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PERSUASIVE WRITING OR tactics for getting people to agree with you.

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2 PERSUASIVE WRITING OR tactics for getting people to agree with you

3 You are persuasive all the time Every day you persuade other people to think, feel, act Parents Friends Other people

4 This paper Will ask you to select a topic that you believe in, and to write persuasively You must be passionate about this subject! Don’t address BOTH sides—at least not equally

5 Topics Controversy Something that is hot or in the news right now You care about your subject Not good: Something that is “a matter of personal taste”

6 Great topics of the past Abortion Capital punishment Gay marriage DHS uniform policy Or something else that you strongly believe in OR disagree with!

7 Not a good topic... Why McDonald’s has better French fries than Burger King Why the New England Patriots should not win the Superbowl again These are good topics BUT not for a persuasive paper

8 How to begin  Have a great title!!! “Abortion” = 100 page paper “How Abortion is Killing Our Next Generation” = focused paper with an automatic promise! Your reader knows...

9 Make ‘em FEEL the passion! FEAR ANGER JOY SHAME

10 Pathos Aristotle called this “pathos” It is emotion Carefully select your words & sentences to heighten your emotion

11 Make it seem like common sense “Anybody can see that...” “As everyone knows...” Good sounding phrases like these will help your paper!

12 Have knowledge—you know what you’re talking about! Person opinion + research = your view on the topic

13 Ethos Aristotle called this “ethos” If you research your topic and think a lot about it you will “sound” like you know what you are talking about! You will be an expert!

14 How much research? Support your writing with some research “According to, they say that smoking in public entices children to begin the nasty habit.” A few well-placed quotes—do not let it overwhelm your voice!

15 Logos Yes, this too, was Aristotle! Logos basically is fact With the proper amount of fact, your paper will sell itself!

16 Have CONVICTION: If you don’t sound like you really believe in your cause, then how do you expect to persuade others? Nobody wants this more than you! Do not be a wimp!

17 Your weapon is your voice! Begin bold & revise often Don’t be afraid to edit Vary the syntax (sentences) Include quotes—a few here and there Become an authority & stay that way Weave in facts, but do not overload your essay with numbers

18 The other side... ANSWER the opposing arguments briefly 90% of the time you should support your ideas

19 Beware of writing fallacies Look in your text about these “weaknesses” that you want to steer clear of! These are basically “faulty or deceptive arguments” that will undermine your paper Your reader will not trust you

20 FUTURE PROBABILITIES: What will happen if we do it your way? (Show how wonderful it will be.) What will happen if we don’t? (Show us the disastrous results.)

21 Make the other side look bad “While our opponents are thinking of their own wallets, we are concerned with our children’s health and safety.”

22 Persuasive writing All writing is somehow persuasive Here is YOUR CHANCE to write about something that you really believe in or against! Your voice is your weapon! Assume your audience feels the opposite...

23 Ask yourself, what do I care about in this world? Pick your topic wisely Let your voice dominate and sell your views Be passionate and clear Let your reader know that while there are two possible avenues, yours is the right one!

24 Get started early Research Revise Rethink Get an “A” on this paper! This is the hardest paper yet BUT I know that you can do it

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