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Internationalizing the Campus Committee (ICC). “The process of integrating an international/intercultural dimension into the teaching, research, and service.

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1 Internationalizing the Campus Committee (ICC)

2 “The process of integrating an international/intercultural dimension into the teaching, research, and service functions of the institution” (Knight, 1994)

3  Mary Beth Kenkel, PhD, CoPLA, Chairperson  Randall Alford, PhD, Student Affairs  Monica Baloga, PhD, Graduate Programs  Judith Brooke, ISSS/Enrollment Management  Ali Faisal, Advancement  William Gabrenya, PhD, CoPLA  Korhan Oyman, PhD, CoA  Henry Perez, PhD, CoB  Hamid Rassoul, PhD, CoS (Aug - Dec)  Muzaffar Shaikh, PhD, CoE  Wes Sumner, Marketing & Communications  Kurt Winkelmann, PhD, CoS (Jan - June)  Jennifer Ledford, Committee Staff Assistant (Aug - Dec.)  Mischka Maxwell, Committee Staff Assistant (Jan - June)

4  2009 -10 : ◦ Comprehensive audit of the campus’ internationalization efforts ◦ Final Report with 16 recommendations  2010 – 11: ◦ Three subcommittees achieved these outcomes  Communication  Monthly internationalization feature to the Campus Observer newsletter  Creation of “international minute” interviews for WFIT-FM and international segments on Inside Florida Tech  Feature story on international activities for Florida Tech Today magazine  Development  Concept Paper for establishing a Center for Global Engagement  Academic  Developed list of global competencies expected of all students  Menu of courses with international content in place of only Civ 2

5 Knowledge  Demonstrates knowledge of global issues, processes, trends and systems  Understands his/her culture in global and comparative context Skills  Uses knowledge, diverse cultural frames of reference, and alternate perspectives to think critically and solve problems  Adapts his/her behavior to interact effectively with those who are different Attitudes  Is willing to learn from others who are culturally different from him/her  Accepts cultural differences and tolerates cultural ambiguity

6  Promote Global Learning Competencies  Provide opportunities and funding for faculty and staff to further develop their own global and cultural learning  Build an internationalized campus environment that attracts both international and domestic students.  Assist with capital campaign for Center for Global Engagement

7  Internationalization efforts have been publicized to a broader constituency - campus groups, alumni, applicants, and the community ◦ Presentations to faculty, staff, administrators, and students ◦ Continued inclusion of international topics in campus publications and on radio ( CASE Special Merit Award for the International Student Spotlight Series) ◦ ICC website

8  Participation in the ACE Mapping Internationalization Survey ◦ Revealed the strengths and gaps in FIT’s internationalization efforts ◦ Put us among the universities working on and making significant progress on internationalization

9  ICC conducted an Internationalization Survey of campus faculty, staff, and students ◦ Goals:  Heighten awareness in campus community of internationalization efforts  Identify internationalization priorities and barriers  Determine training and education needs of the different constituencies  Elicit interest and involvement in the internationalization efforts

10 StudentsStaffFaculty Number of participants824204194 Interact with International 1x day or more 60%63%68% Feel comfortable67%82%92% Limited contact16%3%2% Unsure how to react28%21%14% Difficulty communicating21%18%10% Situations With students, social situations Interest in training/education74%81%84%

11 Recommendation 1Recommendation 2 In AY 2012-13, faculty and staff training on cross- cultural/global competencies should be instituted with a focus on development of self awareness, the understanding of key cultural concepts within U.S. culture, and the development of specific goals to help communicate across cultures. More training should be instituted for: Domestic students through RAs International Students with focus on staff/student interactions and classroom etiquette All campus constituencies students through Do You Know videos

12 Recommendation 3Recommendation 4 The next QEP should focus on institutionalizing student-level global competencies/ learning outcomes for all FIT students. More study abroad experiences should be made available to students, including short-term and major-specific experiences. Student learning outcomes from study abroad experiences should be measured.

13 Recommendation 5Recommendation 6 Include space for the Center for Global Engagement next to the offices of ISSS when they move to the Florida Tech Commons so there will be staffing for it. Consider renaming ISSS to Center for Global Engagement. Continue to include a Center for Global Engagement in the capital campaign projects.

14 Internationalization The Future of Florida Tech and the World

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