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PTCE Exam 1 Review 2011-12. 1.Which of the following drugs is a schedule I controlled substance? A.Methadone B.Codeine C.Opium D.Heroin.

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1 PTCE Exam 1 Review 2011-12

2 1.Which of the following drugs is a schedule I controlled substance? A.Methadone B.Codeine C.Opium D.Heroin

3 2.A prescription with the words “2 tabs stat 1 po daily X 4 for URI” would be dispensed with which of the following directions? A.Take two tablets now, then 1 by mouth daily for 4 days for urinary tract infection. B.Take two tablets now then 1 by mouth daily for 4 days for upper respiratory infection.\ C.Take two now then one daily for 4 days for upper respiratory infection. D.Take two tablets as soon as possible then one daily for upper respiratory infection.

4 3.Which of the following concepts does the federal law OBRA-90 require? A.Confidentiality B.Compliance C.Medication errors D.Counseling

5 4.A pharmacy tech receives a Class-II drug recall from the manufacturer. What should he do? A.Call all patients who have received the drug in the last year, and have them return it. B.File the recall; wait until you receive notice from the wholesaler. C.Check the inventory for the recalled lots, and send any recalled drug back to manufacturer. D.Post the recall on the announcement board in case anyone is interested.

6 5.The first four numbers of the NDC represent the A.Drug product B.Package size C.Manufacturer D.Dose form

7 6.A pharmacy tech is filling a prescription for eye drops that reads “2 gtts od tid”. How many drops will the patient use a day? A.12 gtts B.8 gtts C.6 gtts D.3 gtts

8 7.APAP is the abbreviation for A.Aspirin B.Acetaminophen C.Ibuprofen D.Naproxen

9 8.Which numbers of the NDC are specific for the drug product? A.Middle four B.First four C.Last two D.First two

10 9.The prescription term “Rx” refers to A.Directions for the patient B.Drug name and strength C.Symbol for “take” D.Directions to the pharmacist

11 10. Which of the following is true about investigational drugs? A.They are drugs being used in clinical trials. B.They are FDA approved for use in the general population. C.They may be ordered from the wholesaler. D.They are FDA approved for use in high-risk populations.

12 11.According to the Controlled Substance Act, how many refills are allowed on a class-II prescription? A.Five refills B.6-month time limitation C.No refills D.1-year time limitation

13 12. Which amendment to the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938 established prescription drugs and non-prescription drugs? A.Controlled Substance Act B.Durham-Humphrey Amendment C.Kefauver-Harris Amendment D.FDA Modernization Act

14 13. The Controlled Substance Act requires pharmacies to purchase Class-II controlled substances with A.DEA form II B.DEA form 222 C.MedWatch form D.FDA form 222

15 14. The USP is the official ______ of the United States. A.Pharmacopeia B.Material Safety Data C.Formulary D.Human Resource Manual

16 15. The MedWatch form was developed by the FDA to report A.drug diversion B.adverse drug reactions C.violation in confidentiality fraud

17 16. A DEA form 222 must be filled out to purchase a supply of A.Heroin B.Oxycodone C.Tramadol D.Diazepam

18 17. Which drug recall is issued as a result of patient death from the drug product? A.Class I B.Class II C.Class III D.Class IV

19 18. Which of the following is an example of a Class-V drug? A.Guaifenesin with codeine B.Acetaminophen with codeine C.Codeine sulfate D.Chloral hydrate

20 19. Which of the following class-II drugs is used to treat attention-deficit hyperactive disorder? A.Methylphenidate B.Methyltestosterone C.Methyldopa D.Methyclothiazide

21 20. Which of the following tasks is a pharmacy tech not allowed to do? A.Counsel a patient about a prescription. B.Receive an order for a new prescription over the phone C.Receive a written prescription from a patient D.Update a patient’s profile on the computer.

22 21. Which federal agency regulates drug manufacturers who are researching a new drug entity? A.U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) B.U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) C.U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (USDHHS) D.Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

23 22. In which phase of clinical trials is a drug studied in a small group of health individuals to evaluate safety, determine a safe dose range, and identify side effects? A.Phase I B.Phase II C.Phase III D.Phase IV

24 23. Which form must be submitted to the FDA to obtain approval to market a generic product? A.INDA B.ANDA C.NDA D.Patent

25 24. A technician working in a drug information center might perform what type of quality assurance task? A.Reading pharmacy literature B.Logging information requests C.Answering patient questions D.Filing correspondences

26 25. If a telephone caller has a question about the administration or effect of a medication, the pharmacy tech should A.Answer the question B.Refer the patient to his or her physician C.Recommend a website for more information D.Refer the call to the pharmacist

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