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Galil. What is Limmud?  Founded over 25 years ago, and based in the UK, Limmud is a global leader in innovative, inclusive Jewish education - Organized.

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1 Galil


3 What is Limmud?  Founded over 25 years ago, and based in the UK, Limmud is a global leader in innovative, inclusive Jewish education - Organized almost entirely by volunteers -Bringing together Jews of all backgrounds, all lifestyles and all ages  Its flagship event is a five-day residential conference attended by 2,000+ people – the "jewel in the crown of Anglo-Jewry” - Over 350 presenters and 900+ sessions on topics of Jewish interest  The Limmud model of cross-communal Jewish education has now been replicated throughout the world in 15 communities

4 The roots of Limmud Galil: P2K delegations from Confrontation Line to Limmud UK  Since 1999, P2K has sent an annual delegation of Confrontation Line residents to attend the Limmud UK Conference - Commitment to (continued) community involvement and volunteerism - Heighten awareness of their own Jewish identity through exposure to Limmud and the UK Jewish community  2002 delegation with aim of “learning” Limmud - Three “second-time” delegates - Enthusiasm to create a similar experience in the Galilee - Meetings with key members of Limmud UK team - Open channels established with Limmud UK team

5 P2K Delegation participants became the core volunteers of Limmud Galil

6 The delegates set about building Limmud Galil from the ground up  Formed a core volunteer team of past Limmud UK delegates  Developed a set of founding principles  Established task teams  Enlisted support of regional councils  Organize annual Limmud Galil Conferences  Create year-round community by involving the team and community in ongoing learning experiences

7 The core team faced many challenges in creating Limmud Galil  Motivating a volunteer force  Attracting regional residents to concept of Jewish learning  Creating pluralistic encounter for religious and secular  Recruiting speakers and performers to volunteer their services

8 One year later, Limmud made aliyah to the Galil  2003: 100 participants at first conference – December 17-19  2004: 180 participants; included “Junior Limmud”  2005: 180 participants; included “Art Zone”  2006: 220 participants; with overnight accommodations  2007: Next conference planned for December 5-6

9 Limmud Galil annual conferences: 2003-06

10 As in the UK, a variety of programming formats are employed at Limmud Galil  Lectures  Films  Hands-on workshops  Musical performances  Panel discussions  Hevruta  Closing gala  Tisch There’s something for everyone at Limmud:

11 The Hevruta Project embodies the spirit and vision of Limmud Galil  Integral part of Limmud Galil conferences and events  Prepared by Limmud Galil volunteers  Unique hevruta program “Redeeming the Captives” developed in response to captured Israeli soldiers  Over the past year, two hevruta projects created in partnership with Limmud NY volunteers -August 2006: presented at LimmudFest in the UK -January 2007: presented at Limmud NY

12 Limmud Galil Hevruta Project: bringing people together through learning

13 Limmud Galil events now span the entire year Monthly activities open to all regional residents:  Holiday learning events  “Wandering” Beit Midrash  2 regional evening conferences  Study tours New Events in 2007:  Limmud Galil Shabbaton  LimmudFest  Florence Melton Mini-School

14 Limmud Galil events: across the region, throughout the year

15 The process of creating these programs has empowered Limmud Galil volunteers “Limmud Galil is a bridge connecting Jews from all sectors, something which isn't a given in Israeli society. It is a community of learning and action - I don't just go to Limmud Galil - I create it. Limmud Galil gives me a feeling of regeneration, of new beginnings, excitement, togetherness. It's all that's missing in secular Israeli society.” Lorrie Lagziel, social worker from Ma'ale Yosef “Limmud Galil is my Beit Midrash and volunteering in Limmud Galil is my Jewish and social action.” David Biton, researcher from Shlomi Creator of Limmud Galil Hevruta

16 Limmud Galil has helped enhance the region’s connection to P2K P2K Delegations to Limmud UK  Commitment to volunteering in Limmud Galil and P2K  Limmud Galil active in choice and preparation of delegates  Orientation to UJIA/JAFI in UK  “Second-time” delegates: -Guide new delegates at Limmud UK - Encourage involvement in Limmud Galil - Renew energies as Limmud Galil volunteers - Build contacts with presenters for Limmud Galil - Enhance connections with Limmud UK and international organizations

17 Limmud Galil has brought together Jews of diverse ages and backgrounds

18 Limmud Galil has also forged stronger connections to Judaism “Limmud has opened a whole new world for me. I’m going to make changes with my family. We don’t need to be religious, but to be Jewish is to be a better person.” Pnina Gilad, homemaker from Shlomi “Limmud Galil has given me the opportunity to volunteer in my community while strengthening my own Judaism.” Bracha Getz, retired teacher from Merom Hagalil “Limmud Galil has become a way of life. It has strengthened and connected me to my Jewishness and to who I am.” Ahuva Hazan, art teacher from Shlomi

19 In short, Limmud Galil has succeeded beyond expectations  Created a unique expression of pluralistic Jewish learning  Developed a new volunteer culture in the region  Enhanced personal and community Jewish identity through learning  Integrated different communities in the region  Reduced the gap between extremes in Israeli society through learning together  Reinforced the “Living Bridge” between Jewish communities in the Galil and in the UK

20 Partnership 2000 Award of Excellence for Community Development

21 Elliott Goldstein, Limmud Chair, Co-Chairperson, P2K Living Bridge UK “Partnership is all about learning from the other, and Limmud Galil is a stunning example of this ideal being put into practice. In the past, Anglo-Jewry was the primary beneficiary from our Partnership – through increased understanding of Zionism and Israel. Now, our partners in the Galil have managed to take a success story from Anglo-Jewry and to develop their own version in the Galil. Limmud Galil has pushed the boundaries of Partnership to forge a new paradigm of reciprocity.”

22 Let Limmud Galil take you one step further on your Jewish journey Contact us for information or to get involved

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