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 Make new friends  Be around like-minded people  Helps with career interest  Looks good on college and job applications  Helps you reach specific.

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2  Make new friends  Be around like-minded people  Helps with career interest  Looks good on college and job applications  Helps you reach specific goals  Something better to do  Develop social skills  Teaches life long lessons  Admission officers and employers see you are well- rounded.

3  A study showed that students in clubs had better grades when they were involved then when they weren’t.  It is proven that kids who get involved are less likely to become addicted to bad habits such as drinking and smoking.


5  AP Club  Air force junior ROTC  Avid  California Scholarship federation  C.A.S.A  Chibi Tigers  Choir  Club Agape  Dance Team  Disabled Student Awareness Club  Drama Club  Fashion Club  Future Farmers of America  Help MAC  Interact Club  Leo club  National Honors Society  PE club  Pc gamers  Poetry club  Poly Club  Photo Club  Solar boat  Speaking for the voiceless  Student Publications  Talented Tigers Club  Telescope Operators  Tiger Ceramic and sculpture club

6  Purpose- The purpose of the AP club is to help fundraise for the development of the AP program and to help pay for their AP test.


8 The purpose is to develop citizens of character who are dedicated to serving their nation and community.


10  The purpose of Avid is to provide an opportunity for all Avid students to work together to gain leadership and collaborative skills and to support college and cultural awareness activities.


12 The purpose is to foster high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship on the part of the students of San Jacinto High School and to promote appropriate activities among its members.


14  The purpose of this club is to get students at this school to be more culturally aware about the people who surround them each and everyday. Also to learn about other ethnicities, heritage, culture, and the lifestyles of others.


16 The purpose of the club is to promote the Japanese culture in which many of the students are aware that exists and many that are not aware of its existence. The second and last purpose is to promote the student’s talent and provide help and tips for future fellow manga- ka artists provided by members, To accomplish this we will have appropriate anime screenings following the school guidelines and audio samples for members and only members to hear. Members will have an opportunity to share there collection amongst fellow students that attend.


18  The purpose of the San Jacinto choir is to improve musical abilities, talents, activities, and build knowledge of performances and skills.


20 The purpose of the Christian club at San Jacinto High School is to bring the campus community to a better understanding and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Students who participate in the Christian club will strive to follow the examples of Jesus as described in Luke 2:52, “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and Men.”


22 The purpose of the dance team is to learn various dance routines through inspiration, self-esteem, and motivation in order to improve ourselves as dancers.


24  The goal of DSAC is to heighten the campus community awareness about people with disabilities as well as the major issues that affect them. These issues range from access, attitude, advocacy to self identity, self expression, and self worth.


26  The purpose is to produce quality plays and other productions at SJHS, promote interaction with other high schools, theater growth, make the art of theater a respected part of our school and community, and provide valid educational opportunities for students who might not otherwise receive them through classroom participation.


28 The purpose of the fashion club is to: raise money for supply materials, scholarships, expand the commercial aspect of design and production in the class, foster employable skills in fashion, and provide an opportunity to learn real life marketing skills.


30 The purpose of FFA is to develop competent and aggressive agriculture leadership, to create and nurture a love of agriculture leadership, and to strengthen the confidence of students in vocational agriculture, in themselves,and their work.


32 The purpose of this club is to aid the San Jacinto/ Hemet community through community service activities, non-profit fundraisers, and volunteer organizations in hopes of bringing CHANGE to our society, gain community service hours for college, and encourage others to help our world.


34 The purpose of the Interact Club is to provide opportunity for young people to work together in a world fellowship dedicated to service and international understanding.


36  The purpose of the Leo club is to provide the youth of San Jacinto High School an opportunity for development and contribution, individually and collectively, as responsible members of the local, national, and international community.


38 The purpose of the National Honors Society is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of secondary school.


40 The purpose of the PE club is to increase awareness, interest, and participation in physical education and to generate funds for the SJHS PE program.


42 The purpose of the PC gamers club is to provide an education in how computer science is used to develop and market multimedia products to consumers. Students study high profile programmers, companies, trends in the gaming market and also study high end equipment. Students also spend time together playing popular computer games approved by the advisor. The overall goal is to inspire students to study the computer sciences.


44 The purpose is to introduce or improve one’s poetry.


46  The purpose of Poly Club is to incorporate the Polynesian culture because the majority of the people on this campus have no idea what Polynesians are, what they’re about, or where they came from. They are nearly invisible and want to show that they exist. They plan to teach their culture from traditions, dances, and history, etc, and to show people they are above all those stereotypes out there.

47 Photo club The purpose of the club is to document the events and happening of the year and to learn more about photography.


49 The mission of the solar boat club is to promote students’ understanding of solar power, encourages careers in the solar industry, stimulate enthusiasm in science, and fund the solar boat and related studies.


51 The purpose of the club is to raise awareness of animal abuse,donate to animal shelters, and create events beneficial to animals.


53 The purpose is to support the production and publication of the yearbook.


55 The main objective of the tiger drawing and painting club is to unify advanced students here at SJHS. The club will help develop the program’s art competitions in various ways.


57 Telescope Operators The main goal is to foster an interest in astronomy. It is hoped that the interest would lead to astronomy as a vocation goal or result in students taking amateur astronomy as there hobby. Students will learn about different types of telescopes and how to work with them, as well as become knowledgeable about the night sky and other aspects of astronomy.


59 The purpose is to help foster and develop a ceramics and sculpture program here at SJHS.


61  All of the clubs available are loads of fun and will benefit you in the future. Now its up to you to choose which clubs are right for you.


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