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Quitline Communications Glyn McIntosh Director of Communications Rome 2003.

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1 Quitline Communications Glyn McIntosh Director of Communications Rome 2003

2 Advertising the Quitline

3 Television Advertising Campaigns April 1997 to March 1998 40% of calls during 3 month campaign 22% of quitters at one year follow up – 44,204 Cost of Quitlines £695,316 (€1,097,650) Cost per quitter at one year £15.73 (€24.60) TV Advertising and Service £3,415,316 (€5,362,046) Cost Per Quitter at one year £77.26 (€121.20)

4 The Difference Money Makes!! €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€

5 No Television Advertising for 3 years April 2001 – March 2002 Total cost of Quitline = £251,245 Total number of Quitline Callers = 131 021 Cost per quitter £8.72

6 Recent Events Used to Promote the UK Quitline

7 The Nicorette QUIT and Run Challenge Ex 40 a day Smoker UK Premier Football Grounds Half Time Commentary Signed Footballs Hospitality

8 The London Marathon £1,000 for QUIT Local Publicity

9 The London Flora Light Challenge Women Only!!!

10 Commit to QUIT with Febreeze National Newspaper and Magazine Three Months Ring to Confirm Holiday Prize

11 Quitter of the Year Launch in National Newspaper Follow up Stories Counsellors Visit Celebrity London Celebration 8 Prize Winners

12 QUIT Weeks Major Shopping Centres Local Celebrities Win £1,000

13 Sir Richard Doll’s 90 th Birthday Vice President of QUIT Representatives from DoH, BMA and BHF

14 Media Spokespeople

15 Media Training Television Radio Newspapers

16 Directors

17 Counsellors

18 Schools Presenters

19 UK Journalists

20 Health Editors National TV National Radio Newspapers

21 News Editors Forward Planning

22 Problem Pages

23 Press Releases

24 Website

25 Email Counselling

26 No Smoking Day Different Target Groups Young People Poor Smokers Pregnant Smokers Men/Women

27 The Silly Season Eurovision Entrant Jessica Garlick with QUIT Cigarette Different angles for different times of year

28 Case Studies Jennifer Allen and Family

29 Other Methods of Promoting Quitlines

30 Television Programmes EastEnders The Bill Casualty

31 Children’s Television Newsround Grangehill

32 Location Central Venue Good Location to Film

33 London Underground 500 Sites

34 Celebrity Endorsement Sportspeople Non Smokers Reluctant Ex Smokers

35 QUIT Charity Shops

36 Working with other Organisations

37 Lung Cancer Awareness Month

38 Promoting Minority Ethnic Quitlines

39 Ethnic Minority Media De-regulation of Media has allowed Ethnic Media to flourish Over 6 Cable TV and Satellite Channels 12 Radio Stations Many received all our EU

40 Community Melas Over 15 Summer Festivals (Melas) with nearly ½ million attending-Bradford 150,000 People

41 Ramadan Special time to Quit Media Community Pulpit Sermon ½ Hour Radio Phone in Health Hour on TV Time Table

42 Where do we go from Here?

43 Collective PR Provide collective statements on EU developments on behalf of the ENQ to heighten profile of the network and its members? Use ENQ Website to publish press releases for individual countries to show the strength of Quitlines through out Europe? Use World No Smoking Day as a media tool?

44 Discussion Session Greito Zeeman

45 Discussion Groups Vasilios Talis Karina Oddoux Lina Tsanira Torsten Sonne Norma Cronin Rafaelle Luise Dolors Marin Christine Gafner Annie Meharg Lucio Golino Catherine Minot Nicholas Kordiolis Bernadette Crowe Ove Jorgensen Carlotta Raposa Hans Gilljam Karen Bowden Glyn Mcintosh

46 Discussion Groups Bo Kolbye Peter Lindinger Despoina Koiliaridou Elzbieta Karpinska Lise Tornby Paulo Vitoria Asgeir Helgason Kawaldip Sehmi Poul Dengsoee Patricia Strand Marc Willemsen Alessandro Lattanzi Magda Cedzynska Gemma Nieva Maria Rankka Steve Crone

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