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Future ACLT Aims & Objectives Leading & most credible body educating about blood related disorders Advocating, creating awareness & Communicating with.

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1 Future ACLT Aims & Objectives Leading & most credible body educating about blood related disorders Advocating, creating awareness & Communicating with relevant stakeholders Ownership of its operating environment, heighten participation in campaigns Ensuring sustainable blood, bone marrow/stem cell & organ registration by all Ethnic Minorities Position ACLT to care about its beneficiaries, quality of life, socio-economic & cultural needs, BME representation in empowerment & development of the BME community and its voluntary sector Build & manage ACLT brand primarily amongst beneficiaries, & stakeholders To attract Partners, Funding, achieve widespread understanding of its USP’s To bring greater cohesion to the representation of the voices of the BME communities in the UK

2 Operational Strategy Action Plan Short Term Target Colleges & Universities, Black Church, etc Become a member of World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA), European Cancer Patient Coalition and attend their meetings Visit the Gift of Life “Jewish” Bone Marrow Registry, The Cyprus Bone Marrow Donor Registry, Armenian Bone Marrow Registry, etc Increase One off and Monthly financial donations from supporters Medium Term Strategy Generate monthly £40k income to cover Recruitment & Core Costs Undertake regional clinics in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, etc Forge links with the NHS Blood & Transplant, GP’s & PCT’s, etc

3 Operational Strategy Action Plan Long Term Strategy Over 5 years co-ordinate planning, implementation & awareness in the Caribbean and Africa via local organisations & High Commissions Diversify ACLT’s work into new areas with literature aimed primarily at the BME community with reference to Bone Marrow/Blood and Organ Transplantation solutions Strengthen the links with other related organisations in the cancer care field in order to build a more structured agenda on health issues, which affect the BME community. Within 5 years to have recruited 60,000 potential Black and Ethnic Minority donors onto UK Bone Marrow Register and raise awareness about Organ and regular Blood donations from Ethnic Minorities

4 Proposed future ACLT Structure (Funds dependant)


6 SOS: Save the ACLT Campaign We returned to the office after the 2010 Xmas break raring to go, but started 2011 on the worst possible footing, devastating news about our lack of long term funding Rejected at final stage of a 3 year (£400k) Big Lottery Grant, only sufficient funds to survive to cover salaries and rent until March 2011 Urgent public plea to raise £80K by the end of March 2011 to avoid closure! Needed to dispel the long held public viewpoint that the charity is well supported by the NHS, Anthony Nolan, Blood Service, Celebrities, Public donations etc…. Sadly, this is not the case, we receive no government funding or funding from major supporters or philanthropic investors. 2009/10 (Aug - July) Financial year income was £227,000 leaving a -£33,000 balance shortfall rolling into 2010/11 (Aug – July) Virtually all income comes from small ad hoc public donations + proactive and reactive fundraising initiatives e.g. events, sport & challenge events, entertainment events etc. 2010/11 (Aug – July) Financial year overall Income up to Xmas 2010 was -£34,000. The revenue from these activities was diminishing very FAST.

7 The Plan to save the ACLT What were we going to do about it? ACLT office team held an emergency meeting to strategize. Contacted volunteers & everybody we could to take action and assist us with our emergency strategy. Only £50,000 in account to cover salaries and rent. And publicly appealed via Social Media, Ethnic press, TV, Radio, word of mouth, etc that we really needed the Black and wider Community’s help too... Ideas about how individuals and organisations could help We appreciated that these are difficult times for everyone, but truly believed in the community spirit that has brought us together over the years would prevail As the saying goes ‘a mighty river starts with a single drop,’ If everyone made a contribution in some way, however small, we could raise £80K or more in time 5,000 people give £5 a month for 3 months = £75,000 + Gift Aid = £96,000 Cheque’s, Cash donations - in person, Fundraising at school, college, university, work, church or via individual /organisational networks, club nights, etc Recommend a key contact to help our emergency fundraising campaign Create an online ACLT Fundraising page, where donations can easily be made

8 How can individuals help ACLT? Ways that people could raise funds to help ACLT? Online & Offline Financial donations Club Night’s, Book Sales, A Draw or Raffle, Themed Dance, Fashion show, Fitness workout, Golf day, Marathon run, Sport related events, Quiz night, Sponsored events (Swim, Walk, Bike ride), Search & shop online, eBay, Leave a legacy, Mobile Phone Charity Recycling Scheme, Gift Aid, etc Ways that companies could help ACLT? Corporate donations, Gifts in Kind, Sponsorship payments, Secondment, Cause- Related Marketing, Legacy Giving, etc

9 How can individuals help ACLT? How do funds support the charity's work? VITAL SUPPORT for patients in life threatening conditions and their families RAISE AWARENESS with educational presentations in schools, workplaces, churches and communities, etc PROMOTE DONATION through patient appeals and media campaigns REGISTER LIFESAVERS to recruit lifesaving donors from under- represented minority ethnic communities to the UK's blood, bone marrow and organ registries

10 How can individuals help ACLT? How would the crisis affect our work? Patient Appeals and Support services would continue and we endeavored to support patients and their beneficiaries as best we could. However, we asked for patience at the time as resources were stretched whilst we focused on the appeal to find more funds to keep supporting the public. Recruitment drives would stop in 2011 until the funding improved. Fundraising activities would be a key priority.


12 Social Networking of the ACLT The charity utilised many different and various mediums : Facebook Twitter YouTube Mobile Phones SMS Texting, BBM

13 Media Networking of the SOS The charity utilised many different and various mediums : The Voice Newspaper, Croydon Advertiser, Croydon Guardian, Croydon and Bromley Life The Guardian, Evening Standard, Local Newspapers ITV’s London Tonight, Daybreak, BBC Breakfast TV, SKY News Radio stations such as Colourful Radio, BANG FM, Vibes FM, Lightning FM, Supreme FM, Roots FM, Playvybz Radio, BBC local radio stations, Magic FM, Choice FM, Blues FM and many more Created bespoke ACLT appeal video appeals utilising famous people of influence alongside beneficiaries of the charity’s work






19 Unite to Fight Leukaemia £3 Text ACLT to 70300 Texts cost £3 + your standard network charge Visit for more info


21 **Gimme 10 - Save the ACLT** MARTIN JAY CHOICE FM DJ

22 SIMON WEBBE **Gimme 10 - Save the ACLT**

23 TREVOR NELSON **Gimme 10 - Save the ACLT**

24 ROBBIE GEE **Gimme 10 - Save the ACLT**

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