysis will focus on – mechanisms for delivery and access – Administration and gate-keeping – The assessment of need – Implementation of conditionality – Management of perceived abuse and corruption


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