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Power Practice for use with Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT Book Two 21 Lessons 275 Words.

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1 Power Practice for use with Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT Book Two 21 Lessons 275 Words

2 Unit 2.5 Contents

3 UNIT 2.5 Wrong if you do and wrong if you don’t is an age- old dilemma. dilemma n. a choice between two unpleasant or difficult options Contents

4 UNIT 2.5 The old miser stayed rich because he knew when to dole out money carefully and when to withhold it altogether. dole v. to distribute; to give out sparingly ant: hoard Contents

5 UNIT 2.5 So dolorous was the weepy movie that the entire audience received tissues before entering the theater. dolorous adj. exhibiting sorrow or pain syn: mournful ant: joyous Contents

6 UNIT 2.5 The dour old sourpuss skulked around the neighborhood for years until he bought a plush condominium and moved to Florida. dour adj. stern and ill-humored syn: forbidding ant: pleasant Contents

7 UNIT 2.5 The children dressed in their parent’s business attire made a droll scene. droll adj. amusing in an odd or whimsical way syn: quaint Contents

8 UNIT 2.5 Determined to win her case with verbal tricks, the lawyer engaged in a rich variety of duplicity. duplicity n. intentional deceit in speech or conduct syn: deception ant: straightforwardness Contents

9 UNIT 2.5 Jerry acted out his aggressions by sticking spiteful pins in a voodoo doll, which was a cartoonish effigy of his boss. effigy n. a crude dummy or image representing a hated person or group Contents

10 UNIT 2.5 To sell more books, the author tried to emulate a more popular writer’s style. emulate v. to strive to be equal to; to imitate syn: copy Contents

11 UNIT 2.5 An ad always tries to enhance the value of a company’s products and services. enhance v. to increase the value or beauty of something syn: improve; heighten ant: diminish; decrease Contents

12 UNIT 2.5 Bold and decisive leaders must enunciate clearly so orders are understood and obeyed. enunciate v. to state clearly and distinctly; to pronounce syn: articulate Contents

13 UNIT 2.5 During his three-year prison sentence, Mike tried to maintain a presence among his family through a series of epistles. epistle n. a letter or literary composition in letter form Contents

14 UNIT 2.5 Being erudite usually doesn’t mean much if you can’t apply such brilliance in a profession that pays well. erudite adj. scholarly; learned syn: educated ant: unlettered; illiterate Contents

15 UNIT 2.5 The Amish horse and buggy evokes a gentle, self-reliant, and slowly vanishing era. evoke v. to summon forth syn: conjure up; elicit Contents

16 UNIT 2.5 The expatriate was born in America but lived on the island of Palau for more than half of his life. expatriate n. someone who chooses to live outside of, or renounce, his or her native country Contents

17 UNIT 2.5 If you spot Fast Eddie, the pickpocket, give him explicit directions to the nearest police station. explicit adj. clearly and openly stated; leaving nothing to the imagination syn: exact; precise ant: ambiguous; vague Contents

18 UNIT 2.5 The teacher asked Veronica if she would expound her sketchy answer. expound v. to explain in detail; to clarify syn: elaborate ant: muddle; confuse Contents

19 UNIT 2.5 The right circumstances transform the most diffident wallflowers into gyrating extroverts. extrovert n. one who is outgoing; one who is energized rather than drained by interactions with others ant: introvert Contents

20 UNIT 2.5 Terrell exulted in his touchdown catch with a victory dance in the end zone. exult v. to rejoice; to feel triumphant syn: celebrate Contents

21 UNIT 2.5 The crook believed his strategy was feasible until the moment he felt the shock of an unseen bank guard’s stun gun. feasible adj. reasonable; capable of being carried out syn: possible; doable ant: unworkable Contents

22 UNIT 2.5 The family reunion turned into a fiasco when poor directions caused all the guests to get lost. fiasco n. a complete, ridiculous failure syn: disaster ant: success Contents

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