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32 Steve Henderson Representational Landscapes and Seascapes Fine artist Steve Henderson focuses on rural landscapes and seascapes of the Pacific Northwest, in addition to executing figurative work and commissioned portraiture. Having worked in the illustration field for the past 20 years, Steve is familiar with a variety of styles and media techniques, and for his fine artwork, prefers a representational style that pays attention to pertinent detail without overwhelming the senses by too much of it. A 1984 Fine Arts graduate of Central Washington University, Ellensburg, WA, Steve has divided his time between commercial and medical illustration, graphic design, commissioned portraiture, and fine art oil and watercolor work. He embraces the mission of Western Art in the 21st century by painting the countryside and life of the rural Northwest, which he believes to be in a state of decrease as modern life and industry discover previously overlooked small towns and hamlet

33 Steve has bicycled through South America three times, with one two-year odyssey taking him from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego at the tip of Argentina. He presently lives in rural Dayton, WA, a one-stoplight town at the base of the Blue Mountains, with his wife and children. Select Awards First Place, Second Place 2009 Wallowa Valley Festival of the Arts Joseph, OR The Fruit Vendor, Spring Rush David E. Clark Memorial Award Allied Arts 2009 Regional Juried Exhibition Richland, WA On the Edge Accepted Entry Gallery One Masterworks in Minataure Exhibition Mentor, OH Lilacs Accepted Entry 37th Annual Western Art Show and Auction Ellensburg, WA Late Spring Snowpack; Working Trigger Semi Finalist Art Renewal Center 2008-09 International Salon Online Best of Show 2008 Wallowa Valley Festival of the Arts Joseph, OR On the Verge First Place 2008 Wallowa Valley Festival of the Arts Joseph, OR Moonlit Night by the Coppei Best of Show The Carnegie 2008 Regional Juried Art Show Walla Walla, WA Redbush Director's Award The Carnegie 2008 Regional Juried Art Show Walla Walla, WA Late Spring Snowpack

34 Accepted Entry Oil Painters of America 2008 Western Regional Juried Exhibition Coeur d'Alene, ID Garden Gatherings People's Choice Allied Arts Members' 2008 Carry In Exhibition Richland, WA Provincial Afternoon Honorable Mention The Clymer Art Museum 2008 National Juried Illustration Show Ellensburg, WA Gallery Representation and Exhibitory Venues Hamley's Pendleton, OR Exhibiting Artist Battelle Auditorium Richland WA May Festival 2009 Western Art Association Ellensburg, WA Auctioned Artist 2009 The Lawrence Gallery Sheridan Sheridan, Or Exhibiting Artist The Lawrence Gallery Salishan Gleneden Beach, Or Exhibiting Artist Gallery One Mentor, OH Participating Artist The Clymer Art Museum Ellensburg, WA Western Art Show Participating Artist 2009 Wenaha Gallery Dayton, Wa Exhibiting Artist; Solo exhibition October 2008 The Gallery at Joseph, Ltd Joseph, OR Exhibiting Artist Devin Galleries Coeur d'Alene, ID September 2008: OPA Western Regional Juried Exhibition Carnegie Art Center Walla Walla, Wa Participating Artist Washington State University Tri-Cities Chancellor's Exhibition Richland, WA Participating Artist Allied Arts Gallery Richland, Wa Exhibiting Artist

35 Education and Memberships B.A., Fine Art Central Washington University Ellensburg, WA Associate Member Oil Painters of America Associate Member Allied Artists of Ameica Water Mill, NY Signature Member American Society of Marine Artists Smithfield, VA Member Western Art Association Ellensburg, WA Member Allied Arts Association Richland, WA Charter Member Blue Mountain Artist Guild Dayton, WA Seminar Student Marvin Mattelson Portraiture Durham, SC Auto didacticism Private Library Collection Dayton, WA

36 Events and Competitions Northern National Art Exhibition Nicolet College of Art Rhinelander, WI July- September 2009 Spring Release Solo Show Stephensons Cellars Walla Walla, WA May-June 2009 Cattle Barons Weekend Hamley's Pendleton, OR May 2009 May Festival Battelle Auditorium Richland, WA May 2009 Juried Regional Show Allied Arts Association Richland, WA April 2009 Masterworks in Miniature Show Gallery One Mentor, OH March 2009 International Salon Art Renewal Center Online February 2009 Juried Art Show Wallowa Festival of Arts Joseph, OR June 2009 Western United States Regional Juried Exhibition Oil Painters of America Coeur d'Alene, ID September-October 2008 Juried Member Show Allied Arts Association Richland, WA July/August 2008 Juried Art Show Carnegie Art Center Walla Walla, WA June/July 2008 John Clymer National Juried Illustration Show The Clymer Museum Ellensburg, WA June/July 2008 Juried Art Show Wallowa Festival of Arts Joseph, OR June 2008 En Pleine Aire Wallowa Festival of the Arts Joseph, OR June 2008 International Artist Seascape Competition International Artist Magazine June 2008


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