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C URRICULUM M ATERIALS. Common Core Materials List ELAMathScience and Social Studies Lucy Calkins – Units of Study in Opinion, Information, and Narrative.

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2 Common Core Materials List ELAMathScience and Social Studies Lucy Calkins – Units of Study in Opinion, Information, and Narrative Writing (K-5) Ready Common Core Reading Instruction Book (one per student grades K-5) Springboard: Textual Power (one per student in middle school Honors ELA classes) Common Core Curriculum Maps book (one per teacher) Common Core Units of Study with accompanying trade books* (grades K-8) Developing Core Proficiency Units of Study by O’Dell Education (grades 6-12) ERWC Modules (grades 7-8) Ready Common Core Math Instruction Book (one per student grades K-5) Explorations in CORE Math (one per student grades 6-8, and one class set for HS Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra II) Engage NY Math Modules (Grades K-8) Various pilots of Common Core math materials National Geographic: Global Issues Series (multiple class sets of 12 titles per middle school) National Geographic: Learning Reader Series (multiple class sets of seven titles per high school) 27 *Trade books for the units of study were chosen based on the criteria found in Appendix A in the Common Core Standards. Each unit of study is accompanied by 5-10 texts in elementary school. Novels were purchased for each middle school student.

3 Elementary ELA Three pilot Common Core Units units for each grade level with incorporated performance tasks Support materials: Trade books accompany each unit of study (in- house units of study, curriculum modules from Engage NY) Ready Common Core Instruction Books Lucy Calkins Writing Kits 28

4 Secondary ELA Middle School Units of Study – Written in-house by instructional coaches using texts found in Appendix A of the Common Core Standards Four short units focused on Common Core instructional shifts for grades 6-12 Reading Closely for Textual Details Making Evidence-Based Claims Researching to Deepen Understanding Building Evidence Based Arguments

5 Elementary Math Bridge materials – Ready Common Core Books Pilots of math materials – Engage NY Modules, Publisher Adoptions 29

6 Secondary Math Common Core Bridge Materials – Explorations in Core Math are being used in the following courses: Math 6, Math 7, Math 8, Algebra, Geometry 30


8 Math Textbook Adoption Process

9 Discussion Talk to a partner about ways to promote collaborative leadership to support the transition to the common core Share out


11 Data and Assessments Developing Benchmarks in ELA and Math ELA and Math Common Core Curriculum Teams selected Benchmark test items - 2 constructed response type questions and the rest are selected response- 10-15 questions per grade level Administer it online – every teacher in grades 2-10 will review data, score the constructed response and calibrate their scoring using rubrics through District release day

12 Benchmark Scoring Days Teachers engage in the following during their training day: Scoring Calibration Training – Teachers works in school teams and analyze sample student answers to constructed response questions using SBAC rubrics. Teachers calibrate their thinking as a team and come to consensus about the attributes that contributed to each student’s score. (90 minutes) Teachers Score Student Responses - Teachers log in to EADMS and score their students’ responses to the constructed response questions. (Up to 90 minutes) Team Planning Time – Teachers work in grade level teams to plan using ELA Common Core Units of Study or Math Modules. (Up to three hours)

13 Common Core Report Cards Data Action team reviewed samples of CCSS report cards for elementary schools One sample was selected and modified SIS Coordinator is setting it up in PowerSchool Data Action Team will review and then send it out to teachers for feedback Report card will be online for use in Fall 2014 The Data Action Team decided to use GLOs (General Learner Outcomes) to assess students’ 21 st Century Skills in addition to the Common Core Standards Self-Directed Learner Community Contributor Complex Thinker Quality Producer Effective Communicator Effective and Ethical User of Technology

14 490 New computers purchased and installed 2012-13; 1640 iPads purchased in 2013-14; All labs upgraded and 5 new HS and MS labs built in 2012-13; 11 more new labs 2014; 28 New Servers at sites Windows XP (service pack 3) Pentium 233 MHz processor 128 MB RAM 52 MB hard drive free space PC MAC Mac OS X 10.4.4 Intel x86 or PowerPC G3 (300 MHz) processor 256 MB RAM 200 MB hard drive free space SBAC Minimum Specification Machines-Current Machines Tablets iOS: iPads 2 and 3 running iOS6 Android: Android based tablets running Android 4.0+ Chrome OS: Chromebooks running Chrome OS (v19)+ SBAC Readiness Goals Provide ACCESS to Technology Tools and Training




18 THE REVISED RATIO... 3 students per 1 device 4 students per 1 device Elementary Secondary

19 THE OPTIONS Mac Mini Lab PC Lab Chromebook Cart iPad Cart Wired Lab Options Mobile Lab Options

20 TECH LEAD TRAINING Identify required technology skills embedded in Common Core Standards Discuss a student technology skills matrix and identify site and district needs Compare SBAC and CST Review technology skills and hardware for SBAC Participate as a learner in a Blended Learning Classroom Explore how Blended Learning strategies can be used to personalize learning

21 Next Steps Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Evaluation of PD Programs Evidence of Common Core Shifts in Practice- http:// practice http:// practice Planning for Summer Institutes Implementation plan for ELD Standards Develop Multi-grade Units for Special Ed Classrooms Develop Blended Learning Tech Units Training, Training, Training

22 Summary Develop your Plan with Lots of stakeholder input, “by in” and support Create teams of leaders- promote teacher and principal leadership Define your challenges Technological as well as educational Set realistic expectations Mastery of the CCSS cannot be achieved overnight Mentorship, Coaching, Collaboration and Site-based CCSS implementation and training is critical Keep your eye on the goal- it’s all of our kids that win!


24 TABLE OF CONTENTS Part One: Setting the Stage Chapter 1: Understanding the Common Core State Standards Chapter 2: Supporting Change to Facilitate Shifts to the CCSS Part Two: Getting on the Same Page Chapter 3: Powering the CCSS Chapter 4: Unwrapping the CCSS Chapter 5: Scaling Learning Targets to Define Proficiency Part Three: Planning for Learning Chapter 6: Determining Pacing and Unit Design Chapter 7: Defining Rigor and Assessment Practices Chapter 8: Using Rubrics to Provide Feedback Part Four: Working on the Work Chapter 9: Using Quality Instructional Practices Chapter 10: Responding When Students Need More Time and Support Chapter 11: Responding When Students Are Proficient Final Thoughts Appendix: Reproducibles Available from

25 Resources for Professional Development, Curriculum and Lessons The Teaching Channel-http://www, -Teaching Channel is a video showcase -- on the Internet and TV -- of innovative and effective teaching practices in America's schools. Brokers of Expertise CA Department of Ed’s Professional Development Modules for the Common Core State Standards with webinars, sample units and recommendations for PD NCSC Wiki- The National Center and State Collaborative (NCSC) is a project led by five centers and 26 states (15 core states and 11 Tier II states) to build an alternate assessment based on alternate achievement standards (AA-AAS) for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. The goal of the NCSC project is to ensure that students with the most significant cognitive disabilities achieve increasingly higher academic outcomes and leave high school ready for post-secondary options. CCSO Website- s_and_Resources.html CCSSO produces a number of resources and video series intended to increase the capacity of state education agencies. This is where the ELDP Framework for English Learners that was in your handouts is located as well as videos and position papers on a variety of topics. s_and_Resources.html Engage New York-; Curriculum Modules for ELA & Math; PD Kits for Teacher Training; PD Kits for Principal TrainingNew Language Arts Progressions & Home Language Arts Progressions; Evidence Collection Tools Modules for ELA & MathPD Kits for Teacher TrainingNew Language Arts Progressions & Home Language Arts ProgressionsEvidence Collection Tools

26 Resources (Continued) Understanding Language- http://ell.stanford.edu Teacher resources and webinars to help heighten the awareness of language and literacy in the CCSS. Great resource for the ELD standards and understanding how to support ELL students Readingworks- http://readingworks.org Sample reading materials and webinars to support reading instruction and professional development. Excellent free resources including downloadable texts to use in classrooms. Inside Mathematics- A professional resource for educators passionate about improving students' mathematics learning and performance. This site features classroom examples of innovative teaching methods and insights into student learning, tools for mathematics instruction that teachers can use immediately, and video tours of the ideas and materials on the site. classroom examplestools for mathematics instructionvideo tours Achieve the Core - This website has lesson plans, curriculum units, videos and so much more- designed for coaches, teachers, administrators etc. to help with implementation of the Common Core Standards in ELA and Math.

27 Contact Us LeaderContact information Dr. Lila Wills Bronson, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services Shannon Baker, Director of Assessment, Curriculum & Instruction Dr. Al Clegg, Director of K-12 Instructional Support Services

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