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Information Management Systems Designed by YOU For YOUR Business.

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1 Information Management Systems Designed by YOU For YOUR Business

2 Your Own Software... l YOU design it – we build it l It does exactly what you want Easy to learn and use Easy to learn and use l Minimal training requirements l Powerful data querying tools l Flexible workgroup security

3 Benefits... l Automate labour-intensive tasks l Flexible and timely reporting l Fully integrated with Microsoft Office l Facilitate regulatory compliance l All your data are always available l Make informed decisions l Save time and money

4 The Process…

5 Requirements l Identify principal objects l Data flow l Transactions l Importing and exporting l Periodic routines l Specialized screens l On-line enquiries l Printed reports l Other special needs l Security

6 Design and Build the Database

7 Create the Program Shell

8 l Automated database connection utilities l Standard screen forms and dialog boxes l Central error handling and logging system l Environment configuration and support l Automatic program upgrader system l Sound support facilities l Diagnostic utilities l Windows API declarations and functions

9 The Program Directory

10 Working Screens Form View Datasheet View

11 Specialized Data Entry Screens

12 Powerful Tools Assist You

13 Advanced Diagnostics

14 User Support and On-Line Training

15 l Will the new system enable us to better serve our clients? l Will it help us to comply with regulatory or governance reporting requirements? l Will it automate time-consuming chores? l Will it support our growth? Questions to ask yourself…

16 l Will it give us better access to our data? l Will it enable us to do things that we can’t do now? Will it save us time, effort, and money? Will it save us time, effort, and money? l How long will it take to pay for itself? Questions to ask yourself…

17 Some of Our Clients... Academy of Learning Academy of Learning l Canada Life l Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation l Chemline Plastics l Clearnet Inc. (Telus) l DuPont Canada Inc. l Fein Canadian Power Tool Co. l Honeywell Ltd. l Hospital for Sick Children l London Life l Ontario Hydro Nuclear l Regional Municipality of Durham l Region of York l Royal Canadian Golf Association l M. Takeda Tools and Machinery l Vaughan Byrnes Engineering l West Park Hospital

18 l Established in 1994 — we have the experience l Exclusive data protection technologies l Vast library of tested and proven objects and code l Database design expertise l Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodologies l Solid track record building production software l We understand your needs Technique Systems Inc. TSCat7 – 5/31/2003

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