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Mrs. Durham  Goshen Elementary  Transition  2010-2011  Please find your “child” and sit in his/her seat.  There are letters from them at their seats.

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1 Mrs. Durham  Goshen Elementary  Transition  2010-2011  Please find your “child” and sit in his/her seat.  There are letters from them at their seats. Please take time to respond to them on that page and leave it here for them to find in the morning. Also they have left out some of their notebooks for you to see what they have been working on.  Index cards are for you to record questions during presentation. Don’t forget to put your name so I can respond to you directly.

2 A Little About Myself…  Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky.  Teaching has been a dream since 3 rd grade!  I went to UNC Charlotte for undergrad. Elementary Education Visual Arts (Photography)  Came home and was married in 2006.  Substitute for the Spring of 2006 in OC.  Master’s Degree from University of Louisville Master’s in Literacy

3 Introduce yourself to a parent around you.

4 A typical day in our room…

5 Morning Routines  Unpack  Make lunch choices  Turn in homework  Write new agenda message  Bring agenda, notes, Wed. folder, etc. to me.  Morning Work (Finish up work)

6 Morning Meeting  Discuss events and schedule of the day  Student of the week activity (about 3 min)  Read a book to the class and discuss  Share circle  Class meeting

7 Writing Workshop  Mini-lesson  Work time Independent writing  Applying strategy taught Conferencing (with a peer or myself) Researching Typing Etc.  Share Writing from that day How a strategy worked Reflecting on other writers Working with their learning partner

8 The Writing Process  Collect seeds in their notebook.  We will nurture their seeds by looking at several aspects of their topic and write about them in their notebooks.  Choose a seed to develop.  Rewrite as a draft.  Type drafts using Microsoft Word.  Use writing and revision strategies to improve their pieces.  Edit.  Publish.  CELEBRATE!!!

9 Math  Whole group lessons  Partner/ group work  Independent work  Flexible grouping  Deepen understanding of the concepts and apply to real world situations.

10 Science  Discussion  Investigations  Experiments  Observations  Videos  Reflections  Students are welcome to do further research, investigations, or experiments at home to deepen their knowledge. These may be presented in class.

11 Science Content  Physical Science Position and Motion Matter Sound Light Heat Electricity Magnetism  Biological Science Plants Animals  Earth Science Rocks Earth, Sun, and Moon Seasons Weather

12 Word Work  High frequency words See the website for these. Please help with making sure they spell these correct on homework. If misspelled, they should correct it to break the habit.  Spelling patterns (groups)  Handwriting (cursive)  Dictionary Work  Vocabulary

13 Social Studies  Discussions  Videos  Research  Content reading

14 Reading Workshop  Mini-lesson  Work Time Independent Reading (“just right”) Reading groups with myself Reading with a parent Literature circles Junior Great Books Partner reading or sharing  Share/ Reflection

15 Reading Continued  Reading Counts 1 “just right” a month (Be watching for updates.)  End of book assignments  Book Projects Different genre for each (on website) Manage time Student’s own work

16 End of the Day  Afternoon jobs  Empty their mailboxes  Pack up  Dismissal

17 Homework  Homework should reinforce and practice skills learned.  A way to practice and learn good study habits.  My goals for them: initiate it on their own take their time to do it correctly and neatly their own work  It is their job to put it in their take home folder. It is due the next day unless stated otherwise. They will turn it in the next morning.  Name and date  Completed in pencil  If you find it to be too challenging or taking too much time, please let me know so that we can make a new plan.  All homework should be corrected in color and returned.  READING: 20 minutes out loud to an adult every night and once over the weekend.  Please use this time to review and discuss what is learned in school each day.

18 Expectations

19 Class Responsibilities  Together they brainstormed, wrote, and signed their class guidelines. We follow all school rules. We respect people (their feelings and learning). We take care of and are responsible for all materials in our classroom. We try to work and play with everyone. WE ALWAYS DO OUR BEST!

20 Personal Responsibility  Show you their agenda, notes, etc.  Turn things in on time (homework, projects, notebooks, etc.)  Complete their homework on time and turn it on the due date. Correct and return it in color.  Read 20 minutes nightly to an adult, record reading in agenda, and ask you to sign it.  Assessments should be signed and returned.  Following directions in class and do their best!  Making good choices in and out of the classroom.  Be responsible for the choices we make.  Follow school-wide expectations in the bathroom, hallway, playground, cafeteria, etc.  Be problem solvers.

21 Problem Solving  Class meetings  Share BIG problems with a trusted adult.  Small problems: Kelso’s choices (Guidance lessons) Talk it out Tell the person to stop Ignore it Walk away Make a deal Share and take turns Wait and cool off Apologize Move away  Make it a lesson and not a mistake.

22 Parent Involvement  We have to work together to help your child succeed!  At home (list in handbook): Read, write, play games, math facts, be a coach for their homework, projects, etc.  In school: PTA volunteers Reading with students Math games/ fact checks (Be watching for updates!) At home or in school clerical work (Box Tops) Field trip chaperones Other last minute opportunities

23 Involvement Continued  In order to volunteer you need: A background check on file. Attend confidentiality training each year. (It is imperative that you follow confidentiality guidelines when working in the classroom.)  A great opportunity is to attend the reading trainings. They will help with reading with children in school as well as with your child at home.  I plan to start soon and will have a schedule for regular volunteers posted on the website.  Volunteer forms are at your seat. Please leave them on the table at the end of the night.

24 Confidentiality Training Dates  Tonight  Sept. 10 at 8am  Sept. 16 at 6pm  Sept. 20 at 2pm  Jan. 11 at 6pm  Jan. 13 at 8am and 2pm

25 Communication  Phone calls 7:30 and later students are in the classroom and my attention needs to be focused on them. Leave voicemails. Please allow 24 hours for me to get the message and return the phone call.  Emails Due to confidentiality, I will usually return via phone call or note.  Notes In agenda or on paper.  Website Updated weekly/biweekly.  Conferences These will not be when progress reports for home, since they are an additional form of communication. I will announce the dates later and post it on the website for you to make appointments. Additional conferences scheduled with me as needed.  Progress Reports  Notebooks sent home to assess and discuss.  Wednesday folders/ Gator Emails Please do not leave anything to be turned in inside of their Wed. folder.

26 Communication Continued  In order for us all to be on the same page with your child we all need to have an open line of communication.  My goal is for your child to be able to communicate things with you along with myself.

27 Dates to Remember  Confidentiality Training Tonight  Book Fair Tonight  Fall Festival Friday, October 1

28 I know it is going to be an AWESOME year! Thank you for all that you do for your children!!  Please leave your child’s notebooks at their seat.  Please leave volunteer forms and letters for your child.

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