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What Else? Other Deliverables to Support DFG Work.

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1 What Else? Other Deliverables to Support DFG Work

2 OT Assessment Equipment from Home Loans Equipment prior to adaptation Full information whether client eligible for DFG or not Joint working with HIA Signposting

3 Handy Person Service SP Contract Delivered by Three Rivers Housing Association Some HP’s are Trusted Assessors Over 8000 completed jobs in a year to owner occupiers and private tenants Registered Providers, ALMO’s and LSVT’s provide for their own tenants

4 Support and Assistance Client/Family/Friends Registered providers/Private Landlords Charitable/Benevolent funding Financial Assistance Policy - Loans Social Care funding Support to move house through CBL

5 Future Proofing Homes Helping Hands Loan Scheme 3 Loan products for Decent Homes Assistance Showers instead of baths Alterations to kitchens, heating Advice and referral to OT Blended funding

6 Able to Pay Clients Project Management Service Pilot funded from Health Technical Project Officer within each HIA Ongoing promotion Work with Social Care and Hospital OT’s

7 Project Management Service Fee based service (12% capped at £2,000) Advice regarding proposed work including legislation and regulation Plan preparation Arranging estimates Appointing contractors Supervising work on site

8 Project Management Service Benefits: - Clients receive a service delivered by trusted professionals - Cost effective due to use of accredited contractors - Encourages some of the most vulnerable people to carry out repairs and adaptations Vision – self funded service

9 Questions Final questions?

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