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Christmas Campaign Evaluation 2014. Background Information The Christmas Marketing Plan kicked off on 11 th October and ran until 25 th December across.

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1 Christmas Campaign Evaluation 2014

2 Background Information The Christmas Marketing Plan kicked off on 11 th October and ran until 25 th December across a number of channels. We stayed within a marketing budget of £50,000 We used a mixture of online and offline channels to reach maximum audience and create maximum awareness of the campaign amongst our target markets We reached an audience of over 6 million people through our offline marketing (not including online marketing/website traffic) We ran an online Advent Calendar Competition from 1 st – 24 th December engaging with local businesses and building our email database Our website received 110% increase in traffic v 2013

3 Objectives Set Generate awareness and interest amongst stakeholders, participants and the media in the City’s Christmas Campaign Attract approximately 50,000 people to the city to experience the Christmas Campaign Target of 45% local, 30% NI, 15% ROI and 10% other Achieve 50% average occupancy for the duration of the campaign Achieve an AVE of £200,000 over duration of the campaign Undertake a city promotional roadshow across 7 destinations promoting both Halloween and Christmas

4 Objectives Set Showcase the City as a premier shopping and fashion destination Showcase the Excellence of local crafters and makers Showcasing key landmarks Promote the City as a short break destination ideal for families Promote the City of Culture Legacy Capture Participant Data Give due recognition to sponsors, funders and partners Promote using social media and web Capture Event images and video for use as future marketing assets

5 Key Events during the Christmas Campaign Craft Fair 14 th – 16 th November Fashion Fest 20 th – 23 rd November Christmas Lights Switch On 20 th November Christmas Village Opening 28 th November

6 Target Markets and Segmentation LocalNorthern Ireland Republic of Ireland Other Target Breakdown 45%30%15%10% Target Areas DerryBelfast, Newry, Fermanagh, Omagh, Armagh Donegal, Galway, Border Counties CODA Destinations, Key Web Traffic Locations (Aberdeen, Belfast, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Letterkenny, Liverpool, London, Londonderry, Manchester, Omagh, Portadown, Preston, Sheffield, Sligo) Key Market Segments: Time Together, Family Fun, Young and Lively

7 Marketing Activity – Overview CHANNELDATESFORMAT TV3 rd – 16 th November / w/c 10 th November UTV 30 sec Ad / TV3 Event Guide 10 sec PRINT/PRESS3 rd Nov – 11 th DecemberLocal, Regional and ROI titles, magazines and supplements RADIO10 th Nov - 30 th NovLocal, Regional and ROI Radio Stations, 20sec/30 sec adverts OUTDOOR3 rd Nov – 16 th NovT Side Buses (30) 48 Sheet Billboards (9) DIGITALNovember/DecemberDonegal Daily, What’s on NI, Mirror HPTO, E-Zines, ASSETSEvent SpecificChristmas Animation, Christmas Lights Video, Christmas Village Video, Christmas Village Trader Specific Video, Fashion Fest and Craft Village Videos RESEARCHEvent SpecificFashion Fest/Craft Fair/Christmas Lights/Christmas Village ROADSHOWSOctoberParticipated in Local Shopping Centre Roadshows PRINTED MATERIALNovember12 page booklet distributed regionally across NI SOCIAL MEDIAOctober - Promoted Posts to boost reach and engagement WEBSITENovember –

8 48 Sheet Billboard x 6 (Belfast, Strabane, Armagh) T Sides – 10 Belfast, 5 Derry, 5 Armagh, 5 Dungannon, 5 Omagh Press Advertising

9 Digital Mirror NI HPTO What’s On NI Ezine Donegal Daily

10 Results of Campaign 1.Generate awareness and Interest Our above and below the line marketing campaign reached an audience of over 6 million in Northern and Southern Ireland. Figure does not include website traffic/social media impressions.

11 2. Visitor Numbers – TARGET 50,000 Confirmed numbers to date: 83,883 Waiting on confirmation from other events we profiled in our Christmas Brochure. TargetActual VISITOR NUMBERS50,000 Christmas Lights10,000 Christmas Village 12,000 Mayors Concert350236 Children's Festive Frolics 100 Craft Fair40004452 Fashion Fest 1000 Winter Wonderland (Waterside Community Engagement Project) 2500 Legenderry On Ice 23,000 Millennium Forum Panto 26809 Waterside Theatre Panto 3350 Silent Night, the Playhouse 77 Oiche Gheimhridh, An Culturlann 129 Pool Disco 230 Nerve Centre Cinema 83,883

12 Target:Actual: 45% Local72% Local 30% NI12% NI 15% ROI9% ROI 10% Other7% Other 3. Geographical Spread of Visitors

13 4. Achieve average 50% occupancy for duration of the campaign OCCUPANCY RATETargetActual 50% October 66.43% November 48% December 42.36% Average 52%

14 5. Achieve an AVE of £200,000 for the duration of the campaign Kantar Report Due at the end of the Month

15 6. Undertake a city promotional roadshow across 7 destinations promoting both Halloween and Christmas Letterkenny - Saturday 11 th October Strabane / Omagh - Saturday 11 th October Derry - Saturday 11 th October **Promotional Material was not ready for the 4 earlier Roadshow Dates

16 Digital Marketing Campaign Results Date createdShot subject Emails sent/succeededViewed% viewed Click Throughs 28/11/2014 16:49 Legenderry Christmas 2014 - Christmas Village Opens 5690 / 4939 (86.80%)93616.45%391 18/11/2014 12:19 Legenderry Christmas 2014 - The Big Christmas Switch-On! 5693 / 4936 (86.70%)93216.37%396 What's on NIContentDeliveredViewed% viewed Click Throughs 16th December Experience the Wonder of the Christmas Village99.6% (6109)111813.70%27 E Zine Results We distributed two E-zines from DCC to our database of almost 5000 people. The results of these are below. **NB we need to clean up our database – 86% succeeded emails suggests data is out of date and inactive emails are not being removed from the database.** We distributed one further e-zine via What’s On NI to their database which had poorer results in terms of views and click through rate.

17 Social Media Activity Our Festive time Facebook page performed well over the Christmas Campaign with ‘Likes’ increasing by 117% from the start of the campaign in early October (2414 likes) to 5252 likes by Christmas Day. Total Reach: 350.2k ENGAGMENT RATE 10% 73% Audience – Female 27% Audience - Male

18 Additional Activation via Social Media Advent Calendar Competition We engaged with local businesses in Derry offering them an opportunity to take part in an Advent Calendar Competition on facebook. This activity had three objectives: Create a platform for local businesses to give them added exposure during the Christmas Season to heighten awareness of their business Grow our email database Drive traffic to our festive website The competition attracted 9477 entries, 2470 of which were unique, and entries came from all across the UK.

19 Key Web Statistics 20132014% Diff Sessions11,41523,993110% Users8,90813,78454.74% Page views19,75851,872162.17% Pages/Sessions1.732.1624.73% Ave Duration1.11.2520% Website Activity Website activity reports show a strong increase Year on Year with 110% increase on number of sessions, (11,415 in 2013 v 23,993 in 2014). Full summary of statistics outlined below. Overall a very strong performance on the website despite unfortunate server attacks to the system which left the website down for a total of 6 days.

20 Video Performance on Social Media 35, 679 video views  Christmas Lights, UTV TV Ad,  Christmas Animation,  Christmas Village Video  Children’s Festive Frolics,  Craft Fair Video  Christmas Village Trader Video  Fashion Fest Video 61, 648 video reach 2183 engagements – (likes, comments, shares)

21 Face to Face Surveys were undertaken at each of the Key Events in the Christmas Calendar. Top line results to note are below (full reports available if required) Guildhall Craft Fair – 96% of respondents were in the City specifically for the Guildhall Craft Fair – 69% had been before – 84% rated the programme as ‘Very Good’ or ‘Good’ – 100% rated the quality of the event as ‘Very Good’ or ‘Good’ – 90% rated the marketing as ‘Very Good’ or ‘Good’ – 100% stated that they would definitely attend in future Fashion Fest – 100% of attendees rated the events as ‘Very Good’ or ‘Good’ – 98% of attendees stated they would ‘Definitely’ ‘Very Likely’ or ‘Likely’ attend Fashion Fest 2015 Research Analysis

22 Christmas Lights Switch On – 65% of respondents were in the City specifically for the Christmas Lights Switch On – 67% had attended the event in previous years – 94% rated the quality of the event as ‘Very Good’ or ‘Good’ – 83% rated the marketing as ‘Very Good’ or ‘Good’ – 88% rated the atmosphere as ‘Very Good’ or ‘Good’ – 76% stated that they would definitely attend in future Christmas Village – 18/23 respondents rated all of the below factors as ‘Very Good’ or ‘Good’ Quality of Markets; Music on Weekends, Signage, Atmosphere, Marketing, Ease of Access, Venue and Value for money – 91% would ‘definitely’ or ‘most likely’ return in future years – 76% of attendees visited the city centre before or after their visit to the Christmas Village (88% of those who visited the city centre did so for shopping)

23 Conclusion Overall a far reaching Marketing campaign generating high awareness delivered within budget and within timelines. Digital channels proved to be very strong and cost effective medium to reach our audience with over 100% increase in traffic to v 2013 plus a 117% ‘like’ increase at Added engagement online from the Advent Calendar Competition which helped to drive traffic to and increased our email database by 50% Video posts online were very popular and received higher engagement on social media than any other posts.

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