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In the name of Allah Festivals in Afghanistan.

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2 In the name of Allah

3 Festivals in Afghanistan


5 Ceremony “Janda bala” Mazar-e-Sharif city observes in Nawruz (New year) a ceremony of “Janda bala ”.

6 Ceremony “Janda bala” While this festival a flag of cemetery of Imam Ali (AS) will be heighten and this procedure will be repeated each year. This is a religious celebration.

7 Ceremony “Janda bala” From all over of Afghanistan and the neighbor countries come thousands of people to see and enjoy celebration of above mentioned ceremony in Balkh, city Mazar-e-Sharif.

8 Ceremony “Janda bala” People of Afghanistan believe that Imam Ali (AS) was buried in Mazar-e-Sharif. In this reason got this city the name “Mazar-e-Sharif” that means “holy pilgrimage”.

9 Farmer’s festival Farmer's Day celebration of Afghan farmers takes place on the first day of the New Year. On this day farmers come to the town and trough this action they ask Allah for the good harvest for the New Year.

10 Farmer’s festival Representatives of agriculture ministry celebrate the Farmers festival in the green areas of Herat by planting the trees and presentation of agriculture products.

11 Farmer’s festival The Solar New Year and the beginning of spring celebrate residents of Herat by participating in the Farmer festival.

12 Ceremony of Nawruz (New year) Young people of Herat go to the green areas of the city by music and Atan-e-Mili

13 Ceremony of Nawruz (New year) music and Atan-e-Mili

14 Ceremony of Nawruz (New year) One of the main national entertainments in Afghanistan is kites. While the wind period in spring in Herat city thousands of kites are flown in the air.

15 Ceremony of Nawruz (New year)

16 Juice of Nut Nawruz celebration in Afghanistan has a variety of customs. One of the Nawruz traditions in Afghanistan is preparing of the special juice of nut. The afghan people believe that eating Nawruz juice of nut brings them luck and keeps them healthy in New Year. Also afghan people believe, that eating the above mentioned prevents and safes them from the insect sting in the New Year.

17 Haft Sin (Seven S) Haftsin (Haft Sin) denoting 'seven items beginning with the letter sin (S)', is one of the components of the rituals of the New Year's Day festival observed by most Afghans. The items are traditionally displayed on the Sofra-ye haft sin.

18 Haft Sin (Seven S) The sin items are traditionally as follows: 4. sepand (esfand), seeds of wild rue. 1. sabza, that is, wheat (or barley, sometimes lentils also) 5. sir, garlic. 2. sekka, a few newly minted coins. 6. a bowl of samanu. 3. sib, apples. 7. serka, vinegar.

19 Ceremony of Red Flower “Melah gol surkh” Another festival in Mazar-e-Sharif city is “Melah gol surkh”, which means “Holiday of red flowers.”

20 Ceremony of Red Flower “Melah gol surkh” The name of this Holiday is caused through a great many red flowers that bloom all around the Mazar-e-Sharif city in the new year time

21 Ceremony of Red Flower “Melah gol surkh”

22 People go suburbs to enjoy this natural wonder and celebrate new year.

23 Ceremony of Red Flower “Melah gol surkh” People go suburbs to enjoy this natural wonder and celebrate new year.

24 Students work in class : 7/9 Edited by students : Fatimah and Mahtab School : Atoon Heravy High school Under the supervision of : Mrs.Bulques

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