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Title Here Governors’ Biofuels Coalition March 13, 2013.

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1 Title Here Governors’ Biofuels Coalition March 13, 2013

2 “Ultrafine Particles in Air Pollution May Heighten Allergic Inflammation in Asthma” Source: ScienceDaily “Proximity to Freeways Increase Autism Risk, Study Finds” Source: LA Times “Harmful New Air Pollutant Found” Source: WebMD “San Francisco Smokers Kicked to Curb, by the Cars” Source: SFBG online “The Hidden Toll of Traffic Jams” Source: Wall Street Journal « Air Pollution’s Effect on Asthma » Source: Univ of California, Berkeley “Nightmare Roads Identified in Congestion Study” Source: “Smog May Harm Women’s Brains” Source: “Air pollution may increase stroke, heart attack risk” Source: CNN “Traffic-Related Air Pollution, Particulate Matter, and Autism” Source: Archives of Gen Psychiatry “Public health impacts of secondary particulate formation from aromatic hydrocarbons in gasoline” Abstract: content/12/1/19/abstract

3 Understanding the Building Blocks Aromatics PAHs UFPs SOAs

4 2012 Maricq/Ford study confirms E30+ blends reduce Particulate Matter (PM) emissions by 45% Honda Study and Predictive Model Index (PMI) – UAI applies PMI to Texas consumer fuels data set for RFG and conventional gasoline markets New publications – UAI supported with AVL/Ford SAE 2013-01-1124; Fuel Property Effects on Particulates in SI Engines SAE 2013-01-1635; Overview of Effects of Ethanol-Gasoline Blends on SI Engine Performance, Fuel Efficiency & Emissions Status of Science and Data

5 Average Results from 46 Fuel Samples from a 2011 State of Texas Market Survey with a PMI of 2.17 Upper 5% of gasoline by distillation

6 GHG Rule (2012) PM 2.5 Rule (2012) Tier 2 to Tier 3 Rule (Proposed) (2013) Mobile Source Air Toxics Rule (???) Five items regulated under Section 202 MSAT (order of potency-weighted) 1-3,butadiene benzene POM/PAHs formaldehyde acetaldehyde How do POM/PAHs fit in above regulations? Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990

7 3 Automobile Industry Requesting higher octane Minimum 87 octane nationally Needs harmony in standards Needs a fuel to match engine technology for GHG Rule Ethanol Industry Access to the market RVP extension Market growth which promotes investment in commercial cellulosic production USEPA Reduce regulated emissions Address and reduce PM/PN/BC Reduce CO2 per mile Modernize certification fuel for marketplace realities Consumers Cost competitive fuel options Cleaner urban air for families Refiners Fuel quality improvements within existing refinery configurations Value chain opportunities Win/Win for All Stakeholders

8 Title Here Email: Phone: 316-927-4230 Health reports available upon request THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!

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