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Carlton Baugh Coordinator Durham University EC Framework Programme 7

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1 Carlton Baugh Coordinator Durham University EC Framework Programme 7 PITN-GA-2009-238356 @Trieste

2 What is ? A European Commission funded Initial Training Network on Computational Cosmology -Started 1 st December 2009 -48 months -4.65 million Euros -570 months of Early Stage Researchers (<4 years research experience, no PhD) -120 months of Experience Researchers (<5 years research experience) -Supports meetings and workshops -Industrial partners

3 CosmoComp Nodes and coordinatiors Durham, UK Carlos Frenk MPA, Germany Simon White Leiden, Netherlands Joop Schaye Barcelona, Spain Enrique Gaztanaga Saclay, France Romain Teyssier Sussex, UK Peter Thomas Nottingham, UK Frazer Pearce Trieste, Italy Stefano Borgani Shanghai, China Yipeng Jing CONICET, Argentina Patricia Tissera (Mario Abadi) EUROPE

4 CosmoComp Work Packages WP1 Simulations of small scales High resolution simulations of DM haloes Simulating the Milky Way WP2 Simulations of intermediate scales Intergalactic medium, intracluster medium, formation and evolution of galaxies WP3 Simulations of large scales large-scale structure, production of mock catalogues WP4 Code development extending/improving baryonic physics, code comparisons

5 Recruitment CosmoComp started 1/12/2009 – 48 months 570 months Early Stage Researcher funding 27 months left to allocate 12 months of these in Shanghai Combination of 36 month (max) and shorter fellowships 21 ESR fellows 120 months Experienced Researcher funding All 120 months allocated (two new appointments Nottingham & Sussex, starting soon) 8 ER fellows

6 HanniLucaWeiguangJiaxin KaiLaura SusanaQuanSam G. MadhuraEduardoMarcel Chervin Michelle Till Milan Sam F.Christopher Alex MarcoMonicaStephanie CosmoComp Fellows MatthieuFreeke

7 Training – network events






13 Training: industrial partners Oracle (formerly SUN) Microsoft Research 5 cosmocomp fellows attended annual Microsoft PhD school in 2011 Mixture of complementary skills training and computing

14 Publications – new ones needed!

15 The future Successfully passed mid-term review in 2011 CosmoComp ends 30 th November 2013 More workshops + conference/meeting What next? New ITN call out: deadline 22 nd November 2012 Proposal: ITN based around simulations for Euclid led, by Romain Teyssier, expanded version of Euclid Cosmological Simulations Working Group.


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