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Veterans at Ease Because Military Minds Matter An Overview 2013.

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1 Veterans at Ease Because Military Minds Matter An Overview 2013

2 Aim To relieve the mental and physical sickness of military and civil emergency veterans and their families through the provision of support, counselling and other activities; throughout the United Kingdom (Sourced from Constitution of Veterans at Ease) Other Aims – To involve beneficiaries in their local communities by becoming volunteers for VAE – To involve beneficiaries & members of the local community in the strategic running of the charity – To employ appropriate beneficiaries as NLP therapists after they have been helped and after appropriate training – To work with other agencies to increase the awareness and services of Veterans at Ease

3 Values Veterans helping veterans Families Re-connecting with local communities

4 Set Up Started in early September 2010 Constitution adopted on 23 rd September 2010 CO Qualified as NLP Practitioner Feb 2011 Achieved Charity Status 18th March 2011 Incorporated as a company Ltd by Guarantee April 2011 CO Qualified as NLP Master Practitioner March 2012 John Taylor came on board as 2 nd therapist in Jan 2012 & now on his last module of Master NLP Practitioner.

5 Patrons Previous Lord Lieutenant of County Durham, Sir Paul Nicholson Bob Stewart DSO and MP for Beckenham Roger Uttley OBE Sir John Burn Michael Horswill

6 Trustees Marie Dooley – Chair Paul Atkinson – Treasurer John Heaps – Secretary Carol Gaskarth – Trustee John Dale - Trustee

7 The Size of the Problem 1 in 12 people in North East is a veteran 213,000 veterans 30% may be suffering from combat related mental illness (PTSD) 90,000 sufferers in North East alone and that’s after :- 6000 servicemen and women leave the armed forces every year and resettle in North East! UK figures equate to approx 2.3 Million!

8 Therapy & Results Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Since Feb 2011 – 74 Beneficiaries helped out of 78 – 95% success rate – 1-8 hours

9 Achievements Helped 76 beneficiaries Successful research trip in States & Canada, WCMT Linking in with other organisations 5 highly motivated and experienced trustees driving the charity forward. Garreth – awarded County Durham’s Chairmans certificate for outstanding community service John met with the Queen Hidden battles film produced Interview in SF produced for free County Durham community foundation Outstanding Achievement Award 2012. Starting a research programme

10 Working with other agencies Kings College London Durham University* Benfield Motor Group Royal Regiment of Fusiliers North Durham University Hospital DEDES CCG NECA – Darlington NECA - Durham Awaken Ltd, NLP training Veterans Retreat SHAID Northumberland ACF Durham ACF Durham ATC North East Veterans Network Red Rose Internet Durham New College NLP R & R* Headway – TBI Unit Phoenix House Catterick

11 Hidden Battles

12 Thank you for your time Any Questions?

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