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Dashboard Dominance 1 Case Studies on How Radio Works For Advertisers January 2013.

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1 Dashboard Dominance 1 Case Studies on How Radio Works For Advertisers January 2013

2 BY THE NUMBERS Radio advertising does positively impact the 5 key branding metrics Affinity / Likeability Awareness Advocacy Consideration Purchase Intent 13% 20% 14% 38% 37% Six Study Average % Lift: Radio-Targeted Consumers vs. Control Groups Source: Radio Advertising Effectiveness Program, Ipsos OTX, 2010-12; conducted for Katz Marketing Solutions; one advertiser requested anonymity

3 BY THE NUMBERS Ads on AM/FM Radio Prompt Consumer Response % Who Have Ever Done the Following After Hearing an Ad on AM/FM Radio Base: Total Population 12+ Source: Arbitron and Edison Research Infinite Dial 2013

4 BY THE NUMBERS Radio Drives Product Awareness and Traffic 4 Sources: NuVoodoo - 1,000 Adults 18-49, all music format preferences in 45 PPM markets 2011

5 BY THE NUMBERS Radio Helps Dollar Shave Club Shave Itself a Growing Share of Market Michael’s Dollar Shave Club is a very simple concept that isn’t really techie. And it’s a runaway hit. For a low price, Dollar Shave Club will send you new razors right to your home. So, it’s about making the lives of guys easier, alleviating the need to show for blades.Dollar Shave Club When asked how he markets the company (beyond a humorous video that went viral) he said “Radio”. The Radio plan uses a mix to drive sales: Endorsements gives us a familiar voice the audience trusts, and also puts our message in or surrounding the content – which is when engagement is at its highest. It delivers a large volume of highly qualified consumers to our site. Recorded spots directly deliver the brand’s voice, which allows us to tell brand stories and weave messaging in over time. With lower costs than endorsements, it also enables us to deliver stronger frequency. So did Radio work and why – Michaels said “Yes, we’re acquiring new customers profitably.” 5 Source: Jacobs Media Blog April 23, 2013

6 BY THE NUMBERS Shasta was looking for fun ways to support their winter 2013 campaign theme “Flavor & Fun” and highlight their wide variety of flavors, while driving traffic to retail partner locations Albertsons and Associated Foods in four key markets. In addition, Shasta wanted to increase “likes” of their Facebook page. KMS worked with the client to create a multi-tiered radio/online/promotional sweepstakes effort utilizing a “like-gated” promotional microsite, and a chance for consumers to win their choice of six “flavorful vacations.” Select local station homepages were taken over by Shasta, driving users to the Shasta Facebook page. In addition, select local radio stations and station personalities shared the promotion through their social media networks. Local radio stations also brought the “Flavor & Fun” direct to shoppers, setting up in Albertson’s and Associated Food locations with Shasta sampling, couponing, and prizes. Results After just three weeks: Over 7,000 unique entries were generated More than half of the unique entries chose to share the Shasta Facebook page with their social network There were more than 52,000 page views on the contest site, and over 4,000 new “Shasta Likes” on Shasta’s Facebook page During one two-hour in-store appearance in particular, over 60 cases of Shasta were sold As a result, Shasta has renewed the program at an even higher level for 2013. 6

7 BY THE NUMBERS YP Moves Front and Center with Radio YP was looking to raise overall awareness for their brand, as well as increase usage of and the YP mobile app. “Y U YP” Endorsements Station Personalities lent local credibility to the power of the YP search by highlighting a specific feature on the site, or function of the YP app, which proved useful in their personal search of the local area. “Front Row” Promotion Overlay In addition, stations created a “Front Row” promotion. On air, promos encouraged listeners to download the YP mobile app, place it in their mobile devices’ “front row” for the chance to win “front row” seats (or a VIP experience) at an exciting local concert or sporting event. Results Nearly 7,000 listeners entered the “Front Row” promotion and YP saw a significant bump in YP app downloads and searches across the eight targeted markets. 7 Source: Katz Media Solutions Case Studies

8 BY THE NUMBERS Radio Combined With Digital Platforms Increases Advertiser Revenue Reached 15 million Facebook and Twitter followers of Radio stations and personalities Nearly 195,000 tweets sent in support of Small Business Saturday American Express saw a 23% increase in cardmember transactions at small business merchants An estimated 103 million Americans shopped at independently-owned small business on November 26 8 Source: American Express Case Study It worked so well they repeated the campaign in 2012 and it won an Effie Award!

9 BY THE NUMBERS Trader Joe’s Made Its Name and Drives Its Business With Radio Trader Joe’s has grown from a few neighborhood stores to a nearly national business. TJ’s began honing its image and its traffic on radio decades ago. Radio remains the primary advertising medium for TJ’s. Visit their site to hear some of their spots. Results Trader Joe’s is the largest privately owned chain of grocery stores in the U.S. opening new stores nearly every month. 9 Source: Miller Kaplan Arase LLP X-Ray Reports 2012

10 BY THE NUMBERS Capital One Capitalizes on Radio Capital One was looking for ways to reinforce their national brand message of “More”, while connecting to local market customers. Local radio stations created a unique, city specific campaign offering listeners “More To Love” about their hometown – including insider tips, hidden gems and little known secrets, including local Capital One sponsored events. Results Based on the campaigns’ success, Capital One returned to KMS in the next quarter to expand on their “devastatingly local” efforts. 10 Source: Katz Media Solutions Case Studies

11 BY THE NUMBERS Fiesta Feasts on Radio Ford was ready to launch the “Fiesta Movement” in the U.S. In an effort to secure 100,000 test drives in less than 8 months Ford turned to radio. Prior to Fords launch day, carefully selected radio personalities met with Ford Fiesta product specialists for first hand experiences. Highlights from each DJ’s experience were captured on video and posted on the radio station’s website. On Monday of each launch week, Ford Fiesta owned all ad messaging that ran within a pre- designated prime time hour. Additionally, DJ “brand ambassadors” created 2-minute conversational spots about the car. In every market stations identified local events that offered on-site display opportunities for the Fiesta. DJ’s and Ford product specialists set up interactive games and product displays enhancing the consumer experience. On select days listeners were given clues to the location of a “marked” Ford Fiesta. The listener who spotted the “marked” car and approached the driver, were rewarded with gift cards. Results Above and beyond the millions of impressions delivered on-air, Ford received an in-person audience of over 500,000 consumers in less than 100 days. Nationwide, Fords highest performing dealers were in the markets utilizing this unique radio plan to generate leads, test drives and sales. 11 Source: Katz Media Solutions Case Studies

12 BY THE NUMBERS Marshalls Gets a 4-Fold Return With Radio Boston agency Hill Holliday gave interns their moment in the spotlight as brand stewards and consumer liaisons, spreading the Marshalls gospel about designer clothes on a dime. They opted to have teens target teens about stocking their closets for less money by shopping at the stores. After all, they speak the same language. The effort started during the pivotal back-to-school season, with two weeks of spot radio buys in 21 markets carrying the hot-fashions-at-bargain-prices message. Young female interns at the radio stations -- usually obscure and in the background -- became Fashion Ambassadors, charged with talking about great deals to their "friends," which consisted of listeners to a couple dozen top-rated pop stations. In four markets, ad and media executives built multiplatform campaigns around the interns that included on-air, streaming, mobile, online and in-store promotions, dubbed Fierce Fashionista Fridays. Results: For the shop's radio effort, which cost a mere $900,000 and yielded a four-fold return in key markets like Chicago and Seattle, it won Mediaweek's Media Plan of the Year honors in the radio, under $1 million category. Source: Katz Media Solutions Case Studies

13 BY THE NUMBERS Radio and Mobile Drive New Business Subway wanted to drive traffic to its Atlanta locations and have consumers try their new Big Philly Cheesesteak Local Radio ads supplemented a mixed media campaign to join its mobile club for coupon promotions Source: Media Post Blog, “Radio Is Killin’ It With Mobile”, December 2011; Radio Ink interview with Tony Pact, August 2011 13 Subway is a big user of radio across the country. Subway Chief Marketing Officer Tony Pace says “We have been very pleased with what we have been able to do in terms of driving business with the radio investments we have made.” Within the first 2 weeks of the campaign: -The mobile club received more than 21,000 text-in responses - 62% of their mobile coupons redeemed in stores -Nearly half of those that responded (more than 10,000 unique users) opted in to receive future offers from the Subway mobile club

14 BY THE NUMBERS Radio and Social Media Create Chatter Cricket Wireless wanted to build the company’s level of social media interaction and drive traffic into retail locations Creation of the Wallet Drop campaign A two-week promotion that focused on branded wallets that were “dropped” in preselected locations Wallets contained prizes including free phones Cricket used radio personalities to talk on-air about the giveaways and used Twitter and Facebook feeds to give listeners clues The Wallet Drop, with it’s use of radio tie-ins has become a local marketing best practice for Cricket. 14 “Of our tools, we see radio as one that is closest to the end of the brand funnel. It can drive people to the store to take action.” - Deborah Jourdan Sr. Director of Consumer Marketing Cricket Source: Arbitron 2012 Deeper Dive

15 BY THE NUMBERS Dillard’s Dallies With Radio Dillard’s was looking for an opportunity to increase consumer engagement and elevate their position as a “go- to” retailer for the hottest trends. While Kellie Rasberry, co-host of the nationally syndicated Kidd Kraddick Radio Show, wanted a fashion makeover. They developed a partnership between Kellie and Dillard’s. Each week, Kellie debuted a new look designed to help her define her personal style. Listeners were also encouraged to visit a promotional web page to vote on Kellie’s latest selections. 15 Results Over 130,584 listener votes were registered on Kellie’s Fashion Makeover online location. Dillard’s reported that online sales were positive, actually selling out of items featured on the radio. Source: Katz Media Solutions Case Studies

16 BY THE NUMBERS In an effort to promote Starbucks Coffee Journey, featuring a new blend each week over a two-month period, radio personalities provided both on-air and video endorsements raving about each new blend. Also provided were video segments that lived on station sites. Results – “I heard the buzz on the radio. They were talking so highly about it that I even made a facebook update wondering if it was really that good” (marketing restaurant online blog) Starbucks Source: Katz Media Solutions Case Studies

17 BY THE NUMBERS Albertson studies showed a large percentage of shoppers do not determine their dinner plans until their commute home. KMS worked with Albertson’s to customize the “Albertson’s Meal Tip of the week” that aired in a fixed position each day during the 5pm hour. The campaign was extended an additional year AND so many listeners called stations asking for recipe’s to be repeated that we developed a website to archive past features Albertson’s Source: Katz Media Solutions Case Studies

18 BY THE NUMBERS In an effort to promote John Frieda Sheer Blonde Hair Products and market visits by "The Sheer Blonde Entourage", KMS Stations provided an integrated marketing campaign designed to heighten awareness of “The Sheer Blonde Entourage” market visit. On air, select station(s) customized a fixed position last in pod segement where a "John Frieda Sheer Blonde Hair Care Fashion Report" brought out the best and brightest from our listeners! The segment concluded with the announcer introducing the next song as being "inspired" by John Frieda Sheer Blonde Hair Products, followed by content with the first song out of the break being that of a blonde-haired artist. Digital support through banner displays as well as posts in station calendar sections further highlighted the events On-Site, listeners were treated to sample John Frieda product given away by the Blonde Tourage, as well as free hair styling! Results – The campaign delivered over 10M impressions and extended in to several more markets than originally planned! John Frieda Sheer Blonde Source: Katz Media Solutions Case Studies

19 BY THE NUMBERS Refreshing the World: Coca ‑ Cola and Radio Radio is great for building connections with consumers and helping create shared, meaningful experiences at a local level. Being local is important for Coca ‑ Cola because of the need to support their network of more than 70 bottlers who produce and sell their products in communities across the U.S. Consumer passion points differ city by city, so building programs with radio helps us tailor our connections via targeted experiences and enables us to make those connections very local and very relevant to the consumer. 19 Source: Arbitron 2011 Deeper Dive Beatriz “Bea” R. Perez Chief Sustainability Officer & Former Chief Marketing Officer, The Coca ‑ Cola Company

20 BY THE NUMBERS U.S. Marines Partner with Radio to Create Effective Campaigns Radio speaks to our core demo in a very personal way. When we started significantly integrating radio advertising and events into our recruiting efforts, we immediately recognized success. Since then, the strategy has spread and been implemented with other recruiting command area. Sgt. Paul A. Robbins Jr. U.S. Marine Corps Orlando recruiting station, 6th Marine Corps Recruiting District 20 Source: Arbitron 2011 Deeper Dive; Photo courtesy of the U S Marine Corp

21 BY THE NUMBERS Summit Entertainment’s “SINISTER” 21 Summit Entertainment harnessed the power of personal connection of radio personalities with their listeners. Their recommendations, shared on air, on Facebook and Twitter, drove listeners to theaters in a big way. Source: Katz Media Solutions Case Studies

22 BY THE NUMBERS “We continue to believe this media approach is working and contributed to our positive traffic performance.” Sandra Cochran CEO Cracker Barrel Cracker Barrel: Broadcasting Menu Updates Radio brings customers through Cracker Barrel’s doors. Part of Cracker Barrel’s core media strategy Radio informs customers about menu “updates” and drives national cable television messages. Cracker Barrel introduced a new line of salads in recent months, supporting the menu change with new radio creative and resulting sales exceeded expectations. 22 Source: Inside Radio October 23, 2012

23 BY THE NUMBERS Based on 2009 and 2010 plans, radio drove an average ROI increase of 28% 2011 Fright Fest campaign was radio only Included radio station websites, email clubs, and social media A “record” Fright Fest with attendance, event revenue and season pass sales New ride launch trials – audio and video Radio hosts and listeners are invited to give it a try Experience is videotaped, lands on Facebook pages and station websites creating on-air chatter 23 Six Flags Sees ROI with Radio “Listeners follow [radio hosts] and want to know what they have to say. We’re trying to tap into that and leverage it because that’s still one of radio’s strengths. That hasn’t changed.” James Geiser Six Flag’s Corporate Vice President of Marketing

24 BY THE NUMBERS Radio is used for its ability to: Deliver national reach Serve up targeted content Maintain flexibility Provide localism Messages within content Take advantage of traffic and weather updates to remind listeners of Allstate’s roadside assistance program Flexibility Ability to highlight different product features in individual markets Important in times of national disasters 24 Allstate: Delivering the Message When It Matters Most “ Because people are habitual about what stations they listen to, the frequency radio affords us gets our message in front of the customer every single day and that’s important.” Nancy Ryan Allstate Media Director

25 BY THE NUMBERS Radio reaches their customers “in language” Radio formats to reach specific niche groups like Reggaeton to target Hispanic youth market Radio station personalities to create “chatter” by reading a script or ad-libbing Local Activation Radio drives awareness of events and sponsorships to reach culturally diverse audiences Product and Service Introductions Specific radio spots are created on a market by market basis Engaging listeners by using hosts as celebrity endorsers 25 “It allows us to be part of the community in an intimate way. You may see our billboards or any number of other things, but you hear AT&T talking to you in language; radio offers us the power of audio.” Jennifer Jones Vice President Diverse Markets AT&T Mobility and Home Solutions AT&T and Diversity Communication

26 BY THE NUMBERS Radio Works for Advertisers Put the power of the personal connection of Radio to work for your business. 26

27 BY THE NUMBERS for additional information….. Any brand names, product names, or titles used in this presentation are trademarks, trade names and/or copyrights of their respective holders. All images are used for purposes of demonstration only, and the entities associated with the products shown in those images are not affiliated with Arbitron in any way, nor have they provided endorsements of any kind. No permission is given to make use of any of the above, and such use may constitute an infringement of the holder's rights. 27

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