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HOW TO HOST AN EVANGELISTIC BLOCK PARTY The key to a successful Evangelistic Block Party:

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3 The key to a successful Evangelistic Block Party:

4 What is an Evangelistic Block Party 1. An evangelistic block party is a __________________ event sponsored by the church to reach the ________________ with the gospel of Jesus Christ. fun community 2. The block party is designed to catch the _______________ of the residents in a community by ______________ to their interests, tastes, and curiosity. attention appealing 3. The block party is a platform to establish __________ and build __________________ and share the _______________. trust relationshipsgospel 4. The block party gives church members an occasion to work ___________ in taking the gospel outside the walls of the church. together

5 HOW DO YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN? PRAYER – A block party is a __________sized task. Prayer provides ____________, builds _____________, and taps into God’s ____________. God focusunitypower PLACEMENT – People should work according to their ___________, ___________, and ____________. giftedness talentinterest PREPARATION - ___________ to _________ months of advance preparation and training are essential to host an evangelistic block party. Threesix


7 The publicity team is responsible to see that the community is _______________ of the block party and has a _____________ impression. awarefavorable Some of the ways the block party can be publicized includes: Street bannersHand out flyers week before Jumbo on-site signsRadio Spots ParadesNewspaper ads

8 FINDING THE PERFECT SITE ( use your senses) SIGHT – The block party should be _______________________ to the residents of the community. noticeable SOUND – Use loud and _______________________ music. appealing SMELL - The aroma of food should _______________ the desire to join the fun. heighten

9 CREATING AN INVITING ATMOSPHERE Design your site to have one or two large visible _______________ with registration tables entrances Position activities so they encourage _______________________. movement Locate food near the entrance to ____________ people to join the party. invite Provide __________ or a building with air conditioning shade Be sure ______________ are accessible and easy to find restrooms

10 REGISTRATION TABLE Have a registration table at each __________. entrance Offer guests a _________ nametag. Have workers wear a similar nametag of a different color. This helps workers ____________ and ___________ guests. colored recognize assist Use registration cards to gather information from guests: The cards serve as a registration for ___________ or other contests. door prizes The information gathered will provide data for ____________ follow - up

11 The evangelism team is responsible to see that personal evangelism is done ___________, and the needed materials for evangelism are on hand and used _______________. The Evangelism Team should include individuals whose _________ responsibility is to conduct a one-on-one approach to evangelism at the block party. effectively properly sole These people should be trained in sharing the gospel They should be friendly, outgoing, and able to start conversations naturally.

12 One - On - One APPROACH There are three ways to do a one-on-one approach: 1.If given permission go through the marked New Testament with them – letting them read the passages if they are comfortable, or just read it to them 2.Show them how it is laid out and give it to them to read at home. 3. Just give them the Bible

13 ACTIVITIES AT THE PARTY Face Painting Child I.D. Clowns Food Games Helium Balloons Space Walks Snow Cones, Cotton Candy Popcorn Dunking Booths Door Prizes Fire Department Health & Safety Agencies Pet Vaccinations Blood Pressure Screening Church information table with evangelistic literature and videos

14 DOOR PRIZES Collect door prizes from ____________ members and area _____________. Give enough prizes to add ____________ without overdoing it. Award prizes to block party quests. The intention is to make a good ________________. church businesses excitement impression

15 ♥ Winner must be _____________________ present ♥ Drawing should be conducted _____________ the gospel presentation after ♥ The prize should attract _________________, and create _________________ attention excitement ♥ The grand prize could be a child’s bike or a portable stereo

16 EVANGELISTIC STAGE EVENTS Use a state area with music, drama, or puppets. Entertainment should be of good ______________ with the ____________________ of the audience in mind. quality tastes ♫ Musicians could share their testimonies between sets. € Local sports, entertainment or community service personalities could share their testimonies including the plan of salvation

17 For more information Contact: Gerry Beauvais, President Multi-Housing Ministries, Inc 3710 E. La Salle Street- Apt. # 3202 Colorado Springs, CO 80909 (719) 358 - 9754

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