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ASQ Section 1530 Southwest Florida Member Dinner Meeting Bradenton, FL May 17, 2006.

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1 ASQ Section 1530 Southwest Florida Member Dinner Meeting Bradenton, FL May 17, 2006

2 Section Officers – 2006/07 Chair – Steve Engelman Treasurer – Mike Thacker Secretary – Ray Markowski

3 Committee Chairs - 2006/07 Publicity Chair – Joe Anziano Audit Chair – Ray Markowski Certification & Recertification Chair – Ray Markowski Certification Proctor – Mike Thacker

4 Committee Chairs – Key Vacancies Arrangements Chair Education Chair Membership Chair Program Chair Internet Liaison Nominating Chair Chair Elect – SMP Chair

5 Section Membership MAY 2006 JUNE 2005 SEC 1530AlternateSEC 1530Alternate Fellow2425 Senior2911176 Regular77148818 Student2100 Sustaining1000 Associate01517 Forum0202 TOTALS1114710838 158146

6 Certifications MAY 2006 JUNE 2005% Change CQE18176% CQA14138% MGR73133% CQT5367% CMI21100% CQIA21100% CRE23-33% CSQE220% CSS12-50% TOTALS534518%

7 Member Value Leadership Summit Milwaukee, WI –October 2005 –April 2006 Approximately 280 –Sections –Divisions –ASQ Staff Participants Spoke…National Listened!

8 Member Loyalty - Drivers  Tools for Individual Learning  Tools for Individual Learning – ASQ as a general resource to improve on-the-job performance (includes publications).  ASQ Image  ASQ Image – ASQ as the leading authority, most comprehensive community and best partner for those interested in quality.  Pricing  Pricing – Cost of ASQ products and services (including membership) relative to value  ASQ Products  ASQ Products – Certification, courses, conferences  Professional Resources  Professional Resources – Networking and professional support opportunities provided by headquarters, sections, divisions and forums. Through research, ASQ identified five key drivers affecting members’ loyalty:

9 Divisions 1.Automotive 2.Aviation, Space & Defense 3.Biomedical 4.Chemical & Process Industries 5.Customer-Supplier 6.Design & Construction 7.Education 8.Electronics & Communication 9.Energy & Environmental 10.Food, Drug & Cosmetics 11.Government 12.Healthcare 13.Human Development & Leadership 14.Inspection 15.Lean Enterprises 16.Measurement Quality 17.Product Safety & Liability 18.Quality Audit 19.Quality Management 20.Reliability 21.Service Quality 22.Six Sigma 23.Software 24.Statistics 25.Teamwork & Participation

10 Networks Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Baldrige for Healthcare Baldrige for Education Community Good Works

11 Section Management Process SMP Outline

12 SMP - Annual Cycle

13 Section Management Process Business Plan

14 Community Good Works Purpose Heighten awareness of the power of quality for improving the communities in which we live and work

15 Community Good Works What We Do ASQ provides qualified community-based, not-for-profit organizations with: $5,000 in grant money Quality knowledge and skills Links to local ASQ members expertise Assistance in developing results-oriented quality improvement plans

16 Community Good Works Results CGW has demonstrated that quality and quality professionals can and do help nonprofit community organizations: Deliver better services Maximize effectiveness Manage costs Collect and use data as a basis for implementing exciting new programs

17 Economic Case for Quality In May 2003, ASQ’s Board of Directors approved a new essential activity called “Making the Economic Case for Quality.” This activity was developed in response to numerous member requests for assistance in trying to convince the executives in their organizations that implementing quality would contribute positively to the bottom line.

18 Each One Reach One Referrals account for 36% of new members Earn prizes, books, iPod drawings, etc.

19 Member Unit Training Options ASQ Certification Benefits CQIA Training Root Cause Analysis – Getting Started Root Cause Analysis – The Tools Quality Management Principles Voice of the Customer Six Sigma Green Belt

20 Discussion Topics Certification Training Presentations Plant Tours Meetings Conferences Divisions Joint Sessions Communication

21 Sources of Information

22 Make Good Great!

23 Thank You forYourParticipation!

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