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Group 5 Kristen Miller Allison Gebhardt Chelsea Bishop Sayali Tarlekar.

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1 Group 5 Kristen Miller Allison Gebhardt Chelsea Bishop Sayali Tarlekar

2 …it’s what you do!

3 The Problem The number of overweight children ages 6-19 has more than tripled since 1980. Higher prevalence in Texas than the United States. The current lack of physical activity can lead to immediate health problems, not just future ones. Children today spend less time being physically active and more time engaging in sedentary activities.

4 The Brazos Valley Diabetes is nearly three times greater than the Healthy People 2010 goal. The activities discovered and preferred at this age often become habits and interests into adulthood. 2/3 of residents are overweight or obese Reported substantially higher rates of chronic diseases


6 Why Physical Activity? Physical Activity is one of the nations ten leading health indicators in healthy people 2010 Regular Participation: Helps build and maintain healthy bones, muscles, joints and improved aerobic fitness levels. Helps control weight, builds lean muscle, and reduce levels of body fat Prevents or delays the development of high blood pressure and helps reduce blood pressure in some adolescents with hypertension Reduces feelings of depression and anxiety

7 The VERB Campaign Goals: Increase knowledge and improve attitudes and beliefs about tweens’ regular participation in physical activity. Increase parental and influencer support and encouragement of tweens’ participation in physical activity. Heighten awareness of options and opportunities for tween participation in physical activity. Facilitate opportunities for tweens to participate in regular physical activity. Increase and maintain the number of tweens who regularly participate in physical activity. Vision: All youth leading healthy lifestyles. Mission: To increase and maintain physical activity among tweens (youth age 9-13).

8 VERB is the first substantial youth campaign to increase youth activity and encourage healthy lifestyle. VERB promotes the notion that not only can activity be enjoyable but it can also foster friendships with peers, enhance curiosity, and generate positive feelings of autonomy. tMt0&feature=related

9 Television: Commercials aired nationally on WB Prime, WB Kids, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, ABC Saturday AM, MTV, and Disney. Print: Advertisements were placed in national magazines. Tween publications included Teen People, YM, and SI for Kids. Adult publications included Family Circle, Parents, and People Magazine. Radio: Commercial aired nationally on popular music and talk radio stations Advertisements target the General Population, African American Audiences, Asian American Audience, Hispanic /Latino Audience, and Native American Audience.

10 Marketing and Community Partners VERB extends beyond a media campaign and emphasizes the need to form community partnerships and coalitions to reinforce the media component and initiate community events. Our Community Partners: President of Youth Fun Day Intermediate School Principals Physical Education and Health Teachers Community Contributors: Power Sports, TAMU REC Center, College Station Parks and Recreation, Little League Sports, Artic Wolf Ice Rink, Academy Sports, and other sports related local businesses

11 VERB Activity Zone Bowling Zone Trampoline Area Gymnastic Mats Outdoor Rockwall Sand and Indoor Volleyball “Dance, Dance Revolution” The Zone creates an environment to inspire tweens to discover the fun of physical activity. 3 on 3 Basketball Soccer and Kickball Ping Pong Healthy Snacks Mentoring Networking Partnership Building

12 Campus maps

13 Parents Parents are motivated to get their children active as a way to reduce the risk of chronic disease, and to keep their kids busy with positive activities to reduce their engagement in risky behaviors. The parents will be involved in parent networking, partnership building, and a healthy snacks session.

14 …sounds great….but what does this cost? Facility Use (donated by Texas A&M University) – $0 + Youth Fun Day Volunteers - $0 + Materials from Local Business - $0 (“Healthy Snack” food donated by HEB, Prizes by Community Partners, and Advertisements by Copy Corner, KBTX, and 98.3 KORA) ________________________________________________________ …active youth….priceless

15 Evaluation A pre-test and post-test will be conducted to both parents and tweens evaluating health knowledge and available physical activities in the area VERB - commissioned population surveys track proximal impact data; longer term monitoring could occur through routine youth health surveys such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System.

16 VERB sustainability will be determined not only by continued efforts to influence youth beliefs but also by persuading decision makers to deploy long-term resources at the community level. Sustainability Youth Fun Day will take on the VERB campaign as a part of their organizations’ philanthropy project.

17 Success! The VERB campaign is an evidence based campaign with proven success. Its implementation in the College Station youth would only increase their awareness of physical activity, available activities in the area, and nutrition. Parents, with increased awareness, can encourage healthy behaviors.

18 What’s your VERB?


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