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OSD Orientation Week Happening August 30 th, 2012.

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1 OSD Orientation Week Happening August 30 th, 2012

2  A desire to focus on the way the environment enables or disables the student, rather than on individual characteristics.  A recognition that all learners are unique and diverse and that there is no such thing as ‘one way to learn’.  A focus on all tools available to widen access to learning (technology in all its forms playing a large role)  A belief in the right to inclusion of all learners.

3  Inclusion  Recognition of diverse needs  Adoption of differentiated modes of teaching  Sustainability of teaching practices

4 1. Provide Multiple Means of Representation 2. Provide Multiple Means of Action and Expression 3. Provide Multiple Means of Engagement Offer alternatives for auditory & visual info Vary methods for response Optimize access to tools and assistive technology Optimize choice and autonomy Minimize threats and distractions Clarify vocab, symbols Illustrate through multimedia Use multiple media for communication Heighten salience of goals Foster collaboration and community Supply background info Highlight big ideas Maximize generalization Support planning & development Allow for monitoring of progress Promote expectations that optimize motivation Develop self-assessment

5  More and more often, you will encounter course instructors who use simple tools and strategies to widen access  You may not to use the OSD consistently and systematically  It should become increasingly possible for you to sit mid-terms with your class  Instructors will become increasingly

6  The OSD is still there when measures required to facilitate access as exceptional and beyond the instructor’s resources.  The OSD remains available to advise your course instructor  The OSD plays a role of representation for all students with disabilities (committees, reports, policy)  The OSD is there to advocate for students when required.

7  Student UD workshops (1.5h duration) are being organized twice a term.  Register online through our website (‘Forms’ section)  Watch some of the video resources being added to the website  Join our Facebook page where frequent UD announcements are made.  Email us or call us with your questions on UD  Follow campus wide progress on UD as the topic makes its way to the Joint Senate and Board meeting of Nov 27 th.

8  If you have questions about UD or wish to contact someone for more information, feel free to email:  or

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