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ETechnology and Law Clerks Tools That Can Help You in Your Practice Charles Bennett Principal Consultant, Triella www.triella.comwww.triella.com416.269.4368.

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1 eTechnology and Law Clerks Tools That Can Help You in Your Practice Charles Bennett Principal Consultant, Triella

2 May 12, Welcome! Our Purpose 1.To increase your awareness of the tools available from Google 2.To explain what a BlackBerry is and how it can assist you 3.To discuss some of the software products targeted at law clerks

3 May 12, A Bit of Shameless Promotion Technology assessment –Triella takes a holistic view of your system –You get a complete report outlining any gaps –Items are classed from Critical to Warning –We can help correct the problems for you We also provide full service technology consulting for the bigger picture view of how technology can help your business

4 All About Google From Searching to Mapping and Everything in Between

5 May 12, The Google home page offers many searching features. Web –searches Internet Web pages Images –searches images available on the Internet Groups –searches news groups News –searches news stories Maps –a complete mapping system More» –Other features and software available from Google

6 May 12, Image searching is useful for finding corporate logos and graphics.

7 May 12, Special interest groups can offer insight into almost any topic of interest. More useful as alternative support Useful for social issues Useful for views on a subject Less useful for legal information Can be a resource for some issues, particularly litigation

8 May 12, A summary of the daily news can be obtained as well as specific news. Search News without a search term –top stories –world news –Canadian news –Business –Science and technology –sports, entertainment, health Search with a search term for news on that term

9 May 12, Google’s mapping feature is revolutionary in its ease of use. Locate an address anywhere in North America quickly and easily Obtain directions from point A to point B Scale and scroll easily Look for business services

10 May 12, Google’s desktop search uses the same technology to search your computer. Google Desktop is a download –available under the More» option –indexes files and –web searches happen at the same time –sidebars provide additional information Updates periodically throughout the day

11 May 12, But Google’s forte is searching. Learn how to refine searches to suit your needs. Search pages from Canada only Search a specific sitesite: Search by file typefiletype: Who links to your site?link: Words in the title?allintitle: Define wordsdefine: Simple math calculations

12 May 12, Use Google Alerts to tell you about the news that you are most interested in. Enter your search term Enter your address Set the frequency Get News as it happens Notification Link Provided to Article

13 May 12, Install the Google toolbar to enhance your browsing experience. Choose the type of search Enter your search term Perform a desktop specific search Look at Canadian news Google’s ranking for the current page Number of pop ups blocked by the toolbar Check the spelling of any text you type on a page Link to information such as street addresses, VIN numbers, Fed Ex etc Fills in common personal information on a Web form If you are a blogger, blogs the current web page Set the options that control the toolbar 12 Highlight search terms

14 All About the BlackBerry The features, the functions and how it can help you.

15 May 12, What exactly is the BlackBerry? A series of Personal Digital Assistant devices that provides mobile access to information Competing devices include –Palm Treo –Windows CE based devices –Motorola Moto Q –Nokia E-Series

16 May 12, There are three primary models of BlackBerry however each carrier differs. Rogers Rogers Rogers Bell Bell – 7130eBell – N/A

17 May 12, BlackBerry devices are feature rich and include all essential communications tools. Calendar Contacts Internet Instant messenger Tasks Notes Alarm Calculator Signal Strength Battery life Reminders Application Area Application Description

18 May 12, What makes the BlackBerry vital to law firms is push …

19 May 12, …which requires no action on the part of the user to send or receive . Firm Carrier

20 May 12, Integrated phone technology is arguably better than a standalone phone. Tied into entire system –call any number from any contact supports 8 phone numbers per contact –call a number from an –call a number from a web site –your number is displayed –Bluetooth headset are supported –integrated volume control –all calls automatically logged

21 May 12, Instant messenger allows communication with other BlackBerry users. Works even if is down Less formal and very fast Can be recorded for future use Great for quick answers to questions

22 May 12, Information in the BlackBerry is synchronized with Outlook. Synchronization for –Contacts –Calendar – –Notes –Tasks With a BES server, synchronization is completely wireless

23 May 12, Attachments to messages can be viewed but not edited. Word WordPerfect PowerPoint Excel PDF

24 May 12, Internet browsing provides the features you are accustomed to when browsing. Hotlinks Bookmarks Graphics Downloadable software

25 May 12, Downloadable applications expand the utility of the BlackBerry Google Maps –Find a location in Canada or the US –Obtain directions from A to B –Real time map scrolling News feeds Games

26 Software for the Law Clerk Software Currently Used and Emerging Litigation Real Estate Family Law Corporate Estates

27 May 12, The software listed in this section do not constitute recommendations. Surveyed several firms to understand what they were using Spoke to firms that cater to these markets Compiled a list of options Buyer beware! –test software before you purchase it –test printing and networking capability –rank features against your needs

28 May 12, Litigation Summation –Transcript management –Database management –Secure access to cases –Accessibility over the Internet –Search all eDiscovery documents, electronic documents, messages, attachments, HotFacts, images, and OCR documents

29 May 12, Litigation Concordance (Dataflight Software, Inc.) –Collaborative case analysis and organization –Streamlined e-discovery import, search, and organize and other electronic documents quickly and accurately –Fast, Accurate Searching –Comprehensive Transcript Management –Secure access to cases

30 May 12, Litigation Inform Court Form Creation (Infoware) –Standard court documents creation in Microsoft Word format. –Save Client and Matter information such as the Style of Cause to reduce repetitive data entry. iCONECTnxt (iCONECT Development, LLC) –Secure worldwide access to electronic and document discovery for effective collaboration with outside counsel, branch offices, and consultants.

31 May 12, Litigation CaseMap (CaseSoft) –Organize, evaluate, and explore the facts, the cast of characters, and the issues in a case. –Links facts to issues and the sources of those facts, whether people, documents, or statutes.

32 May 12, Real Estate Terraview –Perform tasks online that you were once only able to do at the Land Registry Office. –Perform searches, create and submit title documents for registration, view and print instruments, plans, official parcel registers. –Access information outside of regular business hours. TitlePLUS –Canadian title insurance product. –Protecting buyers and lenders for title-related problems that could affect ownership or the marketability of the property.

33 May 12, Real Estate Hotdocs (LexisNexis) –Document assembly program that will prompt users for required information in a logical sequence. Dye & Durham –Provide forms current with legislation and ensuring that government changes are communicated to clients.

34 May 12, Real Estate The Conveyancer –Complete Polaris forms on-screen, and laser print them onto blank paper. –Forms include: Deed/Transfer of Land, Mortgage/Charge of Land, Discharge, Document General, Blank Schedule, Land Transfer Tax Affidavit, LTT Refund Affidavit. –Transfer repetitive data (parties' names, addresses, legal description, etc.) from one Polaris form into another.

35 May 12, Corporate Monicord –Records management –Access to over 300 federal, provincial, and other forms, resolutions, documents and reports. –add in your own precedents or reports. EnAct (Corporateck) –Corporate records system and workflow –forms, reports and document generation –Corporate Governance, Corporate Compliance, Corporate Records Management and Document Management –Web Access

36 May 12, Corporate VIEWnet –Organize and store information in a logical manner. –Creation, storage, tracking, retrieval and reporting on a wide range of corporate information. –New Online service 24/7 world-wide accessibility and secure data safety.

37 May 12, Family Law DivorceMate –create and manage family court forms using Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect –calculated financial statements, merge repetitive information –checklist format to create a customized and comprehensive separation agreement –Calculate complicated child and spousal support situations

38 May 12, Estates Emergent Technologies –"wind-up" an estate –Merge Estate information with all Probate forms –Generate a list of Original Assets –Record all estate disbursements and other transactions –Automatically balance your estate Infoware Document Assembly –Document Assembly for estate forms WillPowerWeb –create and customize Wills, Powers of Attorney and other related documents by entering data once into an online Wills template.

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