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BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals Part Four ENTER BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals I. Word StudyWord Study II. Phrases and ExpressionsPhrases and Expressions III.Word.

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2 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals Part Four ENTER

3 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals I. Word StudyWord Study II. Phrases and ExpressionsPhrases and Expressions III.Word BuildingWord Building IV. GrammarGrammar Language Study

4 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals I. Word Study Word list: 1.arousearouse 2.associateassociate 3.confessconfess 4.detachdetach 5.fallacyfallacy 6.heightenheighten 13. resumeresume 14. sensesense 15. sharpsharp 16. snapsnap 17 tacttact 18. tempttempt 7. humiliatinghumiliating 8. infringeinfringe 9. languidlanguid 10. lineline 11. provokeprovoke 12. reflectreflect

5 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals 1. arouse Collocations: arouse interest 引起兴趣 arouse expectation 引起期望 arouse anger 激起愤怒 arouse fear 引起恐惧 Example: The music aroused an intense feeling of homesick in him. Synonyms stimulate provoke produce stir I. Word Study

6 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals 2. associate v. to join or connect n. someone who you work or do business with Example: We naturally associate the name of Darwin with the doctrine of evolution. connect unite subordinate secondary junior vice- To be continued on the next page. I. Word Study Synonyms

7 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals Collocations of “associate” business associate crime associate associate member associate director associate professor associate head 生意伙伴 共犯 准会员 副主任 副教授 副主管 I. Word Study

8 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals 3. confess v. to admit that you have done something wrong, or illegal Examples: Edwards confessed to being a spy for the country. The man confessed that he was the sniper. admit acknowledge I. Word Study Synonyms

9 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals 4. detach v. to remove Examples: If you are interested in the course, detach and fill out the application form. How can you detach yourself from reality? separate isolate cut off cf: attach I. Word Study Synonyms

10 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals n. a false idea or belief Examples: It’s a common fallacy to think that crime is caused by poverty. That the world is flat was once a popular fallacy. 5. fallacy misleading notion erroneous belief myth I. Word Study Synonyms

11 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals 6. heighten v. a. to make higher b. to intensify Collocations: her heightened color heighten one’s anger heighten the flavor heighten the tension height the awareness of environmental protection heighten one’s admiration for somebody 逐渐变化的脸孔(如 因感情的变化所致) 使更愤怒 使味道更浓 使气氛更紧张 提高环保意识 对某人倾慕有加 intensify increase reinforce I. Word Study Synonyms

12 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals a. making somebody feel ashamed, embarrassed Examples: In the first round of the match, their team suffered a humiliating defeat. This may seem to be a humiliating withdrawal. However, it proves a sound strategy in the long run. 7. humiliating embarrassing shameful degrading I. Word Study Synonyms

13 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals 8. infringe v. to do something that is against a law or someone’s legal rights Examples: The Educational Testing Service (ETS) brought a lawsuit against the school because they believed that the school had infringed their copyrights. Our government has stepped up its efforts to crack down those who infringe intellectual property rights. break disobey violate cf: obey I. Word Study Synonyms

14 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals 9. languid a. moving slowly and making very little effort; lazily slow and peaceful Examples: The old man left with a languid wave of the hand. The family spread a languid afternoon by the stream. The hot summer makes him feel languid. unenergetic relaxed leisurely I. Word Study Synonyms

15 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals 10. line Collocations: dotted line washing line a fishing line country/state line hot line follow the party line read between the lines More examples 虚线 晾衣绳 钓鱼线 州界(美国) 热线 坚持党的路线 领会言外之意 I. Word Study To be continued on the next page.

16 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals Collocations: take a hard-line be in line for a pay increase be in line with the basic principle in one’s line out of one’s line below the poverty line 采取强硬路线 有望加工资 符合基本原则 在某人的兴趣范围内; 属于某人的行为 不在 ······ 在贫困线下 I. Word Study

17 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals 11. provoke v. a. to make angry, vex b. to cause; arouse Examples: His extramarital affairs provoked much press interest. The dog is quite dangerous when provoked. bring about trigger stir I. Word Study Synonyms

18 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals 12. reflect v. a. (of a surface) to throw back (light, heat, sound) b. to express c. to consider Examples: The sight of my face reflected in the mirror never pleases me. Their clothes and food reflect a rising standard of living in the country. The manager is reflecting how to pull out of the financial distress. reveal expose suggest indicate show I. Word Study Synonyms

19 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals 13. resume v. a. to go on after stopping for a time b. to go back to the seat, place or position where you were before Examples: She hopes to resume work after the baby is born. Peace talks will resume tomorrow. He will resume training as soon as the injury is better. cf: résumé take up again continue restart I. Word Study Synonyms

20 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals 14. sense n. judgment; a feeling; meaning Collocations: there’s no sense in doing sth. bring sb. to their sense make sense of sth. in a sense in no sense be out of one’s sense 做某事是不明智的 使人醒悟 理解某事的意义 在某种意义上 绝不 不明智 I. Word Study

21 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals Collocations: sharp cry of pain sharp wine a sharp turn a sharp pain in the back a sharp rebuke in sharp contrast to sharp-eyed sharp-eared sharp-nosed arrive at 12 sharp look sharp 15. sharp 痛苦的尖叫声 浓烈的酒 急转弯 剧烈的背痛 训斥 鲜明对照 目光敏锐的 耳灵的 嗅觉灵敏的 12 点整到达 抓紧时间 I. Word Study

22 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals 16. snap v. a. to break with/make a sharp sound b. to snatch with the teeth c. to take a snaps shot Examples: She snapped her suitcase shut and left the house. The dog snapped at his ankles. She always snapped her fingers to get the children’s attention. Snap the chance when it appears. Cameramen snapped celebrities while TV men interviewed them. crack shatter I. Word Study Synonyms

23 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals 17. tact n. the ability to be polite and careful about what you say or do so that you do not cause offence Examples: Diplomats are supposed to have great tact in dealing with foreign affairs. When it came to the issue of territory, their negotiating showed no tact. diplomacy judgment insight I. Word Study Synonyms

24 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals 18. tempt v. a. to persuade somebody to do something wrong or foolish b. to attract somebody to have or do something Examples: Nothing would tempt me to take such a step. Their unfriendliness tempted him to leave the party. The advertisements hope to tempt people into buying their products. lure entice attract appeal to The end of Word Study. I. Word Study Synonyms

25 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals List: 1.count oncount on 2.for one’s partfor one’s part the event ofin the event of 4. in this regardin this regard 5. out of reachout of reach 6. take abacktake aback II. Phrases and Expressions

26 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals to depend on or be certain of someone or something Examples: You can count on my vote. If got into trouble I could always count on Bob since we’re all weather friends. Both companies are counting on winning the contract for constructing Beijing-Shanghai railway. 1. count on II. Phrases and Expressions

27 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals used to say what someone’s opinions are, when compared to someone else’s opinion Examples: For my part, I prefer living in the country. His parents, for their parts, were very proud of his choice. I, for my part, still distrust them. 2. for one’s part II. Phrases and Expressions

28 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals Examples: Britain agreed to support US in the event of war. She had a terrible accident, but at all events, she survived. It may rain. In that event, we will cancel our journey. We were afraid that he would be nervous onstage. But in the event, he delivered his speech very beautifully. 3. in the event of = in the event that II. Phrases and Expressions

29 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals 4. in this regard Example: In this regard, the child may be thought as having two homes. in connection with this; concerning this II. Phrases and Expressions

30 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals beyond, difficult to get close enough to touch Examples: They are dangerous to the kids. Do put them out of the children’s reach. I have a dictionary within arm’s reach. 5. out of/within one’s reach II. Phrases and Expressions

31 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals to be very surprised about something Examples: It took him so much aback that for a moment he was lost for words. The news took me aback. 6. take aback More verb phrases of “take” II. Phrases and Expressions To be continued on the next page.

32 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals More examples He took against me from the start. He took back all he’d said. The trick took me in. I hope you took in all I said. The mimic took off the prime minister. I took on a new job. I was angry when she took over my job. We took part in the Golf Club. She took me to task for my lateness. Studying takes up a lot of my time. The end of Phrases and Expressions. II. Phrases and Expressions

33 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals III.Word Building List: 1.nominal suffixes: -ion, -ism, -ity, -ancenominal suffixes: -ion, -ism, -ity, -ance 2.ex- vs. in-ex- vs. in-

34 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals III.Word Building transgression suffix V+ ion N devastate exhilarate conform procreate project derive restore contort rationalize devastation exhilaration conformation procreation projection derivation restoration contortion rationalization To be continued on the next page.

35 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals ism: n.—belief/ behavior criticize escape tour baptize simplify age criticism escapism tourism baptism simplism ageism criticism (6) suffix III.Word Building 批评 逃避现实 旅游,观光 洗礼 片面看问题 对老年人的歧视 To be continued on the next page.

36 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals —ity conform familiarize conformity familiarity III.Word Building Two more nominal suffixes: —ance sustain resist assist attend sustenance resistance assistance attendance

37 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals in-- III.Word Building ex-- including import interior inhale intensive internal excluding export exterior exhale extensive external insideoutside The end of Word Building.

38 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals IV.Grammar--1 We wish to be excused because guilt and shame are painful emotions… (Para. 21) It is important to recognize that although “be” is the prototypical auxiliary verb of the passive, it is possible to have other verbs fulfill this function. To be continued on the next page. Get- passive is quite common in informal, conversational English. —Was Bruno arrested? —No. He wasn’t even caught. —Did Bruno get arrested? —No. He didn’t even get caught.

39 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals IV.Grammar--2 To be continued on the next page. The experimental have functions as a passive auxiliary. (note the difference) Mary had her purse snatched. —passive (experiential— The purse-snatching happened to her. It was beyond her control.) —causative (Mary arranged for someone to snatch her purse—perhaps to file a fraudulent insurance claim.)

40 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals Some passive sentences in English have no active voice counterpart, such as: IV.Grammar--3 Mehdi was born in Tehran. ( for human birth) It is rumored that he is on his way out. Other verbs that occur commonly in the passive are: be deemed, be fined, be hospitalized, be jailed, be scheduled, be shipped, be staffed, be suspended. The end of Grammar.

41 BTLEW Lesson 7—The Rivals Part Four This is the end of Part Four. Please click HOME to visit other parts. HOME

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