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CHURCH HISTORY II Lesson 32 CHURCH HISTORY II Lesson 32 European Christianity in the 19 th Century.

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1 CHURCH HISTORY II Lesson 32 CHURCH HISTORY II Lesson 32 European Christianity in the 19 th Century


3 I. THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND A. The Broad Church Latitudinarianism The Church is NOT in good condition B. The evangelical movement The “low” church 1. Evangelical revival 2. Departure of the Methodists 3. Church evangelicals-late 18 th, early 19 th century

4 John Newton 1725-1807 Thomas Scott 1747-1821 The Force of Truth Commentary on the Bible “If there be anything of the work of God in my soul, I owe much of it to his (Scott’s) preaching when I first set out in the way of the Lord”Wm Carey “the Bible will teach predestination, election, and final perseverance in spit of my twisting and expounding it to try to make it teach something else.”

5 Charles Simeon 1759-1836 Holy Trinity Church, Cambridge Horae Homileticae 21 volumes 2,536 sermons THE CLAPHAM SECT Lay Christians putting evangelical life into practice

6 William Wilberforce 1759-1833 “God Almighty has put before me two great objects-the abolition of the slave trade and the reformation of the manners (conduct) of England.” 1807 Abolition of slave trade 1833 Emancipation of slaves A Practical View of the Prevailing Religious System of Professed Christians, in the Higher and Middle Classes in this Country, Contrasted with Real Christianity (1797)

7 Development of an Evangelical Party in the Church of England J. C. Ryle (1815-1900) Bishop of Liverpool Handley G C Moule 1841-1920 Bishop of Durham John R W Stott J. I. Packer

8 C. Anglo-Catholicismthe ‘high’ church The Oxford MovementTractarians John Henry Newman (1801-1890) Apolgia Pro Vita Sua Cardinal Newman Bishop Ryle:1) Broad Church 2) Efforts to ‘un-Protestanize’ Church of England

9 Bishop Gene Robinson Rt. Rev. Katherine Jeffers Schori Presiding Bishop, Episcopal Church USA

10 II. THE NONCOMFORMIST C H Spurgeon (1834-1892) Great Preacher Doctrinal Preacher The Forgotten Spurgeon Iain Murray Defender of the Evangelical Faith Downgrade Controversy “The best preacher to preach Reformed Doctrine so that the common man could understand it” Dr. David Calhoun, 1999


12 The Ordination of Elders in a Scottish Kirk John Lorimer

13 I. BACKGROUND A. Settlement of 1690 Church of Scotland 1743 The Reformed Presbyterian Church “Associate” B. Outside Groups 1. Scottish Episcopalians 2. Covenanters “The Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America” 1560-1690 ‘tumultuous years’ 1603 One King 1660-1689 Restoration of Stuarts 1690:One King/Two Churches Anglican-England Presbyterian-Scotland

14 II. CHURCH OF SCOTLAND A. Thomas Halyburton (1664-1712) “Sanctification by Vinegar” B. Marrow Controversy 1.Archerader Presbytery “Do you subscribe to the following: I believe that it is not sound and orthodox to teach that we must forsake sin in order to come to Christ?”

15 Thomas Boston 1676-1732 The Marrow of Modern Divinity Edward Fisher (1645-48) Ettrick, Scotland Human Nature in its Four Fold State Crook in the Lot Is anything required before we come to Christ, or is coming to Christ all that we need to do? Can we tell people that?

16 C. The Moderates Robert Burns “My creed is very nearly expressed by the words ‘Lord grant that we lead a good life for a good life makes a good end; at least it helps!” John Witherspoon 1723-94 “Moderate preaching is like a winter’s day- brief, dark, and cold.”

17 D. Two Great Problems 1. Dead Orthodoxy 2. Patronage IV. “The Seceders” Ebenezer Erskine 1680-1754 1. The Associate Presbytery, 1733 2. Relief Presbytery, 1761

18 V. Other Church Bodies 1. Scottish Episcopalians 2. Congregationalists & Baptists James Haldane 1768-1851 Robert Haldane 1764-1842

19 VI.Roman Catholicism VII. Renewal and Division A. Missions B. Robert Murray McCheyne Missions abroad Holiness at home 1829 Alexander Duff

20 C.“Ten Years Conflict” “The Disruption” 1743 400 Ministers, 400 Elders, 1/3 of the Churches Thomas Chalmers 1780-1847 “I am now most thoroughly convinced that in the system of ‘do this and live’ there is no peace; it is ‘believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved!’ The Free Church of Scotland

21 William Cunningham ‘Rabbi’ John Duncan Horatius Bonar “he was the only man I ever knew who appeared to me to believe and to love every word of God without preferring one above another” A. Moody Stuart “Every sin will be adequately punished, bless be God, not every sinner!”

22 Evangelicals in Scotland Today 1.Free Church of Scotland “Wee Free’s” 2. Church of Scotland William Still Eric Alexander Rutherford House What J.I. Packer Would Say to a New Christian

23 J.I. Packer

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