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The Essential Ingredients of Successful Marketing Campaigns John Grain NAVCA Conference, September 2008.

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1 The Essential Ingredients of Successful Marketing Campaigns John Grain NAVCA Conference, September 2008

2 What we will do…  Stay awake  Learn something  Have a bit of fun  Together, come up with the ingredients to make a compelling marketing proposition for your audience

3 Before we start  Draw one of these and  Take a pack of these

4 Our ingredients  Like baking a cake  The right ingredients combine to produce the perfect outcome  So, the better the ingredients the better the cake - each has its own important part to play

5 First - what kind of cake?  Have a clear objective  Know exactly what action/outcome you desire  For example do you want to: –Raise money? –Recruit new supporters? –Campaign on an issue? –Communicate a brand message? –Launch a new service? –Gain information? –Invite to an event?

6 The recipe In the middle of your mixing bowl write down what it is you want to achieve with your marketing campaign Make it just ONE simple sentence

7 Our eleven ingredients  Planning  Technique  Creative Concept  The Seven Questions of Proposition  Protagonists, Hooks, Interest, Conflict, Brevity, Emotion, Clarity  Execution & Delivery

8 Planning  Who are you talking to?  Know your audience  Demographics  What can they tell you that helps

9 Ingredient 1: Audience  On your post-it note write down: –A summary of who your audience is that you wish to communicate with –The approximate number of them –3 or more useful things you know about them

10 Technique  How will you reach them?  What is the most appropriate way of communicating with your audience

11 Ingredient 2: Method  On your post-it note write:  The method you will use to communicate with your audience  2 reasons why you have chosen this method

12 Creative Concept  What will it look like?  How can you best appeal to, and engage with, your audience using the method you have chosen?  Picture the finished article in your mind’s eye

13 Ingredient 3:  On your post-it note write down: –A summary of the main elements of your concept

14 Proposition  Why does it matter?  The most crucial element  Telling the story to prompt the action  Decision time - will you be “unputdownable” or “can’t get into it”?  7 key elements (in no particular order)  We all love a good story

15 Who’s the Protagonist?  A car needs a driver, so do stories  They drive the action  They tell the story  Make them honest  Make them personal

16 Ingredient 4: The Hero  On your post-it note write down:  The name of your protagonist  3 or more things that you know about them

17 What’s the Hook?  Like a good book you need to hook your audience from the start  Begin your story where the audience can  identify with the situation  Identify with the protagonist  Identify with the goal  Make it specific

18 Something happened today that really made me think. Something that I felt I had to share with you. Something that seems quite unbelievable in 21st century Britain.

19 Ingredient 5: The opening  On your post-it note write down: –Your opening 3 sentences. (Don’t worry about copywriting skills, just think about what the hook will be)

20 Keep it Interesting  Predictable is boring  Push your USP  Throw in some barriers & surprises  Statistics - handle with care  Numbers numb, jargon jars, and no-one marched on Westminster because of a pie-chart  Use humour if appropriate

21 Ingredient 6: Attention!  On your post-it note write down: –Details of 3 highlights that will keep your readers attention

22 Where’s the Conflict?  There is no drama without conflict  Heighten heroism when juxtaposed against villainy  Be good v bad  Or conquer heroic odds


24 Ingredient 7: Conflict  On your post-it note describe: –the enemy Is it an organisation? Is it a disease or disability? Is it other people? Is it poverty - if so what sort?

25 The Telling Details  Brevity is your God - worship at the altar of conciseness  Pick a few well-chosen details or highlights that bring your protagonist’s story to life  Vividly paint a picture of the world you are portraying

26 Ingredient 8: Ups & Downs  On your post-it note write down: –2 or 3 obstacles that your hero must overcome to succeed OR –2 or 3 barriers your organisation must overcome to succeed

27 What’s the Emotional Hook?  Your audience are giving you their time and attention…  …so do more than just recite the facts  Make it an emotional experience that makes their time worth while  Make them feel, empathise, understand, and care


29 Ingredient 9: Emotions  On your post-it note write down: –5 to 10 words to describe how you want your audience to feel when they receive your communication

30 The Call to Action  Don’t just give information  Give a story  Make the reader know what it means and how they fit in  Are they clear and convinced about what you want them to do  Urgency? Why do they need to do it now?


32 Ingredient 10: Their role  On your post-it note write down: –The single main action you want your audience to take after hearing your story –3 or more reasons why your story will make them do it

33 Delivery  Proofing and copy-checking  Printing and packing instructions  When do you contact them?  Seems simple, but for whatever medium you are using there are bad, good, and best times to contact your audience  So make sure you find out what they are

34 Ingredient 11: Calendar  On your post-it note write down: –The appropriate day, month, or event that your marketing communication will be timed to coincide with

35 The finished product  You should now have the plan for a marketing campaign where you know exactly: –What you want to achieve, who you are contacting, with what, in what format, with a unique and compelling story and a clear call to arms sent at exactly the right time

36 And finally  Questions?  Thank you Leave a card for a copy of the presentation

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