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Vocabulary Lesson 5 Memorizing definitions by using context clues and visualization.

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1 Vocabulary Lesson 5 Memorizing definitions by using context clues and visualization

2 Giddy Causing dizziness Lighthearted Silly foolish

3 Visual Challenge Think of something that makes you dizzy

4 Now think about the merry-go-round : It’s fun, silly, foolish, and to make the horses go you might say “giddy-up” ….get it? … giddy Causing dizziness; lighthearted; silly; foolish

5 interminable Having or seeming to have, no end

6 Visual challenge Think of the super hero that never dies…. A series of popular movies starring the former Governor of California… Who is it? A Context clue in the word itself is Termi I N T E R M I N A B L E

7 Did you guess the TERMINATOR? The terminator is a character that never ends… The definition is seeming to have no end.

8 wary Watchful Cautious This may be the feeling you would get while walking on a dark street.

9 Visual Challenge Think of how the word wary sounds similar to the word scary…

10 You would be wary walking down a scary street! Wary: watchful and cautious

11 Convoluted Complicated Having many overlapping folds or paths

12 Visual Challenge “CON” is a prefix for against Visualize v-o-l-u-t-e-d sounds a bit like vault looted….and a person can not easily enter a vault and loot it! It is too complicated to loot a vault, right?

13 You can not loot a vault! It is convoluted: Too complicated

14 But, if you do Take the loot, You must have a clever plan to…

15 evade Escape or avoid by cleverness

16 EVADE To escape or avoid by cleverness

17 innocuous Harmless A rubber knife would be innocuous

18 Visual Challenge To inoculate someone is to give the person a vaccination against a disease…the disease is then harmless. Inoculate comes from the same root as innocuous. Visualize a vaccination! (if you dare)

19 Ouch! Inoculate… innocuous… to make harmless! No germs can harm me now!

20 enhance To heighten or intensify To make greater in value

21 Visual challenge “enhance” sounds a little like “in hands”

22 Visualize yourself with hands full of flowers, planting them in front of our school Flowers “in hands,”enhance the beauty of our school. Enhance: to make greater in value; to heighten; to intensify

23 insuperable Impossible to overcome

24 Visual Challenge and a Context Clue Within the word is hidden a word that symbolizes another hero…a super hero Who is this man of steel?

25 “SUPERMAN” Superman is impossible to overcome. The definition of insuperable is impossible to overcome! What a coincidence !

26 endorse To give support or approval to something

27 Visual Challenge Imagine a famous person, perhaps a famous baseball player. This player is signing autographs. He approves of a product he uses and wants you to use it too. Some famous people make money by selling their autographs.

28 He is endorsing a baseball for some children. He approves of this activity! Endorse: to give approval

29 impede To interfere with To slow the progress of

30 Visual Challenge and Context Clue The underlined part of this word impede has a sound similar to speed. “IM” is a prefix for “not” For example, “im” before possible creates the word impossible and changes the meaning from something that can be done to something that can not be done.

31 To not speed, slows the progress IMPEDE: Not speed To slow down the progress of something

32 In conclusion, Begin with the first word and visualize the spot in the room assigned to that word. Think of the word and its definition. Go over the material silently, 5 times. Now see if you can write the words and definitions on your paper.

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