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Shanghai/Ningbo2013 Research Visit. CONTEXT 9 ingredients- to educational success CULTURE/TRADITION High Expectations Belief in Hard Work Public Exam.

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1 Shanghai/Ningbo2013 Research Visit


3 CONTEXT 9 ingredients- to educational success CULTURE/TRADITION High Expectations Belief in Hard Work Public Exam mechanism Focus upon the social problems- schooling system: A drive to boost the happiness of students & enjoyment in education- President Zhang- PISA for China MODERN Open Door Policy Recent Focus upon Inquiry & Research Learning INSET Teacher research groups (from Finland) Education Levy (from Switzerland) to help poor areas of Shanghai Better Schools help less successful Quota- access to University from less successful schools

4 Shanghai Maths Taught in mixed ability groups- sometimes broad banded Maths & Science taught by specialists in Primary schools Maths students are stunning – theory- practising ruthlessly until mastery Application to real contexts = weakness, together with application /problem solving: being addressed through enrichment programmes and research activities Maths specialist routes at higher level- mechanics for engineers; statistics for biologists/social scientists

5 Shanghai Experimental School Core Learning 26 hours Maths/Chinese/English/ Sciences/ & Humanities Enrichment 8 hours Opportunities for collaborative learning & problem solving Sports, music, art/calligraphy, group activities & competitions Fast Learning in 20minute slots Choice with specialist sessions in mathematical modelling, programming Catch up sessions to support students falling behind


7 Ningbo International Hi Tech School


9 A Very Special Maths Lesson Ningbo Hi Tech International School Ambition to make it a playground for learning- where students learn to “behave like little teachers” Mr Lin Principal

10 The Ningbo Innovative approach 3 links: 1.Before(pre-release/self-learning questions) 2.During(Demonstration) 3.After(Consolidation) 6 ways: 1.Teacher provides guidance 2.Self-Study 3.Study in groups 4.Study through demonstration to others 5.Learn by researching 6.Learn by consolidating all knowledge Active learning spreading Learner confidence and results had soared Encouraged no more than 12 mins teacher talk Employing a range of techniques to encourage problem solving- to tap into the thinking power of students Had taken “Great strength and guts to change”- resistance from all directions

11 Kesgrave- Maths remodelling Re-packaging the curriculum- GCSE starts from Yr 7- core curriculum units, with short applied units throughout the year In Yr 10 the students will be given choice-applied units Yr 11- more choice/specialism (new ‘M’ Level) Applied units are being developed, such as: Codes and ciphers Modelling weapons Sport modelling Bridge building/mechanics Sport modelling Personal finance Number use/Stats

12 PISA headlines 2009 Sampled across full range of Shanghai schools Very small range between their top and bottom performers Maths 1 st Science 1 st Reading 1 st 92% of students read for enjoyment everyday-in UK? Teacher/student relationships very positive Memory skills are LOWER in Shanghai than UK Students in Shanghai have a worse attitude towards school than UK- resenting the (unremitting) pressure

13 Teaching Commitments Shanghai/Ningbo 8 – 10 lessons @40/45 mins 7 hours teaching 2 classes @ 36-48 range Approx. 80 pupils a week 25% contact plus 2 hour session of evening supervision All observe lessons, belong to a subject & an age cohort research group Write 2 papers a year An honour to be observed KHS 12 @90/95 mins 21 hours teaching 10 (ish) @ 26 (ish) Approx 260 pupils a week 80% contact- plus stacks of preparation/marking out of school Action research groups- a culture of R & D Triads/Observation opportunities in the Teaching school network

14 A Chinese Proverb Re-visited I hear and I forget I see and I remember I do and I understand We collaborate and we solve all problems

15 Ideal-Values and Vision-5 year plan Firstly on your own In small groups……… nominate a spokesperson Educational vision – blue sky thoughts

16 The Master Plan They have developed a 10 year plan (2010-2020) to: Green plan- healthier and happier. Every school a good school ambition. Focus upon every child’s personal development. Optimise problem solving skills - improve student creativity /flexibility Innovations to focus upon emotional, attitudinal aspects of the curriculum A focus upon research skills and Inquiry based learning for students The new High school Quality Project uses 40 high performing schools with ‘normal’ resources and equipment to lead and share. Experts from their Pisa team glean what makes them successful and lead teachers are used to share best practise. In the weakest schools, principals are removed, new leaders put in, its name is changed (!) and standards are monitored.

17 Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Link to achievement Lesson plans……. Share either a good example – or set a challenge- Pair -> Share Enriching all lessons

18 The toughies- “Stinky Tofu” Find their Shining Light

19 Year 8 Cricket BMX Rock Climbing Dissecting animals Capture the flag Rugby Pursuit Code breaking Trampolining Gym Reading Drama Segway’s Animating Video game making Music Food in 30 Pottery

20 What we can apply at Kesgrave? Adopting a ‘fast learning’ enrichment programme across the school. We could use this to heighten motivation and teach everything from Mandarin to Enterprise, Financial Management to Computer Modelling. We have an opportunity to move from outstanding to world class, by finding and enhancing the ‘bright lights’ all the Shanghai and Ningbo schools search for in their students and staff.

21 School Day Current Entry9.00-9.1010 Reg9.10-9.2515 19.25-10.5590 Break10.55-11.1520 211.15-12.5095 Lunch 12.50-1.5060 Reg1.50-2.0010 32.00-3.3595 PSHE1 hr rotation Total 395 Proposed Reg & Enrichment 9.00-9.30 30 19.30-11.0090 Break11.00-11.2020 211.20-12.5595 Lunch12.55-1.5560 Reg1.55-2.005 32.00-3.3595 PSHE 395

22 Other ideas Action research Extending KHS programme into subject specific research in addition to cross curricular Assorted ideas Extended mentoring Light touch support beyond Year 1/NQT More maths specialists in Primary schools Catch up focus- built in Applied and Active

23 Learning without limits Respectful, trusting relationships Principled global citizens

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