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Beyond the concern of employability looms the larger question of what it takes to thrive in today’s society. Citizens now face problems from pandemics.

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1 Beyond the concern of employability looms the larger question of what it takes to thrive in today’s society. Citizens now face problems from pandemics to energy shortages whose solutions require all the scientific and technological genius we can muster. Achieve, Inc. Linda K. Jordan State Science Supervisor May 23, 2012

2 But, Before We Begin…  Purpose of Public Review: To distribute information and obtain feedback from interested stakeholders through a transparent, yet managed process  Three week Public Review period ends June 1  Survey available at:  Second Public Review in fall, 2012  Final draft to be released in 2013  Will replace existing TN Science Standards

3 Misconception Alert!!! What is the wackiest thing that you’ve heard so far about the NGSS???

4 The Problem with Misconceptions  Erroneous or incomplete ideas and beliefs.  Tend to be pervasive.  Often comprised of logically linked propositions that are used in systematic ways.  Highly resistant to change by traditional teaching methods.

5 Our Challenge as STEM Leaders with Respect to NGSS Apply a clear and consistent message that moves audiences from misconceptions to accurate understanding.

6 Assumption 1: This audience is familiar with the Conceptual Framework

7  Dated Standards: Fifteen years since science standards first appeared.  Economic Needs: U.S. has a leaky K–12 STEM talent pipeline.  21 st Century Knowledge and Skills: prepare high school graduates for the rigors of college, careers, and citizenship. NGSS Driver: Need for Change 7

8 NGSS Driver: Research on Teaching and Learning

9 NGSS Driver: Framework Guiding Principles  Children are born investigators who strive to make sense of and influence their world.investigators  Students build their knowledge and skills over multiple years.  Science and Engineering incorporate both knowledge and practices.  By end of High School, ALL students should be critical consumers on scientific information and have a current understanding of the natural and human-made worlds.

10 NGSS Driver: Framework Vision K-12 Education  Over multiple years students engage in scientific investigations and engineering design projects.  Students apply Crosscutting Concepts to deepen their understanding of disciplinary Core Ideas.  Students have learning experiences that explore fundamental questions about the world and with how scientists investigated and answered those questions.

11 Conceptual Framework to Draft Next Generation Science Standards NRC July 2011 Achieve, Inc. Early 2013

12 TN: a NGSS Lead State

13 Assumption 2: this audience is familiar with the general organization of the NGSS Three Major Dimensions


15 Scientific InquiryEngineering Design Ask a questionDefine a problem Obtain, evaluate and communicate technical information Plan investigationsPlan designs and tests Develop and use models Design and conduct tests of experiments or models Design and conduct tests of prototypes or models Analyze and interpret data Use mathematics and computational thinking Construct explanations using evidenceDesign solutions using evidence Engage in argument using evidence Engineering and Science: Similarities and Differences


17 Science for All Americans, 1989 Some important themes pervade science, mathematics, and technology and appear over and over again, whether we are looking at an ancient civilization, the human body, or a comet. They are ideas that transcend disciplinary boundaries and prove fruitful in explanation, in theory, in observation, and in design.

18 2012…“Cross-Cutting Concepts” “Provide… an organizing framework for connecting knowledge from the various disciplines into a coherent and scientifically based view of the world.” PatternsCause and Effect Scale, Proportion, and Quantity Systems and System Models Energy and Matter Structure and Function Stability and Change


20 Disciplinary Core Ideas Physical Sciences  Matter and its interactions  Motion and stability: Forces and interactions  Energy  Waves and their applications in technologies for information transfer Life Sciences  From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and processes  Ecosystems: Interactions, energy, and dynamics  Heredity: Inheritance and variation of traits  Biological Evolution: Unity and diversity Earth and Space Sciences  Earth’s place in the universe  Earth’s systems  Earth and human activity Engineering, Technology and Applications of Science  Engineering design  Links among engineering, technology, Science, and society

21 Integrating the Three Dimensions Disciplinary Core Ideas Scientific & Engineering Practices Crosscutting Concepts Practices are the processes of using Core Ideas to make sense of the natural and designed world, and the Cross Cutting Concepts hold the disciplines together.

22 Disciplinary Core Ideas Science & Engineering Practices Crosscutting Concepts “Communicating information about the relationship between/ Next Generation Science Standards Actionable, explicit learning goals for students and instructional targets for teachers. the structure and function of/ special structures within cells.”

23 NGSS Standards: Key Points  Four Domains: Life science, earth and space science, physical sciences, and engineering technology, and applications of science.  Broad importance across disciplines or qualify as basic organizing principles within a particular area of science.  Teachable over multiple years at increasing levels of depth and sophistication…Progressions.  Grade level endpoints indicated by “boundary statements” based on research when available.

24 NGSS Public Draft Review

25 Conceptual Shifts in NGSS: i.e., New Emphases 1. NGSS focus on deeper Understanding and Application of content. 2. Science and Engineering are Integrated across K-12 Science Education. 3. Science concepts build Coherently across K–12 (progressions). 4. Science and Engineering Practices and Crosscutting Concepts should always be integrated with multiple core concepts throughout the year and not be taught in a vacuum. 5. K–12 Science Education should reflect Real World connections. 6. Science Standards coordinate with English Language Arts and Mathematics Common Core State Standards.

26 How to Read the Next Generation Science Standards

27 Official NGSS Website:

28 Framework, NGSS, Future Instruction Curricula Assessments Teacher Development NRC July 2011 Achieve, Inc. Early 2013

29 Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition Challenge Questions: 1. How can we heighten the level of understanding of NGSS? 2. What steps should we take to plan for NGSS implementation?

30 30 Here’s something I just learned about NGSS that I want to share with you…

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