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Igniting Ajax in the Games 3 ABOUT THE 2015 PAN AM GAMES  Pan Am – July 10-26  41 nations  16 municipalities hosting events  36 sports  Ajax hosting.

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2 Igniting Ajax in the Games

3 3 ABOUT THE 2015 PAN AM GAMES  Pan Am – July  41 nations  16 municipalities hosting events  36 sports  Ajax hosting baseball & softball. 15 days (July 11-26)  448 baseball & softball athletes  125,000 visitors to Ajax  Parapan – Aug 7-14

4 4 The “People’s Games” Intimate Authentic Accessible/Affordable Inspiring The Games will ignite the spirit of celebration through sport and culture

5 5 BASEBALL Canada’s Men’s Baseball Team will be defending Gold in Ajax 1 st time women will be able to play baseball in a multi-sport Games Canada has long been a leader in developing this sport and in fighting for equity across the board for female athletes.

6 6 SOFTBALL Return of Men’s Softball after a 12-year hiatus from the Pan Am Games For 24 years, the Canadian Men’s Team dominated Softball, winning every Pan Am gold medal ever awarded until the men’s competition was dropped from the Games in 2003 Canada took silver in Softball at the 2011 Pan Am Games


8 Official Events  Ajax Torch Relay – June 6  Pan Am Day in Ajax – June 13  Ajax Opening Ceremony – July 1  TO2015 Opening Ceremonies Viewing Party – July 10  Ajax Closing Ceremony – July 26  Parapan Am Torch Relay – Aug 6  Community Thank You Event - Picnic in the Park – Aug. 23

9 9 TORCH RELAY – June 6 Concept To touch all 4 wards in Ajax making a historic trip through the decades of the Town’s development Start/End Locations Pickering Village/Audley Recreation Centre Park Notable Torch Relay Areas/Stops Ajax Waterfront Veterans’ Point Rouge Valley Ajax & Pickering Hospital Ajax Community Centre Cedar Park – oldest baseball diamond in Ajax Hwy 2 retail corridor Williamson Drive residential corridor Celebration Sites Ajax Town Hall – 40’s/50’s D.I.L themed Ice Cream Social Audley Recreation Centre – Multicultural Fiesta

10 10 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED  Team Leads  Diversity & Inclusion Volunteers  Information Kiosk Volunteers  Mobile Community Ambassadors  Bike Corral Volunteers  Event Volunteers Sign up today at

11 11 HOW TO STAY CONNECTED PANAMAJAX.CA Alerts, promotions, news, videos, announcements & more…  Watch out for Town’s special Pan Am Guide  Specialty phone lines will be established and communicated to residents closer to the games.  Stay up-to-date through our Pan Am Update Newsletters


13 More than 30 regional partners are working together to ensure athletes, spectators, residents and businesses keep moving during the Games. Together, we have developed a Five Point Plan: Games Route Network Routes and temporary measures so athletes can travel safely and reliably to and from events Spectator Transportation Services Enhancing transit service, accessible options, signs, parking and more Reducing Demand on Transportation Promoting options like carpooling, transit, cycling and more to reduce traffic Venue Traffic Measures Support Games operations and minimize disruptions to local residents and businesses Regional Coordination Working together to plan and deliver seamless transportation KEEPING THE REGION MOVING




17 TIPS FOR GETTING AROUND DURING THE GAMES ResidentsBusinessesSpectators Reduce (Minimize the need to travel) Carpool to work Stockpile supplies to minimize deliveries If you have to drive, carpool to events Re-time (Shift travel to less congested times) Avoid travelling during rush hour Schedule deliveries during off-peak times Leave plenty of time to get to events Re-mode (Shift driving trips to other modes) Cycle or walk to work instead of driving Take public transit to meetings Use public transit (included in your event ticket) Re-route (Shift travel to routes with less congestion) Avoid busy areas near events Schedule delivery routes to avoid busy areas Use the trip planner to find the best routes to events

18 Visit Transportation information and advice to help you plan ahead Detailed maps and information about traffic changes near venues A travel guide and e-bulletin sign up for businesses To learn more about how your neighbourhood will be affected by the Games, please contact us at PLAN AHEAD

19 Draft Business Engagement Monthly Newsletter and Business Guide Planning resources for businesses Transit, Traffic and Driving info General info about traffic/transit changes Games Route Network map Local traffic changes (*NEW) Maps and advice for businesses and residents travelling near venues Added in Jan. – Feb. (phased approach to align with public info sessions)

20 President’s Choice Ajax Pan Am Ballpark LOCAL AREA PLANNING

21 Men’s Baseball Competition: July Women’s Baseball Competition: July Men’s Softball Competition: July Women’s Softball Competition: July Men’s Baseball Competition: July Women’s Baseball Competition: July Men’s Softball Competition: July Women’s Softball Competition: July 19-26


23 23 RESIDENT AND BUSINESS VEHICLE PERMITS What is a Resident/Business Permit? A vehicle permit for those affected by road closures Provides access to road closure beyond PCP Does not provide GRN or Venue Access What is the process to get our constituents their Permits? February / March - Requirements identified at Venue Transport Working Groups Residents – Existing allocation or 2 permits per household. Use existing passes. Additional can be requested. Businesses – Required number of permits for employees spaces. All – Identify any additional activities (i.e. Suppliers, etc.) May - Permits are printed by TO2015 and provided to the Municipality. May / June - Permits are distributed by the Municipality to Residents and Businesses.



26 ISU – INTEGRATED SECURITY UNIT - Mission Statement Provide a safe and secure environment for the conduct of the Toronto 2015 Pan American, Parapan American Games while maintaining an open, accessible and authentic experience for athletes and attendees; aiming to minimize disruptions to residents, businesses and visitors. The ISU is comprised of the following police services ( Durham, Halton, Hamilton, Niagara, OPP, Peel, RCMP, South Simcoe, Toronto, and York). Integrated Security Unit

27 27 INTEGRATED SECURITY UNIT (ISU) PLANNING PRINCIPLES 1.Respect the rights of all peoples as written in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 2.Normal police service delivery will not be compromised. 3.Venue security will be a joint effort between private security and police. This is similar to major sporting events. 4.Security will be intelligence-led. Plans will be fully scalable to adapt to changes in threat levels. 5.Access control and accreditation will be a cornerstone of venue security.


29 Games Route Network (GRN) is approx. 1,500 km.

30 Community Outreach Integrated Community Liaisons (ICL) Working with community groups, residents, and affected businesses to support and address any concerns and minimize disruptions Integrated Community Liaisons (ICL) with representatives from all policing partners The ICL mandate establishes and maintains open and transparent communication with all stakeholders affected by the games or by at


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