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Edgar Cayce EuroCongress 2007 There is a River! Do you like to join us at the EuroCongress in Sweden We will meet not far from the Baltic sea in Southern.

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1 Edgar Cayce EuroCongress 2007 There is a River! Do you like to join us at the EuroCongress in Sweden We will meet not far from the Baltic sea in Southern Sweden on Friday the 31st of August and continue over the week-end…

2 Edgar Cayce EuroCongress 2007 …or you just stroll along the coast. You might like to enjoy the wild forest...

3 Then, come up to the auditorium to hear some of us and participate in our meetings In front of the entrance is a bell tower to call us into the auditorium. Let’s go in. Edgar Cayce EuroCongress 2007

4 Now, let us look at the programme for the EuroCongress

5 Friday morning there is an optional bus ride to the House of the Apples in Kivik A brief outline of the programme

6 There is a River! Soul Groups in the River of Life Alice Bonnefoi, the A.R.E. outreach coordinator, will start the afternoon and talk on Soul Groups using Cayce’s past lives as an example. It is not by chance we are here on this earth or at this congress. Edgar Cayce found that continuing relationships of individuals were not coincidental, but a part of a pattern, soul seeking soul.

7 Edgar Cayce, Energy Music, and Chakras Do you know that in his book Auras, Edgar Cayce describes a simple, yet powerful musical scale that can improve your relationships and harmonize your body? Join Jim Commander on an interesting and informative workshop where you will be introduced to his unique musical implementation of the Cayce Scale. Experience how this unique type of Energy Music can heal emotional blocks tied to different life issues such as family issues, speaking your truth, relationships… You may balance your life through the chakra centres. Jim Commander whose interest in ancient tunings and Early Music lead him to create the CD Edgar Cayce, Sounds for Meditation. For further information go to: After dinner there is an opportunity to meet and get focused on the Source of Edgar Cayce’s wisdom and meet in the River!

8 Saturday programme Morning meditation to start the day Eleine Lachance from Portugal points out there are many similarities between Cayce's meditation method and those of Taoism and Buddhism. She will animate our group meditation..

9 Saturday programme Kevin Todeschi, A.R.E.’s CEO, will open the day and present ARE today and tomorrow. He will then talk on the Akashic records following his book on this theme., Edgar Cayce on the Akashic records

10 Working with the Divine Cosmic Rays Edgar Cayce is not the only one who has told the story on how we should get connected to the divine. William van Rossum is a Dutchman who has researched the material in depth from Swedenborg, Blavatsky, and Steiner to Alice Bailey and others.

11 Osteopathy from Edgar Cayce up to today Many of the health readings recommend osteopathic treatments. Are these recommendations valid today also, or has methods evolved? Sten Bolin from Sweden has been working as an osteopath since 35 years, he has studied Cayce and he will share his experiences with us.

12 Interpretation of the aura and aura healing Edgar Cayce could see the conditions of the aura, it was natural to him. It could be natural to all of us. Petra Köhne runs a clinic in Germany where she heals people’s physical problems by healing the aura. Petra also had psychic faculties as a child, but lost it and studied medicine and is now a MD. Since several years she trains people to do things the way she does. She will explain and demonstrate some of her techniques to us.

13 Sunday programme Françoise Souberbielle from the French organization has lived for seven years at a Dojo in Japan. She has personal experiences from the idea on service in Buddhist Zen and that from Cayce. She will share this and lead us through the morning meditation.. Morning meditation

14 Cooperation A round-table discussion with the audience headed by Kevin Todeschi on: How we should proceed from here? The first chapter in A Search for God, book 1 is headed Cooperation. Hopefully we have all read this and apply it in our lives. Now let us get all our good ideas together, support one another in order to develop the Cayce work still better..

15 Angels in our life The Angels provide us with all the help, support, inspiration and leadership that we will ever need and wish for. Sanfred Janssson, a Swedish therapist and healer since 19 years, will share his knowledge and experience of the Angels with us.

16 Atlantis and Lemuria The story of these lost continents touches upon our past and many readings refer to our lives in ancient cultures. Tutter Garsét from Denmark, a long term Cayce student, will exploit their common existence, the contacts between them, their culture, architecture, religion and technical knowledge. They are now slowly emerging up of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans..

17 Bringing spirituality, nutrition and health together All Cayce-teachings are based on oneness. If we concentrate on only one of his subjects, we have not quite understood what he wants us to do. Stefanie Piel from Germany reminds us that the Cayce readings have said: By caring for our body, we are caring for our soul, spirit and mind – for All is One.

18 How to get to the EuroCongress 2007 For transatlantic travellers by air, the best airport is Copenhagen in Denmark. At the airport you buy a train ticket and go to the underground railway station. At daytime there is a train every hour until 22 o’clock– travel time to Kristianstad is about two hours. Furuboda is only 30 km south of Kristianstad. Malmoe airport has among others Ryan Air from some destinations such as Marsielle, London, Dublin etc. See Malmoe is about 100 km from Furuboda. From Malmoe airport Sturup there are buses to Lund and Malmoe where trains are going every hour to Kristianstad. Click to continue

19 How to get to the EuroCongress 2007 If you come by car you may take bridge from Copenhagen to Malmö and follow the European road E22 to Kalmar and at Kristianstad you take road number 118 from E22 to Åhus passing Yngsjö and Yngsjö kapell. Then you see a roadsign about Furuboda conference center. There is also a bus stop: Stortrappsvägen. Furuboda is about 12 km south of Åhus. Furuboda is the red dot on the map. Click to continue

20 Edgar Cayce EuroCongress 2007 There are plenty of rooms booked for you at Furuboda conference centre

21 Vegetarian, fish or meat is served daily in the canteen at Furuboda conference centre Edgar Cayce EuroCongress 2007

22 Earlier Edgar Cayce EuroCongresses The EuroCongress 1999 was held at Durham in England We had many opportunities to meet during the congress Above is the Pedersen family from Denmark and Charles Thomas Cayce

23 Edgar Cayce EuroCongress 2007 We in the organising committee light our candles for a successful meeting with you. Gösta Montelius, Gudrun Kjellander, Kurt Gramm, Gun Olofsson and behind the camera Ulf Westman Thank you and Welcome We are waiting for You

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