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On behalf of the 13 Buckinghamshire grammar schools.

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1 On behalf of the 13 Buckinghamshire grammar schools

2 1: WHAT’S NEW? Grammar schools in Bucks are now all independent admissions authorities 11+ tests now commissioned by academy grammar schools – working together to maintain consistency in the selection process New tests from 2013 Different timetable from 2013 for 2014 entry

3 2: PROVIDER CEM (Centre for evaluation and Monitoring)Durham University Selected by tender Three-year contract

4 3: TESTS Two tests Test preparation in advance Each 45-50 mins Verbal, numerical and non-verbal ability in both tests* Sections separately timed CD administration to ensure consistency Adaptations for pupils with special educational need * Design of new tests reflects the widely-accepted view of ‘ability’ as multi-faceted

5 4: VERBAL ABILITY Verbal reasoning Comprehension Vocabulary

6 Verbal Ability Example

7 Verbal ability example

8 5: NUMERICAL ABILITY Problem-solving Multi-stage

9 Numerical reasoning example

10 6: NON-VERBAL ABILITY Reasoning in a diagrammatic/abstract context

11 Non verbal reasoning example

12 7: MARKING & RESULTS OMR answer sheets – multiple choice Single total score Age-standardised Qualifying score = 121

13 8: PREPARATION Familiarisation sheet – explaining what the tests are about, giving test-taking advice and a few sample questions. This sheet will go home with pupils. Preparation papers = 2 x 30 mins – experience of test- taking conditions, these papers will not be marked and not sent home.

14 9: BENEFITS Ability is multi-faceted A range of contexts Less time taken Reduced pupil stress Reduces impact of coaching

15 10: TRIAL Purpose: tests of appropriate standard 1000 Bucks pupils in Y6 March 2013

16 11: TIMETABLE Determined by government deadline of 31 October Both preparation papers on one day Both actual tests on one day Proposed preparation day: 10 September Proposed test day: 12 September

17 Next steps Grammar consultations run until the end of February and they are inviting comments on the proposals In summer term further presentation for Y5 parents giving more detail re the test process for children

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