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ABOUT ASME Student Section Operations ASME Student Leadership Seminar Fall 2007.

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2 ABOUT ASME Student Section Operations ASME Student Leadership Seminar Fall 2007

3 Outline  Characteristics and examples of successful student sections  Executive Committee responsibilities  Basics of leadership  Discussion

4 Objectives Understand why students join Share examples and experience of successful section practices and activities (quality, not quantity) Understand what the Executive Committee does (NOT everything!) Be able to develop a program of activities to engage the student population

5 Why do Students Join? Discussion –Why did you join ASME? –What does ASME offer that is unique? –How could you ask people what would motivate them to join? –How can you use this information in your section planning?

6 Section Executive Committee Purpose and Responsibilities  Provide direction and goals for the section  Develop exciting programs (Plan)  Conduct and oversee activities (Delegate and follow up)  Handle section finances and reporting  Address student concerns  Motivate/Recognize  Represent section

7 Section Executive Committee  Chair  Vice Chair  Secretary  Treasurer  District SSC Liaison (optional)  Committee Members

8 Establish and Communicate Goals  Why set goals? –Establish direction –Identify expectations –Improve teamwork –Heighten performance  How and why to communicate them? –Section newsletter/web site –At the start of Executive Committee meetings –Other?

9 S.M.A.R.T. Goals  S pecific  M easurable  A ction-oriented  R ealistic  T ime- and Resource-constrained

10 Setting Section Goals  Evaluate last year’s goals  Make use of resources: –Your section advisor and local ASME section –ML – 1 Student Section Operations Manual –Student Sections Competition - Road Map to Success –Each Other

11 Goal Setting Exercise (10 min)  Get into groups of five or six  Share your section goals from last year  Which one(s) were you able to achieve?  Pick one that you weren’t able to achieve and evaluate it against the SMART criteria  Discuss how it could be made SMARTer, and your recommendation for including it this year

12 Successful Planning  Assess your resources –Membership –Money –Support from SSA, local section, university, industry, section alumni, etc  Leverage ASME resources  Prioritize goals  Make checklists of important tasks  Use event activity plans to help delegate and follow up

13 Successful Delegation  Find the right person (and a backup)  Give clear instructions  Be flexible & open-minded  Give authority  Follow up  Be supportive  Praise/recognize

14 Motivate and Recognize  Important for a volunteer organization  Honors and Awards: –Outstanding Student Member Award –Charles T. Main Student Member Award –ASME Student Section Advisor Award  Create your own Student Section Awards 

15 Successful Budgeting  Develop at end of academic year for next year  Develop expenses first  Identify revenue sources  Keep records of expenses and revenue

16 Revenue Sources  Society appropriation of $80 for sections up to 40 members (an additional $1.50 per member for each member over 40 members) – Note: Reports must be filed  Local dues – optional  Fund raising  Diversity Action Grant - $500-1,500; apply by November 1st  University support – ME department, College of Engineering, University student government  Alumni  Others

17 Planning Ideas: Fall Semester  August: Program plan for coming year  September: Conduct membership drive  October: Plan Student Section Competition participation Encourage preparation for Oral Presentation at SPDC  November: Attend ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition

18 Planning Ideas: Spring Semester  February: Conduct oral presentation & poster contests Submit Nominations for Charles T. Main and Student Section Advisor Awards  March: Attend SPDC  April: Attend SPDC Conduct officer elections Submit University & Officer Info Report  May: Submit Section Program & Annual Financial Reports

19 Student Sections Competition Select Events menu on  Contests  scroll down to Student Section Competition Scoring is based on the quality of: reporting meetings tours social events news articles membership development service activities Student Professional Development Conference professional development upgrading activities Contest runs from March through February (of the following year) and the SPDC that your student section attends. Prize money and plaques are awarded to the highest scoring student sections

20 Reporting Back to ASME: End of Year Annual Financial Report To be completed by the outgoing Treasurer Student Section Program Report To be completed by the outgoing Chair & Committee Chairs University and Officer Information Report

21 Reporting Back to ASME: Where & How Unit Leader Resource Center Submit forms online, or Email –, Mail hard copy to: ASME Unit Support, Three Park Avenue, 23S1, New York, NY 10016- 5990 Always print and save your reports. These forms are needed for funding!

22 Resources: People SSA, Local ASME Section, & Student Section Alumni ASME District Leaders ASME staff – call Info Central 1-800-THE- ASME Burt Dicht, Managing Director K&C: Jessica Albert: Each Other!

23 Discussion Suggestions & Questions!


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